The Half Blood Luna Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Ella’s POV:

As soon as Joseph left, I collapsed on the floor of the cell. My body was beyond exhausted. I laid on my stomach for god knows how long. My head was blank. I tried not to think of anything. Nothing I would think about mattered anymore. I am going to d*ie this morning. Maybe there is something much better on the other side. Maybe I’ll finally get to see my mom. I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable.

I drifted for a while until my back felt like it was on fire that I had to do something to ease the pain. I slowly got up. I had no idea how much time had passed. It could have been an hour or three. I went to the toilet, removed the tank lid and tried to clean my hands, neck, and face from the dried-up mud. I think I got most of it by the time I was finished. I don’t know why, but the thought of dying filthy and smelly in public wasn’t something I wanted. My clothes however were a lost cause. Suddenly, I remembered that I put on two long sleeved shirts. I removed the top one, which was the muddy one. The one under it was clean thankfully. Well, only the jeans were muddy now, and that was fine by me. The cuts on my back were burning me. There was nothing I could do about them. I sighed, soon it won’t matter. I’ll be dead. I won’t feel anything anymore. I sat on the ground against the wall opposite my cell door, when I felt something in my left back pocket. I pulled it out and saw the last silver knife I kept hidden. I couldn’t help but feel like there was something I was supposed to do with this knife.

I figured it out instantly. Alpha Klaus was going to K*ll me in public, but how? Burn me to death? Whip me to death? Cut off my head? If he wasn’t going to K*ll me, he would probably make people remember me whenever they lay eyes on me. Like cutting off my hands, or burning them beyond healing. Point is, he was going to make me suffer severely. But no, I won’t give him that satisfaction.

As soon as the guards come to take me, I will put this knife in my heart. It won’t be painless but it will be instant. A lot of pain for maybe less than a minute, then nothing. Or maybe I should do it now. What if I didn’t have time when they came? I took a deep breath and held the knife, the tip was facing where my heart is supposed to be. I stayed like this for a couple of minutes. Do I have the guts to do it to myself? It was either that or at the hands of the alpha, which will probably be more painful. I closed my eyes and prayed to find my mother on the other side. I was about to stab myself when I heard the door unlock. Damn it, I need to do it now. I got up fast and positioned the knife, as I looked up at my visitors. I froze in place. I was expecting guards but instead I was staring at two very shocked alpha and beta. Why the hell was alpha Klaus here?

“What the fvck do you think you are doing?” said alpha Klaus angrily

I hesitated between wasting time on conversation or shoving the knife in my heart right now. But I needed to know something first.

“What is my punishment alpha?” I asked him quietly

“I asked you a question first, answer it and I will tell you what your punishment is” he ordered

“Well, I figured whatever your punishment is, it sure as hell not gonna be less painful than this. If I am going to d*ie, I’d like it to be pain free. So, what is my punishment alpha?” I asked him, as I clutched the knife tighter with both hands and prepared myself.

His eyes were shining in anger and fear. He raised his hands slowly and spoke calmly this time “Calm down, I wasn’t planning on K*lling you, you have my word”

His word meant nothing to me, but I didn’t tell him that.

“Then I guess you are going to cut off my hands or something in that area, I think I’ll pass” I said.

He closed his eyes briefly then said “your punishment is public whipping, 20 lashes”

“You’re lying” I said instantly without filtering my words. Which caused him to seethe in anger.

“What did you just say to me?” he asked in a deadly voice.

I ignored his anger and said, “There is no way in hell you are letting me of the hook that easily. I broke your rules and ran away, then I tried to K*ll you! You are just saying that so I don’t K*ll myself here” I was done listening to this crap. He was lying to make sure I get executed in public and I wasn’t going to fall for that trap.

I lifted the knife a little and was about to stab myself, when alpha Klaus was in front of me in an instant, stopping my hands from reaching the target. He held my hands and twisted them so painfully I cried out in pain, as he snatched the knife from my hands. He kept his hand on my twisted ones, just a little twist and I was sure something was going to break within me. He tugged me a little closer to him, we were inches apart from each other.

“First of all, I don’t need to lie to get you to do whatever I want. Second, I was showing you some mercy, which you clearly don’t deserve as you need to be taught a lesson about speaking to your alpha respectfully. Third, I will forgive your little idiotic move and keep your punishment as it is. But next time you do anything to piss me off again, I won’t be as merciful” he said this in a cold yet angry voice, I involuntarily shuddered at his threat.

Het let go of my hands and backed off a little. I saw him hide the knife inside his pocket. “Joseph will come take you in a little while. After I finish the submission ceremony, you will be punished, and after that you will have to submit yourself to me as your new alpha, understood?” he asked firmly

“Yes… alpha” I said in a low voice. I was about to say yes only, then I remembered a bite of a whip that alpha Grey always hit me with whenever I forgot to address him as alpha.

He was about to turn around and leave when my curiosity got the best of me “Why did you come here yourself alpha? You could’ve sent someone to take me right to the ceremony” I asked and secretly prayed that I didn’t piss him off again.

“Yes right, your little suicide moves almost made me forget why I came down here. I wanted to ask you a question, and I need you to answer it truthfully, otherwise we will be having a problem with each other. And trust me when I tell you, I’ll know if you’re telling the truth or not” he said threateningly

I’m getting a little angry with his unending threats. Typical alpha, always trying to scare people into submission. I said nothing and waited for his question.

“Why were you running away from the pack Ella?” he asked curiously.

I am sure as hell not gonna tell him about what the ex-alpha and beta did to me, that’s for sure. And I can’t exactly tell him I was afraid he was going to treat me the same way. So, I opted for half the truth.

“I ran away because I don’t want to be a servant my whole life. That’s not who I am. But alpha Grey never allowed any half-blood to be something else. I was forbidden from learning in the school after I turned 10. I wasn’t allowed to participate in training like the other kids my age. Half-bloods were always mistreated and our rights have always been fortified by alpha Gray. We were nothing to him, just because of our blood. I couldn’t take it anymore. So, when he d*ied, I took my chances and tried to leave” I had a lot more to say regarding our rights, but I didn’t want to anger him.

He was staring at me in wonder and shock. He recovered in a minute then said “Well, had you stuck a while and maybe had a little faith that the new alpha would be different, all of this could’ve been avoided. Let me tell you this, I am nothing like your old alpha. I treat people all the same, pure bloods and half-bloods. In my pack, everyone gets educated and trained. Everyone gets to make their own choices regarding their future and who they wanted to be. Your pack will follow the same rules, I will make sure of that. But if that wasn’t the only reason you ran away, if there is something else you are hiding, then you need to tell me right now. Because if you try to run away again, I will be f0rced to take a more severe action”

I thought about what he said about his pack. Could it be true? Does he really treat us the same as pure bloods? If it’s true, I can become whatever I wanted to be. I answered him “There is no other reason, alpha”

“Good, I have a submission ceremony to get to” he turned around and left, followed by his beta, whom I actually forgot was here. He was just watching our conversation without saying a word.

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