Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 25

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 25

“Stop fooling around!” Charlotte pulled on his arm and looked at him with worry lining her features. “I went to your private room and when they said that someone d*ied, I thought that it was you! Also, the cheque that those three women gave me have been canceled. What on earth happened last night?”

“Let’s go somewhere else to talk!”

With that, Zachary led her out through the back door. The bodyguards of those rich women wanted to go after them, but they were easily incapacitated by Ben. Once out of Sultry Night, the sound of heavy metal music faded and the world became quiet once again. Charlotte hurriedly apologized, “Yesterday was my fault. I shouldn’t have given you to those three women. What exactly did they do to you?”

Zachary did not answer, but made a gesture to his bodyguards that were not far behind. They immediately retreated upon seeing his signal. “Are you still mad at me? I won’t treat you this way ever again…” Charlotte tugged on his sleeve. “Gigolo, you’ll forgive me, won’t you?”

“Call me something else!” Zachary frowned. “Well, I don’t know what your name is.” Charlotte was pushed forward by him. “Where are you taking me?”

Zachary gave another signal behind him, to which Ben instantly tossed the car keys to his Aston Martin toward him. Zachary caught it midair and smoothly opened the door before shoving Charlotte into it.

“Is this your car?” Charlotte was astounded. “This car probably costs tens of millions, right? How come you own such an expensive car? Don’t tell me you’re actually a

wealthy heir and came out to work part-time as a gigolo out of

boredom?”. “Can you think like a normal person?” Zachary rolled his eyes at her. “Then what is it?” Charlotte’s curiosity was piqued. “Does it belong to a client?”

“Mm, it’s a client’s.” Zachary was fretting over coming up with an excuse, but it. turned out that he didn’t have to. “So, does this mean that besides working as a gigolo at Sultry Night, you also have a sugar mommy?” Realization dawned on Charlotte just then. “No wonder the other time..”

She was about to say that she saw him inside a Rolls-Royce once, but fortunately, she held her tongue in time.

She had brought her three children out that day. He probably didn’t see her, but it was better not to mention about it, so that she could continue keeping the children’s existence a secret from him. “Mm?” Zachary started the engine and drove away. “How many sugar mommies do you have?” Charlotte probed. “One is enough. How many did you think I need?” Zachary raised his

brows. “Well she seems to be a very, very, very rich woman.”

With both the Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin in mind, Charlotte did a mental calculation, concluding that this sugar mommy of his probably had a very extraordinary ident*ity. “What’s going on with you?” Zachary took in the miserable state she was in with a look of disdain. “Cough, cough. Sorry.”

Charlotte hastily took out a handful of tissues to wipe her nose before airing her grievances. “Today was such an unlucky day for me. I was almost run over by a car at work this morning. I fell and now there’s a big bruise on my b*tt, and my hands were scr@ped too. Later on, I had to clean the swimming pool on the top floor as punishment, and got myself soaking w*et in the process. Then, I was almost hara*s*sed by a pervert. And

just now, I got into a fight and a handful of my hair was ripped off my scalp…” She wailed pitifully

“That’s called karma.”

Zachary was gloating at her misfortune, thinking that she deserved all of

this for her evil deeds last night. “What?” Charlotte argued. “It’s all because I have a devil as a boss. You don’t know what a psychopath he is! His driver almost ran me down, but instead of apologizing, he glared at me like I owed him or something!”

“After that, when I was cleaning the pool, he threw his ring into the water and asked me to retrieve it. I almost froze to death doing that!”

“The point is, I didn’t even offend him, so I can’t figure out why he’d do that to me. Maybe he suffered some kind of childhood tragedy and was traumatized by it, that’s why he grew up to be so cruel…”

While listening to her, Zachary’s face gradually darkened. Then, he

abruptly floored the accelerator before sharply turning the steering wheel. The car swerved to the side, causing Charlotte’s head to slam against the window with a bang…

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