Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 245

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 245

“Remember your promise!”

Zachary reached his hands into her pajamas and started caressing her again.

Feeling the touch of his hand, Charlotte melted into his embrace.

Her freedom could only be earned through her acquiescence.

When she finally left the villa, Charlotte felt as if she was walking out of prison. There was a sense that she had been reborn.

Winding down the car window, she closed her eyes while letting her face soak in the warm sunshine and gentle wind. She savored every bit of freedom she had regained.

Raina informed Charlotte cordially, “Ms. Windt, a new accommodation has been arranged for you. Going forward, no one will know where you stay other than Mr. Nacht.”

Stunned, Charlotte asked in surprise, “What? I didn’t ask you to do that. Besides, I just rented a new place myself.”

“We have returned your new rental on your behalf,” Raina explained. “The Whites, the Sterlings, and the Browns all know your address. Hence, it’s not safe for you to stay there.”


“Don’t worry,” Raina added. “Although Mr. Nacht bought the house for you, he will not go over there. Hence, you and your children can stay there in peace. If Mr. Nacht wants to see you, I will come and pick you up.”

“I understand.”

Charlotte didn’t say another word. Although she felt uncomfortable being watched to this extent, there was little else she could do.

There was just no escape from Zachary’s grasp.

Given that he a*s*sumed the children were someone else’s, she realized she was still lucky to receive such treatment.

Now that the secret had been revealed, there is no longer any need to be discreet. I can live my life without any shame, isn’t that a good thing?

Although her relationship with Zachary was a strange one, she expected it to only be temporary.

She presumed that there was a limit to a man’s sense of novelty. Once it wore off, he would abandon her heartlessly and she would get her freedom back.

Holding that thought in mind, Charlotte actually looked forward to that day.

Before she realized it, the car had arrived at its destination.

Looking out the window, she noticed that she was at 1 Happy Avenue.

She couldn’t help but feel stunned as it was where she used to live.

Happy Avenue was famous for its disparity between the rich and the poor. Buildings numbered 1 to 10 were luxury units and considered the rich area; buildings numbered 11 onwards consisted of old dilapidated units.

The higher the number was, the poorer the residents were.

Charlotte used to stay at number 32 which was mostly populated by the poor. The rent was cheap while the living environment was acceptable.

But now, in just within a few days, she was moving into the grandest building on the street.

Popping her head out of the car, she stared at the luxurious building in front of her. Feeling uneasy, Charlotte turned around and asked, “How much did it cost?”

“It’s not expensive, just thirteen million,” Raina replied with a smile. “It’s a hundred and eighty-five square meters big. It comes with four rooms and two halls. When the children grow up, they can continue to stay here.”

“When did he buy it?” Charlotte inquired.

“An hour ago.” Raina explained with a grin, “This building is developed by one of the subsidiaries of Divine Corporation. The unit you are moving into is the show house. It has been completed for half a year. All it needs is some minor repairs and change of furniture which I have gotten someone to do it….”

She looked at the time before adding, “By the time you have said your farewell to Mr. Brown and finish lunch with the children, everything will be done when you get home.”

“By the way, I’ll have Fifi and your luggage sent to your new home in a while. Also, your position at work has been reinstated.”

After having everything arranged, Raina informed Michael to bring Mrs. Berry and the children to a nearby restaurant.

Charlotte couldn’t find anything to nitpick about the meticulous arrangements. However, she did feel as if she was being controlled.

She felt like a puppet in Zachary’s hands and it was simply suffocating.

However, all Charlotte could do was to thank Raina with a smile.

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