Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 994

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 994 His Face

Rufus’ POV:

Even though the little boy was against it, I still insisted that the doctor remove his dressing and check his wound. So many weeks had gone by but his wound hadn’t healed yet. The child was still so young, and it wasn’t good if the injury wasn’t treated on time.

“No, I have to wait for Mommy.” Arron tried his best to protect his dressing from being removed by the doctor.

The doctor sighed and said to Arron, “Little boy, you have to let me see your wound. A person who has their whole head bandaged up as you do is usually seriously injured.”

Arron faltered, “No, it’s not serious.”

“Not serious? Then why all the bandages?” The doctor was incredulous and looked more worried. “Could it be that you have actually sustained a brain injury?”

Arron frowned at this question, and instantly changed his tune. “Oh no! It’s a little serious, but not that serious.” “Is it serious or not?” the doctor asked pointedly.

Arron pursed his lips and didn’t reply, as if he held a deep grudge against the doctor.

“Let the doctor take a look.” I was starting to get concerned about him.

If it was a normal injury, he wouldn’t have resisted so much. Had he also become disfigured like Crystal? My heart sank when this thought crossed my mind. How sad would it be if such a young child was disfigured?

The doctor stretched his arm out and was about to remove Arron’s bandages. Arron was so alarmed that he jumped up from the edge of the bed and scurried toward its head. He hurriedly exclaimed, “No, you can’t remove it! Mommy said I can’t remove the bandage. I have to obey her.”

“Why?” I wondered if Crystal didn’t change his dressing regularly. Ideally, it would have to be changed every day. However, these bandages looked like they were quite old. “Anyway, it can’t be removed,” Arron stated anxiously.

My intuition warned me that something was wrong, but I didn’t let it show in my expression. Instead, I pasted a smile on my face and asked him, “Don’t you feel uncomfortable wearing it all the time?”

Arron remained quiet. His grip on the dressing seemed to have loosened a little though.

“Let’s take it off and let the doctor check it. He’ll be quick and we can wrap it back the same way as before. Your mommy won’t find out. Besides, this doctor is excellent. With his help, the wound on your face will heal faster and you can be rid of the dressing sooner,” I said in a persuasive tone.

“Yes, I’ve dressed many wounds. I’m sure I can wrap the bandages in the exact same way,” the doctor echoed.

Arron scrutinized us with sharp eyes for a long time, and finally nodded slowly. “Okay, but can you do it quickly?” “Yes. Let me remove it for you.”

I picked up Arron to sit closer to me, and then began removing his bandages myself. I was worried that I would hurt him, so I was very gentle.

The doctor studied me in fear and disbelief. It seemed that he didn’t expect me to personally attend to the child. The child’s clothes were very dirty, but I wasn’t disgusted. I settled him in my lap and continued removing the bandages slowly.

The gauze wrapped around Arron’s head was longer than I’d thought. I felt more suspicious. What kind of injury required so much gauze? Besides, the wound would get inflamed and would fester if it was bound so tightly.

Gradually, the boy’s smooth and tender skin came into view. The child didn’t dare to breathe heavily and stared at me unblinkingly.

Soon, about one-third of the little boy’s face was exposed, but I couldn’t see any wound.

Surprised, I sped up, eager to see his whole face now.

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