Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 56

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 56

Other than the knocking, no other sounds came from the outside, and it scared the children even more. Even Mrs. Berry’s knife-holding hands were trembling.

Holding a small knife, Charlotte slowly walked over and looked through the gap of the broken door.

At the same time, an eye was staring into the gap from the outside.

When the two eyes spotted each other, both parties started screaming.

“Ahhhh….!” The children screamed along with their mother.

“Call the cops! Quick!” Charlotte hurriedly tried to grab her phone.

“Hold on. Wait a minute. I think it’s Zak.”

Looking through the gap, Mrs. Berry realized it was indeed the security guard, Zak Jones. She promptly opened the door for him.

“Mrs. Berry, you’re at home.” Zak was about to call for backup through his walkie-talk when he saw Mrs. Berry and stopped. “You scared me. I thought something happened to your house.”

“Something did happen. There was a…”

“There was a thief who barged into our house trying to steal something earlier, but together we managed to get rid of him.”

Charlotte interrupted Mrs. Berry on time. She did not want anyone else to know about the chip, or more troubles might arise.

“What? Have you called the cops?” Zak asked as he got worried.

“Let me check if I’ve lost anything before I decide if I’d call the cops or not,” Charlotte said with a smile. Then, she changed the topic. “Zak, does your company offer any service for door fixing?”

“I think you’d need to change a new door.” Zak briefly checked the condition of the door. “We have new doors at the price of four thousand eight hundred. Locks are included too.”

“Four thousand eight hundred?” Charlotte could feel a headache coming on upon hearing the price.

“Are you interested?” Zak queried. “I’ll give you a ten percent discount.”

“Twenty!” Mrs. Berry bargained. “Since we’re neighbors.”

Looking at the kitchen knives in her hands, Zak shuddered and agreed, “All right. Twenty percent off it is.”

“Let’s change the door now, or else we won’t be able to sleep tonight,” Mrs. Berry urged.

“All right.” Zak then told his colleagues to come to Charlotte’s house to change the door.

When they came, Mrs. Berry stood at the side as they worked on the door.

Meanwhile, Charlotte made a simple dinner for the three children before she watched them wash up and sent them to bed.

Once the children were settled, Charlotte held onto her phone as she mulled over the day on the couch. Should I call the cops?

If I call the cops, they will ask me to clarify everything that has happened. When that happens, that Devil will find out that the kid who has the chip is mine.

Will he think that I’m the one who told my kid to steal the chip?

I might lose my job, and he might even sue me for theft.

I can’t tell when the Devil will be furious. If he really wants to blame me for this, I won’t be able to escape unscathed.

Moreover, once this matter is revealed, my kids’ ident*ity will be revealed too. Will that gigolo try to take my kids from me then?

With those thoughts in mind, Charlotte dismissed the notion of calling the police.

However, she also realized that the men in black might come after them again if the police were not involved.

Although nothing had happened to them today, they could not possibly live the rest of their lives like today.

“They’re done with the door. They’ve earned over four thousand just by changing the door. What an easy life they have. I should’ve haggled for a better price.”

After sending the men off, Mrs. Berry closed the door and turned on the television. She then lowered the volume as she cleaned. This was a habit of hers.

The channel was currently airing the late-night news.

“Breaking news. At half-past two in the morning, a shooting incident has occurred at Southcastle Shore. A man involved in the shooting is also suspected to be involved with the theft of Divine Corporation’s latest chip. He has now been apprehended by the police. Before the man was caught, he had thrown the chip into the sea. Divine Corporation is now working with the police to find the chip.”

Hearing the news, Mrs. Berry hurriedly walked to the front of the television with the broom in hand.

At the same time, Charlotte’s eyes widened. She promptly increased the volume as she glued her eyes on the screen.

A man in black was arrested by the police and escorted into a police car.

Before the door closed, the man grinned maliciously and hissed, “Have fun finding it. I’ll admit I lost when you find it.”

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