Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 353

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 353

Robbie looked up and frowned immediately when he saw that the boy was Timothy.

“Him again?” Jamie looked speechless. “The other time at the playground, his grandma reserved the merry-go-round for him, so we didn’t get to play too. Is she intending to reserve the whole restaurant this time? So does that mean we don’t get to play again?”

“Timothy’s grandma is so scary,” Ellie muttered as she hid behind Robbie. She grabbed the corners of her brother’s shirt tightly and looked away.

When Henry heard the kids’ conversation, he frowned and shot a glance at Spencer, who attended to the matter immediately.

“My darlings, don’t be afraid. With Mr. Henry here, no one would dare to b*ull*y you,” Henry bent down and rea*s*sured the kids while stroking Ellie’s hair gently.

“Mr. Henry, let’s just leave this place,” Robbie took Henry’s hand and tried to drag him away. “Timothy is our cla*s*smate. His mommy and both his grandmas are all very fierce. My Mommy had an argument with them once, and they made my Mommy so angry.”

“I’m sure it’s their fault,” Henry squatted down and gave Robbie a comforting hug while saying, “I know that your Mommy is a great woman just by seeing how outstanding the three of you are.”

“Yup, my Mommy is the best,” Jamie nodded his head immediately.

“Timothy’s grandma and mommy bullied us first. Mommy only argued with them because she wanted to protect us… “ Ellie pouted and said indignantly.

“With Mr. Henry around today, no one is allowed to b*ull*y you. C’mon, let’s go in now!” Henry said and led the kids into the restaurant.

“But… I’m scared…” Ellie hid behind Henry timidly and did not dare to go in.

“Don’t be scared. Mr. Henry is here,” Henry held the little girl’s hand.

“Mr. Henry, let’s forget it. We can head to the restaurant next door for pizza. I don’t want to cause Mommy any trouble,” Robbie said while tugging at Henry’s shirt.

“Silly boy.” Henry’s heart ached a little as he touched the boy’s head affectionately.

“If Timothy’s grandma had reserved the whole place, wouldn’t she chase us out?” Jamie frowned, looking worried.

“That’s not happening as she won’t be allowed to do that,” Henry looked in the direction of the woman.

“What? Someone bought the restaurant?” Julia exclaimed in shock. “When did it happen? Everything was still normal just two minutes ago. How is it possible that someone had suddenly bought it?”

“The transaction was just completed,” the manager of the restaurant informed the woman politely. “Our boss just called a minute ago.”


Julia had something else to say, but the manager could no longer be bothered to entertain her. Walking past the woman, he approached Spencer and greeted him respectfully.

After Spencer whispered something to the manager, the manager’s expression changed immediately, and he quickly led all the restaurant’s employees to welcome Henry and the three kids.

All thirty-six employees stood in two rows and took a ninety-degree bow while they greeted, “Welcome, Mr. Nacht, little princes, and little princess! We are glad to be of service to you today!”

The three kids looked at each other and could hardly register what was happening.

“Oh, it’s you three little bast*rds,” Julia said as her expression darkened. She took quick strides towards the three little ones and asked in a harsh tone, “You three little creatures, where did you get… “

“Shut up!” Henry bellowed furiously. “You wrinkled old prune! How dare you insult my grandchildren! Are you tired of living?”

“You… You…” For all fifty years of her life, Julia had never been humiliated so badly before, and her face turned ashen. Shaking with fury, she turned around and said to her bodyguards standing behind her, “Are you guys dead or what? Come over here right now!”

The woman’s bodyguards were playing with Timothy at the playground and did not know what was going on. After hearing Julia shouting at them, they hurried over.

The men rolled up their sleeves and were about to take action when they noticed Spencer and his bodyguards. It was then that their expressions changed drastically.

“How dare that old fool insulted me! Teach him a lesson immediately,” Julia yelled angrily while pointing at Henry.

“Madam…” One of the bodyguards leaned in closer and whispered into her ear, “That man is Mr. Nacht from the Nacht Group!”

A quick shiver ran through Julia’s body as she turned pale and immediately apologized, “Mr. N-Nacht?”

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