Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 307

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 307

There won’t be a problem since they are so intelligent.

Perhaps, they’re just having fun in the neighborhood? After all, they’re so playful.

There are so many playgrounds and facilities within the neighborhood. Besides, there’re other kids as well.

They must be playing outside.

Charlotte brought Fifi with her and continued searching for them in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, she made a call to the property management office and asked if they had seen her children.

As soon as the property management found out that her children were missing, they sent some people to help her look for them immediately.

It was already twenty minutes to seven.

The dark sky was dotted with a few tiny stars as night fell. Yet, the children were still missing.

Charlotte couldn’t hold her emotions in anymore. Covering her mouth, she started weeping.

She blamed herself for not coming home earlier. Even when Mrs. Berry was lying on the hospital bed, she repeatedly reminded me not to forget to pick up the children.

And at the end of the day, I still messed up.

She hated the fact that she was so incompetent. She couldn’t take care of Mrs. Berry and protect her own children. I can’t do anything right…

I’m useless!

“Ms. Windt, don’t give up just yet,” the staff at the property management office comforted her. “My colleagues are still searching for them. If we can’t find them by eight o’clock, then we’ll call the police.”

Call the police!

It suddenly dawned on her that her children were possibly taken away.

Could it be Sharon? Or Old Mr. Nacht? Perhaps it’s the Whites?

Charlotte was so distraught that she made a call to the police in haste.

At the hospital.

Ellie was terribly shocked, and in addition to that, she had been crying for too long, which resulted in tonsillitis. Because of that, she couldn’t stop throwing up and coughing. She even came down with a fever.

Old Mr. Nacht immediately called the pediatrician over to take her for treatment.

Meanwhile, Robbie stood at the entrance of the emergency room and waited in apprehension. When Jamie was wheeled into the emergency room moments before, he had been trembling all over.

And when he saw that Ellie turned sick as well, he was even more distressed. He held Ellie’s hand and a*s*sured her, “Ellie, don’t be afraid. Robbie is here. Robbie will protect you, so don’t worry!”

Later, Ellie was sent for treatment while Robbie was still rooted to the spot in a daze.

It wasn’t until he heard noises from behind that he came to his senses and went back to wait outside the emergency room. He was clenching his tiny fists and frowning while his big and bright eyes were fixated on the red light outside the emergency room.

Old Mr. Nacht watched Robbie with benevolence. This little boy is so calm and composed while he is facing such a disaster at this young age. Even when he was trembling in fear, he still tried his best to protect his younger brother and calm his little sister.

Old Mr. Nacht couldn’t help but recall the time when Zachary was still a young boy and there had been misfortune in the family. The six-year-old Zachary was just like this child in front of him, trying his best to keep calm and steady.

Looking at this child, old Mr. Nacht was a little moved and comforted him softly, “Little boy, don’t worry. Your brother will be fine.”

Robbie turned around and stared at him.

“You look just like my grandson when he was younger.” Old Mr. Nacht studied Robbie’s countenance carefully. “Even though your features are only forty percent alike, your expression and comportment are exactly the same.”

Robbie turned away and decided to ignore him.

“Even the obstinate way you’re acting is the same.” Old Mr. Nacht asked tentatively, “Are you and your siblings triplets?”

“Why are you still in the mood to talk about all this now?”

Robbie couldn’t stand it anymore and lashed out.

“Even though there’s no traffic light on the road, there’s still a pedestrian crossing. Besides, it’s within the residential area. According to traffic laws, you should’ve slowed down. Your driver has vi*olated the traffic laws for not doing so and even hitting my brother. Therefore, you’ll have to face legal consequences for that. I respect that you’re an elderly and that you sent us to the hospital in time after the accident, so I’ve been suppressing my temper. But here you are, feeling no guilt at all, and even started chatting casually with me. How despicable!”

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