The Half Blood Luna Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Klaus’s POV:

The whip falls on the ground in the middle of the hallway as reality sinks in. I rush into the room and see chaos everywhere. There were multiple books on the ground, some were torn. There was a lot of glassand blood, too. I turn around behind me, and see her. She was sitting against the wall near the door, unconscious.

She was bleeding from a lot of places. The hand she was extending out towards the hallway had a deep glasscut, her shoulder was also cut with what appears to be a knife, there were profound choking marks on her neck with a small cut on the side, the back of her head was bleeding as if she got knocked on her head with something. The most horrible injury was the big knife embedded deep in her chest. I awake from my shock and kneel down to check her pulse. It was very weak I could barely feel it.

What the hell happened to her? Who would do such a thing? And why?

I jump into action immediately not planning to waste a single second.

I alert the ER through my shared mind link with the pack “Whoever is in charge of the ER tonight, I need an ambulance ASAP to the pack house. A servant was stabbed with a knife in her chest, there are also multiple injuries, she might have a skull fracture. Alert the surgeons you need, she needs surgery as soon as she arrives”

I hear a response two seconds later.

“Alpha Klaus, this is Dr. Hunt. I am in charge of the ER tonight and a cardio surgeon, I alerted a neuro surgeon to be ready when we arrive back to the hospital. I am on my way to the ambulance, ETA is five minutes”

I sigh in relief and hope we can get her into surgery in time.

I mind link Joseph “Joseph, you need to come to Ella’s room right now. She was attacked, her condition is critical. An ambulance is on its way”

I don’t hear anything from him. Two minutes later, I hear him rushing through the corridor. He comes into the room and I watch his horrified reaction when he sees Ella.

“What the hell happened here Klaus?” asks Joseph in shock.

“I have no idea, I found her like this”

He looks at me suspiciously “What were you coming here to do?”

I avoid his gaze and look at Ella. I feel ashamed to confess that my temper got the best of me. That I was coming here to hurt her, and take out all my anger and frustration on her. What was conflicting was that when I saw her like this, my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest. I felt protective of her. I wanted to find the person responsible for causing her all these injuries, and rip his head off. Yet, I wanted to come into her room and hurt her myself a few minutes earlier. I couldn’t understand this contradiction at all. There must be something wrong with me.

“Klaus?” Joseph pushes for an answer.

“Now is not the time for this Joseph. She is in critical condition. The ambulance is five minutes away, go wait by the entrance so they could come here immediately” I order him.

He looks at me for a few seconds, then takes off.

I run my hands through my hair in frustration. None of this makes sense. Why would someone attack her out of the blue? Not just attack, K*ll.

A few minutes later, two paramedics and who I a*s*sume to be Dr. Hunt walk into the room. They a*s*sess the situation quickly from minor to major injuries, secure a collar around her neck, and check her pulse. They put her on a stretcher and start transporting her out of the room into the ambulance.

We were about to follow her out of the room when Dr. Hunt stopped us.

“Her condition is very critical alpha. The knife is embedded deep in her chest probably pierced a part of her heart, she needs to be taken to surgery immediately. However, if you want to save her I need to know if she has a wolf, do you know?”

“No, Dr. She doesn’t have a wolf” answered Joseph in concern.

“This increases the severity of her condition. If she doesn’t have a wolf, her healing abilities are most probably too slow to get her through surgery, she will bleed out as soon as I take out the knife” says Dr. Hunt.

“What if you transfer pure blood to her system before you remove the knife. Will her condition improve?” I ask in despair.

“Yes. If she has pure blood in her system, it will increase her chances of surviving the surgery, but not for sure. Problem is, we need a donor. We don’t have a blood bank”

I stare in surprise and almost bite his head off “What kind of hospital doesn’t have a single blood bag in their blood bank?” I seethe in rage.

The doctor seems surprised by my hostility. He recovers quickly and answers in an apologetic tone “It was alpha Grey’s orders not to draw blood from any pure blood in the pack. If a half blood got injured, they weren’t allowed to receive blood from pures, they would either make it and recover on their own or d*ie, and pure bloods don’t need a blood donation as you know”

I close my eyes and try to calm my breathing. I open them again and fight the urge to alpha-command him to do whatever needs to be done to save her life.

“From now on, you will have regular blood draws from pure bloods and stock up that blood bank. I will donate blood to her myself. Make sure someone is ready for the blood draw as soon as we arrive. And Dr. Hunt, I want you to do whatever you can to save her life. She is very important to me, do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes alpha. I will do my very best”

We all head out to the pack house front door. I watch them load her into the ambulance. Joseph sprints into the garage to get us a car to follow them back to the hospital.

We ride in silence. I was still surprised at myself for admitting that she was important to me. Was it because I still wanted the chance to get my revenge? Or because I wanted to find out who did this to her? Or was it something else?

One thing I did know for sure. It was important to me to keep her alive so I could find out what the hell happened to her. So, I could find out who would do this to her, and truly and publicly make an example out of him.

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