Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 305

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 305

Usually, every afternoon, Mrs. Berry would be waiting for the children at the cross street.

Nevertheless, on that particular day, when the children got off the school bus, Mrs. Berry was nowhere to be seen.

“Robinson, Jamison, and Elisa, is your guardian not here yet?” Lexie, the teacher from the kindergarten, asked. “Do you need me to make a call to your parent?”

“No need,” Robbie answered in a rather mature manner. “Mrs. Berry has been arriving a few minutes later than usual these days. It’s okay. We’ll just have to wait for a while here.”

“Then you have to be good and wait here, okay? Don’t wander about.” Lexie continued, “Robinson, you’re the big brother, so you have to take good care of your siblings, alright?”

“Yes, I know. Don’t worry, Ms. Cheney.” Robinson patted his little chest and added confidently, “I’ll look after them properly.”

“Good boy.” Lexie didn’t think much and let the school bus leave.

For the past few days, Mrs. Berry had been late for a few minutes, and the school bus had waited on the spot until Mrs. Berry came to pick up the children.

However, because of that, other parents started complaining as they had to wait longer to pick up their children. Therefore, Lexie didn’t dare to delay anymore.

Thinking that Mrs. Berry would be there to pick them up soon and that it was very close to their home, Lexie didn’t have any misgivings.

“Mrs. Berry walks very slowly. Maybe she’s still on the way.” Jamie was booting the pebbles on the roadside. “Robbie, let’s play a round of the game.”

“No.” Robbie looked in the direction of their home and continued sensibly, “Mrs. Berry hasn’t been feeling well these few days. She even pants when she walks. Her clothes were always soaked in sweat whenever she came to pick us up. Why don’t we head home ourselves? That will save Mrs. Berry some trouble.”

“Robbie is right.” Ellie raised her chubby little hand and expressed her thoughts, “We’re already seniors in the kindergarten. We shouldn’t only think about playing. We have to help share Mrs. Berry and Mommy’s burden.”

“Alright, I’m sorry.” Jamie lowered his head with guilt. To make amends, he added, “I know the way home. I can take us back.”

“Me too. Let’s go.”

The three children held hands and trod on the way home while humming some nursery rhymes.

When other pedestrians saw them, they couldn’t help complimenting how lovely and adorable the kids were. Some even wondered whose kids these cutie pies were.

During the first few minutes, they were still focusing on their journey home. However, very soon, they became distracted by their surroundings.

Jamie had been kicking pebbles on the road throughout the journey.

Meanwhile, Robbie was constantly observing the cars passing by, trying to see if it was their mommy coming home after work.

Ellie, on the other hand, had been attracted by a ragdoll cat on the roadside. She pointed at the cat with her chubby finger and exclaimed, “Look! That ragdoll cat is so beautiful. Is she lost and can’t find her way home?”

“Yes.” Robbie nodded and analyzed rationally. “Such a beautiful and clean cat doesn’t look like a stray cat.”

“Its owner must be very worried.” Jamie looked at the cat and reasoned. “Maybe he or she is looking for it everywhere.”

“Let’s take it to the police,” Ellie suggested in a serious tone. “Then, it’ll be able to go home.”

“I agree!” Jamie raised both of his hands in agreement.


“Hey, it’s running into the woods,” Ellie exclaimed anxiously out of the blue.

Jamie ran into the grove immediately and chased after the ragdoll cat.

“Jamie, wait for me.” Ellie quickly ran up to him. Her chubby feet were slower when it came to running.

“Jamie, Ellie, stop right there!” Robbie couldn’t stop them, so he had no choice but to follow his siblings. “Don’t wander around. Otherwise, Mrs. Berry won’t be able to find us later…”

The other two little humans refused to listen to him and were still tailing the cat.

Jamie was running very fast and followed the ragdoll cat across the grove to another road.

Meanwhile, a Rolls-Royce was speeding toward them…

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