Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 211

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 211

Michael took Charlotte to a seaside T Nation style meat fondue restaurant. However, Charlotte felt unsettled the moment she saw the words “T Nation.”

Despite being absolutely certain that Tevin wasn’t the man from that night, those photos were more than enough to disgust her.

To make things worse, the photos were now in the hands of the mother-daughter duo of the White family.

If those pictures were to be publicized, Charlotte’s reputation would be tarnished, and this would affect her children too.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked gently as he spotted the strange look on her face. “You don’t like T Nation style meat fondue? Let’s go somewhere else, then.”

“No, it’s fine.”

She figured that he had planned everything so carefully, so she didn’t want to rain on his parade. Furthermore, they had already driven so far out. It would be time-consuming to suddenly go elsewhere.

“Then let’s head in.”

He brought her into a private room he had booked prior to coming. Every dish was what she enjoyed eating.

After the waiters left, the two began to reminisce about the past. Talking about their university days made them especially happy. Those were much simpler times, after all.

Then, the man asked Charlotte how she was doing now.

With that, the smile on the latter’s face vanished in a flash and she turned grim. The woman lowered her head and sipped her tea, not saying a word.

“I heard from Helena that you’re… pretty close to Mr. Nacht of Divine Corporation,” Michael hinted.

“He’s my boss,” she swiftly responded.

“Charlotte… Don’t ever do anything to cross the Nachts,” Michael reminded.

At that, she looked up at him in confusion. “Why would you say that?”

“Well, how should I put it…” He tried to explain what he meant in layman terms. “There’s a saying in the corporate world about two powerful families. The Nachts control the south, while the Lindbergs control the north. They the biggest players in the nation’s business circle, but they’re also a lion’s den. Both of those families are really complicated. You’re too innocent to be getting caught up with people like them.”

“Oh,” she answered while nodding. “I thought you knew more.”

“What?” The man was visibly puzzled by her curt statement.

“Nothing.” She flashed him a smile. “Let’s have some tea!”

Michael was different from Hector, Zachary, and even Chris, after all.

The man loved arts and hated anything business-related. As someone who despised a life where everyone schemed against each other in the dark, he was certainly a world apart from those shrewd businessmen.

He was also unlike Chris, who was extremely smart and tactful when it came to mingling in the world of business.

Michael wanted nothing to do with all the power struggles and dark schemes going on in the corporate world. He was as pure-hearted as a saint with regard to his feelings too.

Hence, Charlotte didn’t want him to be roped into her world.

The food arrived shortly, and the two enjoyed their meat fondue while chatting away.

Michael took good care of Charlotte just like before; the woman was used to it.

Suddenly, Charlotte’s phone rang, so she left the room to answer the call. It was Mrs. Berry.

The housekeeper informed her that Ellie had caught another cold and was burning up, so she had taken the child to the hospital.

Charlotte instantly panicked. “How is she?”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a common cold, but she misses you. She keeps calling for her mommy.”

Charlotte wished to be by her child’s side right now, but she knew that her current situation didn’t allow it. So, she could only tell Mrs. Berry, “Please take good care of them for me. I’ll be back once I’ve settled everything.”

After hanging up, she was about to head back when she noticed the private room opposite to hers being left open slightly. Then, through the two-inch crack, she saw two familiar figures…

Hector and Helena?

The man looked like he had had too much to drink. He drank while complaining his heart away, looking like a complete miser.

Helena’s heart ached so much that she couldn’t help but pull him into an embrace.

Yet, instead of pushing her away, Hector grabbed her face and planted a kiss on her lips.

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