Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 342

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 342

As Ellie kept crying and Jamie was being treated at the hospital for these few days, Robbie had to take care of them as their older brother. While worrying about his mother and Mrs. Berry, he still had to take various precautions to prevent evil guys from harming his younger siblings.

It was rare for such maturity and wisdom to be found in a three-year-old toddler.

Regardless of what he encountered, he did not shed a single tear. Even if his eyes had turned red and his voice had ch*oked up, he would quickly suppress his emotions.

However, now that he finally saw his mother, he could not hold it back anymore…

The facade of strength he had put up disintegrated at that very moment. In the haven of his mother’s arms, he could finally act like a young child and vent all his emotions without a care in the world.

As he kept crying, Charlotte’s heart ached. She kept kissing Robbie’s hair and consoling, “Don’t be scared, Robbie. Now that I’ve come back, I won’t leave anymore.”

Robbie only calmed down after a long while. Taking a deep breath, he raised his head and looked at Charlotte. “Mommy, what happened? Where have you been for the past two days? Why can’t I contact you? Are you hurt? Did you get bullied?”

“No, I’m completely fine.”

While wiping his tears away with a piece of tissue paper, she explained, “I was still working that day. As I received a call saying that Mrs. Berry has fainted, I quickly rushed to the hospital to take care of her. I was late by twenty minutes to pick you up, so the time I reached Happy Avenue, you guys are already nowhere to be seen… I’ve been searching high and low for the three of you over the past few days.”

“Mrs. Berry fainted? How is she?” asked Robbie worriedly.

“She’s sick, but my friend who’s also a doctor is taking care and treating her now. You don’t need to worry,” rea*s*sured Charlotte as she cupped Robbie’s handsome face. “Sleep now, Robbie. I’ll go out and talk to the teachers and policemen first. I’ll make breakfast for you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” Robbie nodded obediently. “Go and do what you have to do first, Mommy. Rest early after that.”

“I know.” Charlotte planted a kiss on him again before leaving quietly.

After closing the bedroom door, she signaled Ms. Longman and Ms. Cheney to her bedroom and inquired about the situation.

Ms. Longman explained that after the children went missing, the school authorities were extremely flustered and combed the entire area for them. As their search yielded no results, they reported it to the police. It was then that they realized that Charlotte had also made a report. Although they tried to contact her, she did not answer any of their calls. Hence, they had no choice but to wait for the police’s updates.

At 6 p.m. that night, Ms. Longman received a call from the police saying that the children had been found. They instructed her to go to Serene Hospital, and they discovered the truth afterward.

The three children had been walking home on their own after school. However, on the way home, Jamie dashed into a forest while chasing a little cat. After emerging out of the forest onto another road, he got knocked down by a luxurious car. The owner of the car then sent them to the hospital.

Ben appeared a while later and paid them a large sum of money to take care of the children for a night…

At the mention of that, Ms. Longman quickly clarified, “Actually, it’s our duty to protect the kids. Even if we’re not paid, we’ll still do our best. Since the Divine Corporation insisted on paying us, we…”

“It’s fine. Divine Corporation’s rich anyway, so it’s a waste to refuse their money.” Charlotte was not bothered by it at all. “Since they paid you, just keep the money. Do you know who the perpetrator was?”

“While we were chatting with the medical staff on the way here, we realized that he’s the grandfather of Divine Corporation’s president…” mumbled Ms. Cheney softly.

Charlotte was stunned. So old Mr. Nacht crashed into Jamie and sent them to the hospital?

Is… Is this the truth? Or is there more to it?

“Old Mr. Nacht is very nice to the kids. They’ve already developed a close relationship with him and were even reluctant to leave him…” added Ms. Longman.

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