Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 242

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 242

After being tied for God knows how long, Charlotte felt her limbs go numb. She tried her best to struggle free but her wrists and ankles were already burning. It felt as if the cloth was going to cut through them.

Finally, she gave up struggling to save herself some energy.

She then noticed it was so quiet outside that she couldn’t hear a thing.

She surmised that the bodyguards and maids must have known that Zachary was furious. Hence, they didn’t dare to anger him further.

Suddenly, her phone rang and she could see that it was Michael that was calling.

She tried to wiggle her arm to answer but wasn’t successful. All she could do was stare blankly at it until the call ended by itself.

After a long time, she noticed a light dancing about her window. She was delighted by it as she knew it must be Michael trying to signal her.

She wanted to respond but her mouth was stuffed. Unfortunately, she was unable to make a sound after all.

She tried turning her body violently so that she could move the bed by f0rce. Or perhaps, push over the vase on the bedside table so that she could make a signal. However, her efforts were futile.

The bed was solid while her hands were secured tightly.

It was impossible for her to escape or even try to reach for anything else.

After a while, the light suddenly went off.

And then, she heard the sound of a car engine starting. Are they leaving?

Charlotte desperately cried out in her muffled voice, hoping that she could get their attention.

However, it was to no avail as the car left without stopping.

Charlotte lay back on the bed in despair. Staring at the ceiling, she felt as if she was on the verge of emotional collapse.

Knock! Knock! There was a knock on the door, following which, Raina entered the room.

“Sob… Sob…” As if she had seen her savior, Charlotte pleaded for her help.

Raina turned on the light and pushed her medical trolley over. She then removed the cloth that was stuffed in Charlotte’s mouth.

“Dr. Langhan, please let me go,” Charlotte begged.

“Without Mr. Nacht’s permission, I cannot do that.”

Raina held up a cup with a straw to give her a drink.

After taking a few sips, Charlotte pleaded again, “Dr. Langhan, please let me go, I beg of you…”

“Ms. Windt, I would advise you not to waste your time in this pointless struggle. You will never beat Mr. Nacht,” Raina persuaded. “The more you resist or want to flee, the more he would refuse to let you go. In the end, you will just end up hurting yourself and those close to you.”

Charlotte was stunned at her words. After regaining her senses, she asked anxiously, “What do you mean? Wh-what did he do? What has he done to my kids? Or did he do something to Michael?”

“Ms. Windt…”

“You really do care about him.”

At that moment, Zachary heard what she said as he was about to enter the room. With a devious smile, he sneered, “I didn’t plan to do anything initially, but now you have reminded me.”

With that, he ordered, “Has the Brown family’s car gone far? Capture them now!”

“Mr. Nacht…”

“No!” Charlotte screamed, “Zachary, don’t do anything rash…”

“Seize them now!” Zachary barked.

“Right away.” Ben could only nod and proceed as instructed.

“No, I beg of you…” Charlotte frantically pleaded. “This has nothing to do with him. Please don’t hurt him. I beg you to let him go…”

“Why not?” Zachary grinned deviously, “Are the children not his?”

“I…” Charlotte was stumped.

After Zachary raised his hand, Ben passed down the instructions.

Under the desperate circumstances, Charlotte screamed, “From now on, I’ll obey everything you say. I will submit to you and do as I’m told. I only ask you to not harm my friends and family. I beg of you…”

When he heard her response, Zachary raised his hand to cancel his earlier instruction.

After that, he strolled into the room.

Realizing what was going on, Raina pushed her medical trolley out and left.

Staring at Charlotte, who was tied to the bed, Zachary sneered, “Is he family or friend?”

“Friend,” Charlotte quipped before adding, “It was a mistake from a few years ago. Now, we’re just ordinary friends…”

When she saw Zachary’s cold expression, she declared, “From now on, I’m yours and yours alone.”

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