Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 357

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 357

Charlotte was stunned when she heard the employees’ conversation. That man had bought the entire place for his three grandchildren…

Could they be referring to my three kids?

“Mr. Henry, I’m hungry.”

Just then, Charlotte heard Ellie’s voice and turned around immediately.

Henry was holding Ellie and Robbie’s hands while Spencer wheeled Jamie out of the play area. They were accompanied by more than ten waiters who led the group to the restaurant.

In order not to disturb the other children who were playing, the Nachts’ bodyguards waited outside and did not go in.

When the parents at the rest area saw the intimidating group of men, they immediately asked a waiter, “Is that man the one who bought over Fairytale Land?”

“Yup, that’s him.” The waiter nodded and smiled. “He’s Mr. Nacht!”

“Mr. Nacht is such a good man!” A few parents went over to Henry and shouted excitedly, “Thank you, Mr. Nacht! We are so grateful for the free admission to Fairytale Land. Now our children can enjoy such wonderful free facilities!”

“That’s right! Thank you so much for this!”

The group of parents took turns to thank Henry and the three little ones.

Since Henry was a seasoned philanthropist, he didn’t think that doing that for the kids was a big deal. As such, he didn’t feel much about it and merely replied with a nod and a smile.

However, it was an entirely new experience for the three kids.

Ellie was blushing while grabbing tightly onto Henry’s fingers. Even though the little girl was feeling nervous, her big bright eyes were filled with curiosity and wonder.

Jamie, meanwhile, was slightly bolder than Ellie. Beaming brightly, he waved to the adults and replied, “You’re welcome!”

As for Robbie, even though he nodded politely to acknowledge them, he did not speak a single word. It was as if he was already used to all of these things.

Henry was very satisfied with the way the children handled the situation. Although they were young and had not encountered any situations of such great scale, they still managed to keep their composure.

He could tell that Robbie was an ambitious child and had even started imagining how nice it would be if the boy was really his great-grandson. If that was the case, Robbie would definitely be taking over the Nacht Group one day.

As for Jamie, he could work in whichever field that he’s interested in.

And Ellie would forever be their little princess. She would always be under the protection of all the men in the family and enjoy a happy life free from worries…

Charlotte, who was witnessing the scene from afar, was deeply moved by what she saw…

Ever since her three kids were born, she had never been able to give them such experiences and had also never given any serious thought to grooming them.

The best she could do was to provide a healthy environment for them to grow up in, teach them well, and impart proper values to them. She had also enrolled the three kids into a good kindergarten…

Doing all those had already pushed Charlotte to the maximum of her abilities.

The woman had always thought that the children were still young, and she could wait till they were a little older before developing their other skills or grooming them in other areas…

However, now that she had a glimpse of an alternate life the kids could have, Charlotte suddenly realized that it would take a gradual period of time to groom the kids, and it wasn’t something that would happen overnight. They would have a better chance at succeeding in life if they could grow up in a better environment that provided them with more opportunities.

Even though Henry had only met the children by chance, he was already showering them with so much affection and care only because he took a liking to them.

If he knew that they were, in fact, Zachary’s kids, he would definitely give them a lot more…

Wouldn’t that be better for the children’s future?

Especially Robbie, who was a mature child and way more sensible than other kids his age. He loved to learn and engage in activities that required critical thinking. During his spare time, he loved doing research and discovering new things…

However, Charlotte was aware that she would not be able to provide a good learning environment for her eldest son, who was learning so fast that she could barely keep up.

That boy was only three and a half years old, and she was already struggling to give him what he needed. When he grew a little older, he might feel a sense of emptiness…

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