Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 96

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort

Chapter 96

He didn’t buy it. Does he really like me to that much?

Charlotte panicked. She was worried that Zachary might grow to hate her because of his unrequited love.

On the other side, he had enough. He grabbed her and pinned her down underneath him.

“Mr. Nacht, wait! Calm down!” Her heart was pounding. Nevertheless, she found the courage to stop him. “I know you are perfect, and I admit I do like you. I’m just not very sure that we should take things further.”

He cupped her chin and said, “Cut the chit-chat, or I’ll drop you off at the side of the road. And stop being so melodramatic.”

When his lips were about to touch hers, she squeezed her eyes shut and roared, “I have a boyfriend!”

The rest of her words were lost in his mouth. Time stopped and their lips remained sealed.

He exuded such hostility, like a beast pounding on its prey, that Charlotte shuddered when he pressed his powerful body against hers.

After a while, Zachary pulled away and leaned back in his seat. He put an end to the aggression, but the tension lingered in the air.

She opened her eyes very carefully and sneaked a peek at him.

Thoughts crowded her mind, but she couldn’t string them together coherently to explain to pacify him.

“Boyfriend? How long have you been together?”

“A while,” she mumbled.

He reached for the wineglassand downed its content without any hesitation. Then he set the glassaside and looked at her with eyes as cold as ice. “I think you’re taking this the wrong way.”

Huh? I’m wrong? B-But… he just…

Zachary waved his index finger at Charlotte. “First, you are my employee, and you were stabbed in front of me. I didn’t want that accident to cause a backlash to the company, so I sent you home and cared for you.

“Second, I gave you this necklace on a whim. A hundred million may sound like a substantial fortune for some people. To me, it’s just a number.

“And finally, I stood up for you from that wicked mother and daughter not because I have feelings for you. I just stood up for what I believed to be right.”

She was d*um*bfounded. His explanation made sense to her. She wondered if it was just her delusional thinking.

“So, you are delusional! Just don’t be so full of yourself!” He answered the questions on her mind.

“You thought I have feelings for you? No way! I’m not blind.” The corners of his lips curved into a sneer.

Charlotte was at a loss for words. She hung her head low, unable to meet his eyes. She wished a hole would open beneath her and swallow her immediately.

“Take one last look.” Zachary held the necklace over his hand and swung it back and forth. Before she could react, he threw it out the window.

“Are you mad? That’s worth a hundred million!” she roared. Her eyes budged with shock.

“Pull over.” Zachary ordered the driver to stop the car.

The car stopped at the side of the road. “Get down!” he said to Charlotte.

She didn’t dare breathe a word as she slowly gathered up her dress and alighted.

Her tardiness frustrated Zachary, so he kicked her in her hip and sent her sprawling on the pavement. A sharp pain surged through her whole body.

Ben and Raina were stupefied, but they turned a blind eye.

“Go.” Zachary asked the driver to drive and left Charlotte behind.

“Yes, sir!”

The Rolls-Royce sped off.

Charlotte got up, brushed off the dirt on her scr@ped palms and gently touched the wounded area. She immediately turned back to find the necklace.

It should be here somewhere.

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