Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 62

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 62

Queen Nosheba was in her room, dressing her baby up when her maid rushed in, looking uneasy.

“My queen” she bowed when she stood in front of Nosheba who just stared curiously at her.

“There’s news going round the palace. They say Queen Shilah was shot and is unconscious”.

What? Nosheba’s brows arched.

“Are….Are you sure? How was she shot?” She asked, looking more curious than worried.

“I don’t know; but I hear she was with Queen Dyani when it happened. Also heard she’s currently receiving treatment” Nivea enthused.

Nosheba shook her head and stared away. Poor thing. Who could’ve shot her? Well, that should be none of her business. Weather she lives or not, it should all depend on her – she thought care-freely.


It had been long already.

King Dakota was still in the room, watching as they attended to Shilah. Obviously, she seemed to be getting better with the way the whiteness on her face had reduced. The part of her dress around her tummy had been torn so Manchalla could work properly on it.

He had been given a chair to sit while Queen Dyani was standing behind and leaning on the wall, hands crossed. Chaska had left already. Although, Dakota had been advised to go to his room and await feedback, he wouldn’t listen and insisted on staying. It was strange.

Well, Dyani couldn’t leave because she somewhat felt guilty. She had been with Shilah when it happened and couldn’t stop blaming herself for it. Perhaps, she would’ve done something to save her. Oh! Please; what could she had possibly done?

Either ways, she wouldn’t stop blaming herself.

After what seemed like forever, Manchalla finally rounded up as he turned away from Shilah.

“How’s she Manchalla?” Was the first thing he asked, his cold eager eyes focused on the old man.

Manchalla wiped off a drop of sweat from his forehead before proceeding.

“I’ve been able to stabilize her and she’ll be fine, My King. Thankfully, the poison was deadly. In a couple of days or so, she should regain full consciousnes” he said.

“Couple of days?” Dakota scoffed.

“You mean she won’t be awake for two days?”

“Yes, My King. And actually, I think we should be thankful she’s able to come awake and didn’t end up dead. It’d have been more terrible”.

King Dakota said nothing, his eyes just pinned on the sleeping Shilah.

“What was contained in the poison?” He suddenly asked and Manchalla took up the arrow, holding onto the unstained end of it.

“I can’t tell for now. But I’ll run up some tests immediately and get back to you with the results”. He replied, staring observantly at the arrow.

He could tell the greenish color looked familiar…..

“You can retire to your chambers now, My King” he continued, moving his gaze to Dakota.

“I’ll need to go arrange some more herbs and while I’m away, my son would stay back with the Queen just incase there’s an emergency. You have nothing to worry about”.

Dakota didn’t give a response immediately. Oh…If only he could just know the demon behind this act. If only he could have any idea …

Finally, he sighed and stood up.

“If you make any new findings, make sure I’m the first to know, Manchalla” he said to the Physician.

“Of course; of course. I’ll make sure of that, My King” the old man replied and Dakota nodded and left the room.

Getting out, he ordered his guards to stay back and guard the Queen’s room, and of course, they did.

Well, you could say the King was acting caring and all; but one thing was for sure – Dakota hated being messed with.


Dyani sighed when she was the only one left in the room with Shilah – and just the Physician’s son – Rancho.

She decided to go use the empty seat that had been occupied by the King and sat, facing Shilah.

“Do you think she’ll be fine?” She asked worriedly, staring at the Physician’s son.

Rancho was a young looking boy, tall and handsome.

“Well, if my father says she’ll be fine, I believe she’ll be fine. Besides, the poison on the arrow wasn’t deadly” he replied, as politely as possible.

Dyani heaved a deep sigh of relief.

“But I wonder who could’ve done this in the first place. Why would anyone want to hurt someone as innocent as she is? I mean, Shilah barely knows anyone” she lamented, but to that, the Physician’s son could give no reply.


Manchalla sat in his stuffy room, studying the blood from the arrow.

His microscope was on with several big books opened in front of him.

This blood…. greenish color; it was indeed familiar.

He flipped through so many pages, comparing and contrasting and it went on for a very long time until he was beginning to feel tired.

But just at that last point, that frustrated point, he finally found something. Not something, but the answer he’s been looking for.

His tired eyes beamed immediately as he drew closer for a clearer view. What???

His head was pounding. How was this possible? The poison..

He crosschecked it – repeatedly. But there was no mistake. It was real!

The poison was made from….

Immediately, he sprang on his feet and rushed out of the room with the arrow in his hand. His steps were fast and hurried as he headed for the King’s chambers – so eager to tell him his findings. This has never happened in centuries….

With how fast he walked,it didn’t take him long to arrive at the King’s chambers and when he finally did, the guards let him in with immediate effect – knowing Manchalla never visits the King’s chambers unless it was extremely important.

King Dakota was standing in front of his closet, fixing his belt when Manchalla walked in. Old man looked nervous.

“My King….”

“What’s the problem, Manchalla?” He asked, walking away from the closet.

He noticed the arrow in his hand.

“I’m done with my analysis, My King, and I’ve gotten to know where the poison came from” he was panting a little heavily when he stood in front of the King.

King Dakota’s eyes gushed with curiosity.

“The poison….it was made from the blood of a witch”.

There was a loud pause.

Then slowly, a flinch crept onto Dakota’s face.

“What’re you talking about?” His voice was calmer than violent.

It just sounded unreal.

“It’s accurate, My King. The poison was made from the blood of a witch. I am so sure about it”. Manchalla replied.

Dakota scoffed and collected the arrow from him. The witches? The witches tried to attack one of his own?

“You mean the witches are behind this?” He asked the Physician, staring coldly at the arrow.

“Yes, My King. I also can’t believe they’d start an attack. It’s uncalled for” Manchalla queried.

For a long time, Dakota was silent, just staring down at the arrow. And bit by bit, the anger crept into him.

“Darci!” He called out and the door opened with his guard coming in.

“My King…!”

“Find Pishan; and tell him to get the guards and horses ready. We’re riding to the Witches Palace”.

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