Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 272

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 272

After Lucy left, Charlotte washed her face by the sink and reminded herself to be careful. You can’t mess up again.

However, she turned furious at the thought of Zachary.

He’s the one two-timing and flirting with another woman right in front of me! Why does he get to stay so calm while I get all worked up? It’s not like I’m the one who’s wrong!

Still… we’ve never had a normal relationship. Everything’s been transactional, to begin with, and we’ve always remained together in secret.

Can I really expect him to be as loyal as a normal boyfriend should be?

Now that I think about it, it’s not like I ever wanted to be in a proper relationship with him in the first place.

I relented just because I was helpless against his incessant threats.

Haven’t I always been hoping for him to grow tired of me so that I can finally be free again?

Why am I getting so worked up from seeing him acting all flirty with another woman?

No, Charlotte. This is just wrong. Stop it!

Charlotte took a deep breath and used her fingers to pull her lips into a smile. Stay calm and relaxed. You’ll be stronger if you rid yourself of all your desires.

You won’t be affected as long as you don’t care!

Reminding herself over and over again, Charlotte walked out of the bathroom and began to seriously immerse herself in work.

The clock struck eleven just as she finished tidying the pantry, and the meeting had ended too.

As a few janitors cleaned the room, Charlotte and Dani sorted out the documents and prepared to shred them.

While they busied themselves, a tall, familiar figure walked in and stood in front of Charlotte.

“Hello, Mr. Nacht,” everyone greeted.

Charlotte glanced up at him before quickly lowering her head to resume her work.

With a single gesture, Zachary sent everyone out of the room. Charlotte prepared to leave as well, only to be held onto by the man who immediately pushed her onto the president’s chair.

As the black chair began to move backward due to the f0rce, Zachary swiftly hooked one of its legs with his foot, pulling the chair back to him.

Then, he placed both his hands on the armrests and leaned toward Charlotte, just like a wild beast trapping its prey.

Not saying anything, Charlotte glared at Zachary with a pair of huge, livid eyes.

Boiling with rage and a ton of questions, she waited for an explanation.

“Heh!” Yet, Zachary chuckled the moment he saw her expression and grabbed her chin. “Is someone jealous? Hmm?”

Charlotte remained silent, but she looked extremely grim.

Should I not be jealous?

You’re like a godd*mn lion when you’re jealous, yelling about and complaining about everything!

Am I not allowed to be mad, then?

“You look like a frog.”

Zachary pinched her puffed-up face before leaning over to nibble on her red, pouting lips.

“Mmph—” Charlotte furiously pushed him away.

“Let me take a look. Were you scalded?”

Just as Zachary began to lift her pencil skirt to inspect her thigh…


Sharon’s voice suddenly rang from outside, and the door to the meeting room opened quickly.

Zachary swiftly retracted his hands and stood up, kicking the president’s chair away.

Charlotte nearly fell over as the chair rolled away with restraint, but she managed to grab onto the armrests.

“I’ve been looking for you.” Sharon walked in with a smile. “Mind letting me visit your office for a short while?”

“Of course not.”

Like a gentleman, Zachary gestured her to leave before heading outside with her.

Before leaving, Sharon didn’t forget to cast Charlotte a frosty gaze.

Charlotte remained seated on the office chair as she watched them leave, gritting her teeth in anger. You s*cumb*ag!

As her colleagues returned, she suppressed her emotions and continued to retrieve the documents.

Shortly after, Lucy walked in. “Go clean up the president’s office, Charlotte.”


“Hurry up! Don’t forget to take a cloth and mop with you.”

Then, Lucy left in a huff.

With that, Charlotte had no choice but to grab some cleaning supplies from the equipment room before heading to the president’s office.

Nearing the office, she wondered if she would bump into Zachary and Sharon.

Will I end up seeing something that I shouldn’t have?

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