Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 337

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 337

Twirling the phone in his hands, Zachary smirked mockingly.

He was mocking Charlotte’s stupidity for suspecting that he kidnapped her children.

At the same time, his mockery was directed to none other but himself. To f*orc*e her to stay by his side, he had to resort to such unscrupulous methods.

“What’s the point?” Ben could not help but exclaim, “You’re helping her find her children, so why are you willingly pretending to be the kidnapper and shouldering such a bad name for yourself?”

“It doesn’t matter,” dismissed Zachary nonchalantly. “Since she likes to suspect me so much, won’t it disappoint her if I’m not the actual culprit?”

‘You’re always so stubborn. When something bad happens, you refuse to explain or communicate with the other party. That’s why your relationship keeps worsening…”

Right after Ben blurted it out, he clapped a hand over his mouth hurriedly.

Zachary’s expression immediately turned grim as he shot a vicious glare at him.

Ben quickly slapped himself on the cheek and apologized with his head lowered, “I’m sorry, Mr. Nacht. I’m such a blabbermouth.”

However, Zachary remained silent. Peering at the city’s skyline at nighttime, he fell into deep thought.

Actually, he did not understand why Charlotte kept suspecting, fearing, and evading him when he had always treated her so nicely.

Yet, Ben’s earlier words reminded him.

Perhaps, there was something wrong with his methods.

“Mr. Nacht, we’ve arrived!”

As he mulled over it, Bruce turned over and reported to him.

Jolted back to his senses, he realized that the car had already arrived at Happy Avenue.

Zachary alighted the car, while the medical staff and kindergarten teachers carried the three children down.

He was about to walk over when Ellie hurriedly hid behind Ms. Cheney’s back. With her fingers tightly clutching her teacher’s shirt, she poked half of her head out and stared at him fearfully, her chubby body quivering.

She looked adorable and vulnerable at the same time.

On the other hand, Robbie spread his arms wide and bravely shielded his younger siblings. He glared at Zachary with a stubborn and defiant gaze.

Only Jamie, who was injured, was leaning against Ms. Longman and snoring, acting as carefree as an ignorant fool.

Zachary stopped in his tracks and stared at them a few meters away. He reminded the doctors and teachers, “Take good care of them. Before their Mom returns, you must constantly hover over them.”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.”

The policemen, teachers, and doctors standing behind Robbie simultaneously answered in a respectful tone.

“Have a good night’s sleep and you can see your Mommy tomorrow morning!” When Zachary’s gaze landed on Robbie, his tone subconsciously took a gentler turn. “Take good care of your little sister.”

Frowning, Robbie remained silent.

Zachary then glanced at Jamie, who was fast asleep, before saying to Ellie, “Your little parrot is really cute!”

“It’s called Fifi!” rebuked Ellie unhappily, pouting.

“I see.” Zachary tugged at the corners of his lips, revealing a reluctant and f*orc*ed smile. Then, he spun around and left.

Everyone stood there fixedly as they watched Zachary get into the car. It was only after his car zoomed away and disappeared from their sight that they heaved a sigh of relief. Turning their gaze back, they brought the three children upstairs.

“Ms. Longman, why are you so scared of him?” Robbie tilted his head and asked in confusion.

“Because he paid us a lot of money to take care of you,” replied Ms. Longman with a smile.

“What about you?” Robbie asked the medical staff.

“It’s the same for us,” answered the nurses in a friendly manner. “Mr. Nacht paid us a hundred times of our usual salary to take care of you.”

“Could it be that you guys…” Robbie turned his gaze to the policemen.

“We serve the people,” they hurriedly clarified. “It’s our duty to protect the safety of our citizens.”

“I see…” Robbie averted his eyes and stared in the direction where Zachary left with a complex gaze.

“Robbie.” Ellie grabbed his tiny hands and whispered, “Grandpa Nacht’s eldest grandson doesn’t seem to be a baddie. Since he hired so many people to take care of us, don’t you think that we’re a bit rude to him?”

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