Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 349

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 349

Charlotte watched as Mrs. Berry returned from the hospital.

Ellie ran over on her stubby little legs and exclaimed, “Mommy, Mommy, I want to wear the pink princess dress when we have dinner with Grandpa Nacht tonight. Can I?”

“Grandpa Nacht?” Charlotte asked after a moment of shock.

“The one who took care of us in the hospital. He wants to take us to have hamburgers,” Ellie raised her head and replied innocently.

Charlotte was taken aback by her reply. The kindergarten principal’s words surfaced in her mind…

“On the way back, we chatted with some attendants and found out that the person responsible is the grandfather of the president of Divine Corporation. He was really nice to the children. They’ve already grown close to him and didn’t want to leave. Old Mr. Nacht even bought them a bunch of gifts. There were so many that they filled up the car.”

Charlotte’s expression changed. She quickly asked the attendant, “Who is the Grandpa Nacht that Ellie is referring to?”

“She’s talking about old Mr. Nacht. He’s also our boss,” said the pediatrician with a smile.

Charlotte was gripped by anxiousness. She hastily walked towards the bedroom to look for Robbie and Jamie. “Robbie, Jamie.”

“We’re in here, Mommy.”

Robbie and Jamie were playing with Legos. The children were sitting on the carpet and had built a flying saucer.

“Robbie, Jamie, I need to talk to you. Are you free?” Charlotte asked them politely.

“Wait.” Robbie placed the last piece on and clapped excitedly. “All done!”

“You’re amazing, Robbie.” Jamie gazed at Robbie with admiration. “I couldn’t make this flying saucer no matter how hard I tried. You finished it so quickly.”

“Haha, I’ll teach you next time.” Robbie raised his eyebrows smugly. He clapped the dust from his hands and turned to Charlotte. “We’re free now, Mommy!”

“What’s wrong, Mommy? Do you not want us to have dinner with Grandpa Nacht?” Ellie asked curiously as she walked over and raised her chubby face.

“It’s not like that…”

Charlotte closed the door. She hugged Ellie as she sat on the floor and asked, “How did you come to know Grandpa Nacht? Also, what exactly happened to Jamie’s leg? The kindergarten principal and Ms. Cheney gave me a general account of what happened. But, I want to hear more details from you guys.”

“Grandpa Nacht’s driver accidentally ran into me. They didn’t mean to.”

“Mommy, Grandpa Nacht is really nice to us…”

“Yes. He came to the hospital every day to be with us. He also bought us many things. He said he would be our guardian. If someone tries to b*ull*y us, he’ll teach them a lesson.”

“Yes, Grandpa Nacht said that.”

“Stop!” Robbie cut off Jamie and Ellie. “Let me speak.”

“Okay. You speak, Robbie.” Charlotte nodded.

“It happened like this…”

Robbie told Charlotte about what happened that day after school, followed by what happened at the hospital, and finally how Zachary showed up.

Charlotte listened while her heart pounded in her chest. She never expected that the children went through so many events in the past two days, and even met Zachary.

If what they’re saying is true, old Mr. Nacht probably doesn’t know who they really are. The car accident was really unintentional…

This means that Zachary didn’t kidnap the children. It was just a coincidence that he found out about old Mr. Nacht running over Jamie. He just took the opportunity to threaten me.

But isn’t this all too much of a coincidence?

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