Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 313

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 313

Without saying further, Sharon bowed before old Mr. Nacht and turned her back to leave.

Staring at her retreating figure, Spencer asked worriedly, “Mr. Nacht, do you think Ms. Blackwood is really suitable for Mr. Zachary?”

“What are you trying to say?” Old Mr. Nacht questioned.

“A person’s perception reflects his or her conscience.” Spencer tactfully said, “Casualty, to her, is a trivial matter. It doesn’t seem quite right to me…”

“Sharon has been pampered since young. She may be straightforward, but she is not wicked. I watched her father grow up. He has a good personality, so would his daughter. That is why I want Zachary to marry her.”

“Ms. Blackwood is fine, but…”

“Alright, that’s enough.” Old Mr. Nacht interrupted his speech and instructed, “Take this food and give it to that kid. He is still starving.”

“Give it to that kid?” Spencer was a little bit surprised. “Ms. Blackwood has personally cooked it and delivered it to you…”

“Just do as I said!”

“Yes.” Spencer took the lunch boxes, prepared to leave.

“Forget about it.” Old Mr. Nacht told him, “I’ll go there personally.”

The two of them reached the upper floor. At that moment, Jamie had already been transferred from the emergency room into the VIP ward.

Robbie carried a bag on his back and remained by the side while he queried anxiously, “Doctor, doctor, how was my brother?”

“It’s nothing major. You don’t have to worry. Please be careful not to trip over, alright?”

Seeing a three-year-old looking after his younger brother warmed the hearts of the onlookers. As such, their tone turned gentle when they spoke to Robbie.

Inside the ward, the doctors strapped a new label on Jamie’s wrist. They inserted an IV catheter on the back of his hand. Additionally, there was also a ventilator and an electrocardiograph for him, among other devices.

Robbie stood by the side and watched, feeling anxious.

After all the devices had been set up, he walked up to them once again. “Doctor, what is the status right now? Why is he still unconscious?”

“Kid, where are your parents?” One of the doctors asked gently.

“Mommy’s phone is engaged.” Robbie’s voice was a bit ch*oked up. However, he was quick to recover as he proclaimed, “I’m his eldest brother. It will be the same for you to speak with me about his condition.”

The doctor was taken aback by Robbie’s words. However, he squatted down and said softly, “Hmm. You are just a kid. I need to see your parents. You both look identical. Are you twins?”

Robbie answered politely, “We are triplets. I am Robbie while this is Jamie. We have a younger sister, Ellie. She is suffering from tonsils inflammation. Currently, she is resting at the ward downstairs.”

“Oh my, it’s triplets!” A few nurses came up to him and smiled.

“You are so cute. In fact, you look more handsome than the child actors in the television,” one of the nurses commented.

“Are you guys multi-racial?”

“Where are your parents?”

“Dear all nurses, my brother is injured. Hence, he needs a peaceful environment to recuperate.” Robbie furrowed his little brows and said, “Could you all please don’t chit-chat here?”

“Uh…” Those nurses were stunned. At the same time, they were feeling ashamed as they apologized profusely.

A doctor laughed and explained, “Kid, you don’t have to worry. Your brother’s condition is not very serious.”

“Why is he still unconscious if his condition is not serious? Doctor, I may be young, but please don’t take me as a kid who knows nothing. Please tell me directly about my brother’s condition. I can handle it.”

“Alright then.” The doctor held in his smile and replied professionally, “Your brother’s right ankle is fractured. His body has a lot of bruises while he has a minor concussion…”

“Therefore, he is still unconscious now due to the concussion? Doctor, are you sure it is only a minor one? Will there be any sequelae?” Robbie wished to confirm again.

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