Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 823

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 823 Warmth and Happiness

Sylvia’s POV:

Owen promptly ordered someone to drag the red-haired maid away without hesitation. The rest of the maids were scared and all fell to their knees to apologize.

Owen was so annoyed that he waved his hand and rea*s*signed them to work in a pig farm in the suburb.

I didn’t know how much Owen had heard, but judging from his angry face, I could tell that he must have heard a lot.

After the maids were sent away, I turned to him and said, “The maids were lying. Flora might be a little eccentric, but she’s not a bad person.”

I wanted to speak for Flora, but surprisingly, Owen interrupted me.

“I know what you’re trying to say, but you don’t have to worry. I’m actually fond of that girl, and I’m glad that Warren has her in his life. She’s like a beam of sunshine in his life, bringing him warmth and happiness. If it weren’t for her, Warren would probably be very depressed now. After all, what with Leonard’s sudden death and the murderer being Alina… All these things are a big blow to him.”

I could understand where Warren was coming from. Leonard was one of the most important influences in Warren’s life, being his life mentor and second father. Warren grew up together with Alina and he used to have a crush on her. Although he later stopped loving her romantically and just saw her as his sister, he still cared about her a lot.

No one would’ve thought that Alina would K*ll her own father.

It was ridiculous and Warren just lost two important people in his life all at once.

“If you have time, please hang out with Flora more. She has been very bored recently.” Owen smiled like a very easy-going man, very different from who he was before. I still remembered that when I first saw Owen, he was still a serious middle-aged werewolf. Flora was so frightened by his grim face that she didn’t even dare date Warren.

But now Owen was no longer as tense as he was before. He didn’t seem to care about many things that were taboo before. And this change was brought by the death of Leonard.

“I can visit her now,” I offered.

Owen nodded and asked someone to lead me to Flora’s house, saying that he would follow later.

Flora and Warren lived in one of the manors, but there were no roses there. Instead, there were many fruit trees. It seemed that Warren had planted them for Flora, because Flora was fond of eating fruits.

I walked through the grove and entered the hall, only to find Warren busy feeding Flora.

Flora didn’t look well, which could’ve been due to her morning sickness. She had only two spoonful’s of soup fed to her before pushing the bowl to Warren. “I’m full. You should finish the rest. Don’t waste it.”

Holding the spoon in his hand, Warren shook his head helplessly. “I just ate four cheese pancakes. I’m too full.” 

“Huh? But you haven’t eaten anything else today. A cheese pancake isn’t even as big as my palm! And you used to be able to eat three large plates of spaghetti at one meal!” Flora snorted and then fed him the soup.

Warren slurped up the soup silently. Suddenly, his eyes turned red and he lowered his head like a homeless dog, sobbing.

Flora flew into a state of panic. She quickly put down the bowl, cupped his cheeks, and asked, “Why are you crying, babe? Isn’t this your favorite soup?”

Warren didn’t say a word. He threw his arms around Flora and buried his head in her neck, crying.

Flora comforted him in a low voice, stroking his back gently. Seeing that the two were about to kiss, I quickly coughed to reveal my presence.

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