The Luna Trials by Marissa Gilbert Chapter 19

The Luna Trials by Marissa Gilbert Read Online Chapter 19

Savannah was preparing for sleep. There was no way she was going to that… ‘date’. She took a long bath, so lengthy that she was going to miss that dinner, after which she was not going out of her room. Then she brushed her hair and curled it slightly with her straightener because she was still not going anywhere and had all the time in the world. She did very light make-up. Just because she wanted a little practice. Her eye was constantly on the clock.

“Let’s go!” Athena urged her, but, of course, she ignored her. She was the decision-maker. Not that wolf. No one, absolutely no one, was going to f0rce her to make a wrong decision. She had already made one of those with Zack and now faced the music each time he had fun with someone else. She did not need this. She did not want this …

“Ridiculous!” Savvy told herself and went to look for outfits. She sent Kyle and Zara away early today and had all the time in the world.

Savannah found her favourite pair of ripped jeans and added a beige satin chiffon top to it with two layers. She found herself buckling the straps of her white sandals very soon after that.

Why? Because she was just going to check if the Lycan King of The North had bothered to show up himself. That was why. The only reason.

It was already well past dinnertime, and Savannah didn’t expect to see him there. He wouldn’t be waiting for her for an hour. Although … he never told her the exact time. So, technically, she wasn’t even late.

Her heart was beating so fast that it felt as if it was going to jump out of her chest any moment now. It only got worse with every step she took toward the pond. Kai called it their spot. Wasn’t it ridiculous? It was. Despite the fact that this was the place her mind went to when he mentioned it, it wasn’t their spot. They didn’t have a spot. They were nothing to each other and would never be anything. They would never have “a spot”.

They were not even …

“You came!” his voice emerged from the darkness, and she had to adjust her vision to see him sitting under a tree. One hand on his knee and the other brushing his hair that looked … as if he was nervously fiddling them for hours… He did not trim his stubble and looked more like the gardener she knew again, especially in his white t-shirt and jeans paired up with a black leather jacket.

“I was just… passing by,” Savvy mumbled, turning on her heels, but Kai was next to her in a blink of an eye.

“Of course you were,” he chuckled, towering over her, his eyes exploring every inch of her. “Better late than never, Savannah.”

“How long were you going to sit here?” She found herself asking, even though it didn’t matter.

“Long.” His voice became deeper and raspier. Her lips curled into a little smile because she could sense that he was genuine.

“Well, I just came to tell you not to bother and go to sleep.” The girl lifted her chin defiantly and saw a smirk forming on his lips. He was enjoying their game.

“That’s so sweet of you.” He nodded, and she did the same. “How can I thank you for doing this? Otherwise, I’d be here until morning.”

“Don’t mention it!” Savvy tried to walk away, but he caught up with her instantly.

“That would be rude!” he chuckled. “I may be just a gardener, little maid, but I am not some brute.”

“Good for you,” she raised her brow, trying to walk around him to no avail. “Will you excuse me?”

“Let me at least feed you,” he offered, adding, “I know you skipped dinner.”

“And how would a gardener know that?” Savannah couldn’t help the grin that was forcing itself on her face.

“Gardeners know things!” Kai cleared his throat, and the next time she tried to walk away, he caught her in his arms, pressing her tiny body against his broad chest. It felt nice, and he didn’t want to stop. The excited glint in her eyes told him she was also enjoying the game. The King was happy to oblige.

“And I thought you are not a brute,” she taunted him, but did not struggle against him.

“I am just a concerned gardener. Maids have a hard enough life to skip meals.” His hands locked on her waist. She seemed so fragile that he felt he could snap her in two if he was not careful. However, he knew it was a wrong impression because the woman in front of him radiated confidence and power. ‘

“True,” she agreed with ease. “There is so much work now with the Luna Trials. That king is such a jerk for making twelve women compete for him, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know,” Kai shrugged, taking her hands into his large palm and pulling her after him. “|| only heard great things about him.”

He was taking her away from the castle and deeper into the garden, using the passages in the vast green maze of his home.

“I also heard he is insanely handsome,” Kai chuckled. “Maybe that’s the secret to why they chose to compete?”

“Yeah!” Savannah snorted loudly. “That’s unlikely. If I were him, I would sleep with my eyes open if he ends up marrying one of these women after all. There is absolutely no way in hell for any of them to ever forget the humiliation of this stupid contest. Being given tasks and then graded based on the performance … Joke puppies in a dog show. None of these strong, fierce females will ever forgive him.”

“Luckily, for him,” Kai unexpectedly pushed her against a tree, “he only needs one of them to forgive him. And to love him … To stay by his side and …”

His lips were already brushing over hers, their hot breaths entangled. “And what?” Savvy whispered into his mouth.

“And he will spend all his life begging for forgiveness if he has to,” Kai gently bit her bottom lip, tugging it softly to part her lips. “That one woman he has his eyes on seems to be worth

“Oh?” She tried to keep her composure, ignoring Athena’s howling inside. “It’s Petra, isn’t it?”

A growl escaped him right before he crashed his lips into hers, greedily devouring the little maid in his arms. His tongue tried to conquer dominance as his fingers laced into her hair at the back of her head as if he was afraid she would pull away any moment. Yet she wasn’t.

However, she wasn’t giving him the dominance either, and for the hundredth time with her, Kai realised that he loved the challenge. And also the change.

She wasn’t some daughter of an Alpha, who was taught how to be a Luna her whole life. Savannah was the Alpha. His equal. Not only by blood but also by spirit. And the more he got to know her, the more he felt that nothing less would ever be enough for him now.

Kai broke the kiss because he knew that if he didn’t do it now, he wouldn’t be able to stop. But Savvy deserved better, and he already had big plans for tonight.

“Let’s go,” he grasped her delicate fingers and urged her to follow him. This time she didn’t object in any way, which gave him the confidence to go on with his reckless idea.

He took her to the main wall, and Savannah saw a secret gate she remembered from the wonderful map he had once shared with her. However, it wasn’t the part that surprised her the most

“Is that a…” She pointed at the huge shining monster of a motorbike in front of her. “Our ride,” the King smirked at her and took off his jacket. “What…’’Savvy didn’t even get to finish her sentence as he wrapped the firm leather around her.

“You’ll get cold in this.” Kai pointed at her flimsy top and before she could reply, handed her a helmet as well. “Safety first, little maid.”

“How thoughtful,” She chuckled, putting it an. “Won’t you get cold like that?”

“With your hands around my torso and thighs pressed against mine?” the King smirked at her, adjusting his own helmet.


Savvy was happy that her face was already covered by now, so he couldn’t see how her cheeks flushed at his suggestion. He started the bike and she sat behind him, hugging him from behind. The heels weren’t the best choice of footwear for a motorbike ride, but it was the least of her problems because … now she could feel every freaking perfect muscle of his abdomen with her own fingers. Kai was definitely exercising daily for most of his life, and Savannah unknowingly traced her fingers over the relief of his muscles.

“There will be time forthat, little maid,” he growled and drove off. “Now, just hold on to me.” It was easier said than done because when her fingers dug into his flesh, she couldn’t stop imagining how she could explore his toned muscles not only with her fingertips …

Nevertheless, she managed to forget about this when they drove across a ma*s*sive ancient bridge built between two dangerous cliffs. The hair that stuck out of her helmet was blown by the wind, and the cold northern air tickled her nostrils, seducing her with the scents of fresh pine and cedar.

She loved it. More than she imagined. The night, the starry sky above their heads and. mostly, that feeling of freedom.

For one night only … they were the gardener and the maid. Two people free to do whatever they wanted. And Savvy knew she was going to enjoy that..

Kai took her away from the city, and to the little town close to the woods. It was a test, but he didn’t tell her of course. What would be the fun in that?

So, when he parked next to a pub with the vibrant name “The Whitehound”, he watched her closely, not willing to miss her reaction.

A pub wasn’t a place fit for a princess. In fact, the one and only time he took Elene and Penelope here, they both scrunched their noses in this establishment. However, Kai had loved this place ever since his now-deceased father and mother brought him here when he was little for a private family dinner. They frequented the best restaurants in the North, and an experienced chef was working at their castle, yet this was the dinner that he remembered the most. His first time here. Because here, they weren’t a king, a queen and a prince – they simply were a family of three. Since then, it had grown from a secret place to dine to a place where he felt comfortable as if he was at home.

Savannah took off the helmet, her hair cascading down her shoulder in soft waves. She looked around and stud*ied the sign at the front of the building as he watched her silently..

“They’d better have burgers in here,” she informed him with a grin. “I am starving!”

“I was actually planning to feed you with that rabbit liver pie we talked about earlier today,” he teased her, and she rolled her eyes, handing him back the helmet.

“No, thanks. I don’t think I’ve been in the North long enough to be ready to experience this… delicacy.”.

“Your loss,” Kai chuckled, taking her hand into his and realising that it felt so normal and natural to him now.

“I can’t believe you dare to show your face in here!” they both heard an ominous snare…

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