Broken Memories Intertwined Hearts Chapter 115

Chapter 115 
In the days following. Ines continued with her usual routine of going to work, however, Amelia’s attitude towards her had changed significantly Although she still seemed aloof as always, there was now a hint of amusement in her eyes, and the even invited Ines out for coffee, which Ines didn’t turn down and agreed with a 
During their lunch break, they headed out for coffee and upon arriving, Ines sow Naomi them too, accompanied by what looked like her nanny 
Upon seeing Ines, Naomi excitedly ran over, calling out, “Izzy” 
Ines hoisted her up onto her lap with some effort, bumping her forehead against Naomi’s while laughing. “What’s Naomi doing here? 
Amelia explained, “Ever since she met you, she’s been mentioning you all the time. With not much going on at work today, I figured it’d be nice to meet up. Hope you don’t mind that I didn’t give you a heads up” 
Ines replied, “Not at all, I love kids” 
As Naomi chattered away about the fun stuff happening at school, her cheerful demeanor had Ines chuckling in delight Amelia watched with a hint of envy as her daughter never talked this much around her. 
When Amelia went to order for them, Ines took the opportunity to ask Naomi, “Naomi, did Izzy tell the truth? Your mom really does love you a lot, right? Naomi nodded after a moment of thought and said, ‘Izzy, don’t tell my mom, but I don’t actually hate her. Even though she’s often busy with work the always spends a lot of time with me when she’s home. She helps me pack my school bag, tidy up my clothes, and even gives me kisses. The truth is, I’m just pretending to be asleep and when she turns around, I secretly watch her I actually quite like her 
Naomi let it all out 
After a while, Naomi was taken away by her nanny as she 
ad school i 
the afternoon. 
Once Naomi left, Amelia said, “Izzy, I need to apologize to you first.” 
Ines asked, “Why?” 
Amelia explained, “That time at the party when I told you to stay away was mainly because I was worried you would steal my clients, not because I genuinely camd about your well–being” Ines was taken aback, then laughed, “Amelia, I know. But I also know you genuinely care about your subordinates” A woman getting drunk 
in such a setting was asking for trouble. If she really had that intention, she could’ve just left Ines to her fate 
This was one of the reasons why Ines didn’t dislike Amelia. She had her own pride and would never stoop low 
Even though she was cold and occasionally gave Ines a hard time, it was all work–related. She wouldn’t nitpick if Ines did well. It was hard to hate someone as sincere as Amelia. 
Amelia chuckled, saying understandingly, ‘Izzy, you really are differ 
from others. No wonder someone like Ethan treats you so well, you truly deserve it” 
“Amelia, I’m not as good as you think Ines shook her head, letting out a relieved laugh. 
“Jaime was right, my family matters have indeed been affecting my work lately. I’m in the midst of a divorce with my husband who’s from a well–off family. I need to keep this job to ensure I have the right to care for my child and to be able to fight in court. I knew you were capable, so I saw you as a competitor night from the start, thinking my position would be threatened. But I slowly came to respect your work abilities. To be honest, I may not have done as well as you at your age Amelia said 
“I understand your situation, but it’s not as exaggerated as you make it seem. Ines said 
“Izzy, I want to formally apologize to you today for being so narrow–minded.” With Ethan’s status, buying the firm for her would have been a piece of cake. If she had wanted to, why would she have hidden her husband’s identity and started from scratch as a licensed CPA? 
“Amelia, you’re making me feel awkwardines said. 
“Izzy right is right, wrong is wrong. There’s nothing to it, as long as you correct your mistakes” Amelia said. 
This was probably a concept that every child had been taught growing up, but not many could actually live up to it Hearing Amelia say this, Ines couldn’t help but 
like her even more 
“Alright, Amelia, since we’re being frank today, there’s something I’d like to explain to you. The man you saw was just my ex–fiance. He betrayed me with my half–sister when we were about to get engaged That was just him harassing me.” Ines said. 
Upon hearing this, Amelia couldn’t help but exclaim. “I always thought this kind of plot only happened in novels, I didn’t expect it to happen in real life.” “Well, don’t novels draw inspiration from life?” Ines asked 
“That’s true “Amelia said “Your relationship with your husband seemed quite good, so I was hoping to get some advice.” 
“Eh, me?” Ines was surprised. 
Amelia nodded, “Yes, you and Mr. Meyer seem to get along really well, even a single glance from you two can make people feel warm. This was something she was unable to achieve with Leo. 
Ines felt a bit awkward as she wasn’t really knowledgeable about marital advice. Given that she had only been mamed to Ethan for a short while, she couldn’t really give others advice 
“Amelia, Ethan and I only met once before we got married, and we’ve only been married for less than three months Ines said. 
Amelia stared at Ines in surprise, then as if she realized something, she had an epiphany. The rumors about the president of the Meyer Group going on blind dates had been circulating for quite some time. Counting the time, it did coincide with about three months ago. 
“But the vibe you and Mr. Meyer give off doesn’t seem that way. It feels like you’ve known each other for a long time.” Amelia said. 
“Do we seem like a couple that’s been married for a long time? Ines asked 
“That’s exactly what it feels like ” Amelia replied. 
Ines couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Actually, she often felt the same way, “I used to think I’d never rush into marriage, but after meeting Ethan, I realized there are some things you just can’t control”

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