Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 26

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort

Chapter 26


Charlotte held onto her head as the pain brought tears to her eyes.

Zachary smirked. “Continue, what happened with your boss?”

“It hurts. The pain is K*lling me. Boohoo…” Charlotte pursed her lips and answered with an innocent tone, “Are you taking revenge for what happened last night? I know I was wrong…”

“Why were you wrong?” Zachary asked.

“I shouldn’t have sold you to the three rich lad*ies…” Charlotte replied in remorse. “Luckily, you escaped. Or else, you may have puked blood and d*ied.”

“That’s unlikely!” Zachary grunted coldly.

“Why not? The three lad*ies put together weigh over seven hundred pounds. Their weight alone is enough to K*ll you.” Charlotte seemed to have found her conscience. “If you’re dead, who is going to earn money for me? I won’t f0rce you next time. Let’s just do this slowly in a more sustainable way…”

“I’m glad you’ve found your conscience.” Zachary was finally satisfied.

“Erm, how much did your sugar mommy give you a month?” Charlotte asked nosily. “Given that she gifted you such an expensive car, I’m sure she must be very generous.”

“Why are you asking?” Zachary had a bad feeling about it.

“I’m just curious.” Charlotte probed, “Is it one million?”

Zachary ignored her.

“Eight hundred thousand?” Charlotte guessed again.

Zachary furrowed his eyebrows.

“Five hundred?” Charlotte became desperate. “She can’t be that stingy, can she?”

“What do you want?”

“Do you still remember the contents of our agreement?” Charlotte leaned closer with a grin. “The agreement states that you have to pay me half your earnings within three months. And the earnings don’t just include those from Sultry Night…”

“I knew it!” Zachary squinted his eyes in displeasure. “You are both greedy and a nymph. You just can’t change…”

I shouldn’t have softened my stance against her.

When she sold him to the three rich lad*ies yesterday, he was outraged. Hence, the first thing he did in the morning was to teach her a lesson.

However, she did send him a message expressing her regret last night and sounded sincere. Also, he heard from the manager of Sultry Night that she had waited for him from evening till late in the night…

Therefore, he couldn’t help but go to Sultry Night to check on her. He then saw her fighting with a few other lad*ies over him. That was when he saved her again.

He thought she had sincerely regretted her actions. But little did he expect that she just wanted to make money for the long term using him as a gigolo.

“That’s part of our agreement.”

Worried that he would be upset, Charlotte tugged his arm and persuaded, “Actually, it’s good to have a sugar mommy to take care of you. The stable income is definitely better than the individual clients at Sultry Night. However, it would be even better if you work at both places. That way, you can earn even more….”

As she rambled on, she didn’t notice that Zachary’s face had darkened significantly.

“You can get a few sugar mommies. If every one of them gives you five hundred thousand, ten of them means you will get five million. Ah! I will then receive two and a half million…”

Before she could finish, Zachary suddenly placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled her towards him. He snapped, “Does it not hurt anymore?”

“Huh?” Charlotte was briefly stunned before she began to feel nervous. They were only an inch away from each other. She could feel his breath and the beast-like dominance he was exuding.

The atmosphere became tense and dangerous.

Noticing something was amiss, Charlotte quickly apologized, “Don’t be angry. I was just making a suggestion. If you think my demands are too much, we can split your allowance sixty forty. Sixty for you; forty for me….”

“I think you haven’t suffered enough today.”

Zachary pinched her chin and rubbed her lips with his thumb. He looked as if he was considering how to devour his prey.

“Thirty Seventy?” Charlotte quickly suggested. “You can’t expect twenty eighty!”

“Get out!” Zachary suddenly stopped the car by the side.

“Gigolo, please don’t be angry…”

“Get out!” Zachary yelled as a sudden chill fell upon the car. Charlotte was so terrified that she frantically unbuckled her seatbelt. Having run out of patience, Zachary kicked her out of the car.

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