Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 338

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 338

“Yeah, I kept having an urge to ask why you don’t seem to like Mr. Nacht even though he treats you quite nicely,” remarked Ms. Longman curiously. “Is it because of the incident about the chip? Although they seem really intimidating, they always know their boundaries and are very polite.”

“That’s right. Mr. Nacht made meticulous arrangements and selected the best nurses in the hospital to take care of you. He really dedicated a lot of effort to this,” the pediatrician chimed in. “Although he might look a bit scary, he’s still old Mr. Nacht’s grandson. He won’t hurt you.”

“Yeah, he’s Grandpa Nacht’s grandson. If he bullies us, old Mr. Nacht will spank him!” exclaimed Ellie seriously as she tilted her head. “At the hospital today, old Mr. Nacht spanked him with his walking stick!”

“Yeah, he spent so much money, effort, and time to personally send you home. At the very least, you should be more polite,” explained Ms. Longman patiently. “Don’t you think that I’m right, Robbie?”

Robbie felt a bit guilty, for what the teachers and the doctors said was reasonable. He should have expressed his grat*itude to that man…

However, he quickly puffed up his chest and rebuked indignantly, “That man is so fierce! Previously, he caused so much trouble for us just to find that chip. Mommy always gets injured when working for him. Aren’t we supposed to constantly be on guard to avoid accidents? It’s never a mistake to be careful!”

“Yeah, that’s right!” Ellie nodded vigorously, causing her double-chin to appear at her neck. “Robbie’s right. I’ll listen to him!”

“Good girl. Let’s go home!” Robbie held her hand and strode forward. “Once you get home, you don’t have to be scared anymore. I’ll let you drink some milk.”

“Thanks, Robbie.” After thanking him, Ellie asked eagerly, “Grandpa Nacht’s grandson said that Mommy will come back soon. Is that true?”

“Did that grandson say that? I was so preoccupied with glaring at him that I didn’t pay attention to what he was saying.”

By unknowingly omitting a crucial word, Robbie’s address of Zachary now took a drastically different turn.

“Yeah, that grandson said that!” Mimicking Zachary, Ellie’s expression turned grim as she narrowed her eyes. She feigned his voice as she repeated, “Have a good night’s sleep and you can see your Mommy tomorrow morning!”

“Fine, since that grandson said that, it should be true.” Robbie heaved a heavy sigh and said maturely, “The past few days have been so tiring. I hope that we can have a good sleep tonight and see Mommy again when we wake up!”

“God bless us!” Ellie clapped her hands together. Gazing wistfully at the moon hanging high in the sky, she made a wish. I hope that I can see Mommy tomorrow morning when we wake up…

“Mommy…” Jamie, who was still in deep sleep, turned around in Ms. Cheney’s arms, his saliva dripping on her shoulders.

With an arm around Jamie’s back and another supporting his butt, Ms. Cheney whispered, “Ms. Longman, is it raining? Why does my shoulder feel w*et?”


Everyone could not help but burst into laughter.

Ellie and Robbie chuckled as well. They clutched their stomachs as they doubled over in laughter.

They were going to go home soon and see their mother. Finally feeling safe, they were truly happy at that moment.

The shadowy figure of the Rolls-Royce zoomed back home.

Ben asked carefully, “Mr. Nacht, why don’t you inform Ms. Windt now? She won’t have to keep worrying, and the children want to see her too.”

“Why are you being so anxious about it?” Zachary glared at him and coldly instructed, “Tell her at six in the morning tomorrow. Let her suffer for another night.”

“Um, okay then.”

Ben did not dare to utter a single word. However, he could not help but silently lament at how stubborn and foul Zachary’s temper was.

Still, Ben had to admit that Zachary treated those children very gently just now.

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