Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 174

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 174

“Please sign it,” the delivery man reminded again. Charlotte quickly signed in and brought the gift back inside.

“Mommy, who sent the gift?” The children surrounded her, filled with curiosity.

“It’s someone you don’t know…” Charlotte felt troubled. If Zachary was indeed Gigolo, then he must then be the children’s father. Does he already know the truth? Or else, why would he send a gift here?

“What is it? Quick, open it up so we can see.”

The trio widened their eyes with anticipation. As Charlotte unwrapped its exquisite wrapping layer by layer, she wondered what could it be. Her heart was overwhelmed by emotions.

“Mommy, you’re just too slow. Let me help you.”

Jamie took over the gift box impatiently and help to unwrap it. Meanwhile, Robbie brought a pair of scissors to help.

Ellie was rubbing her hands as she waited excitedly by the side.

Finally, they managed to open the gift box. Inside, there was another pink box that emanated a floral fragrance. Just when Charlotte was about to open it, Ellie volunteered excitedly. “Come, let me do it.”

“Alright, you do it!”

Charlotte knew how much little girls enjoyed opening presents, hence she passed it to Ellie. Holding the box in her hand, Ellie took a deep breath before opening it excitedly.


The next moment, a horrifying shriek rang out, followed by Robbie and Jamie’s screams.

Fifi fluttered around her cage squawking, “I’m scared, I’m scared!”

At that moment, the house went into an uproar. Charlotte’s eyes widened in shock and she looked at the contents in disbelief. It was the body of a dead kitten. It was still covered in blood and was a gruesome sight indeed. Obviously, someone had K*lled it cruelly.

Beside it, there was even a toy with flashing lights and a clown’s smiling face.

“Don’t worry. Mommy is here.”

Charlotte quickly regained her senses and put the cover back on the box.

When she was about to take it outside, she felt something was amiss. She could hear a ticking sound coming from the box.

“It’s a bomb! Mommy, throw it away!” Robbie grabbed the box from Charlotte’s hands and dashed out.

“Robbie!” Charlotte screamed as she ran after him.

Right when Robbie threw the box along the corridor, the box exploded with a loud bang.

The whole house was shaken and pieces of the corridor ceiling came dropping down, almost hitting Robbie.

“Robbie! Robbie!” Charlotte dashed toward him like a madwoman and hugged him. “Are you alright? You scared me.”

“Mommy, I’m fine. Cough, cough.” Robbie was just ch*oked by the dust from the debris.

Charlotte carried him into the house and closed the door immediately.

“Mommy.” Ellie was crying in fear, her face swollen red.

Hugging her, Jamie put on a strong face and comforted her, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

“Who sent such a thing? Why does he want to harm us?” Robbie asked frantically.

“That man…” Charlotte was confused as she didn’t understand why would Zachary do such a thing.

“My God! What happened?”

At that moment, Mrs. Berry returned from shopping. She too was shocked when she saw the scene. “Miss, Ellie, are you alright?”

“Mrs. Berry, take the kids back to the village.” Having calmed down, Charlotte was decisive. “There’s no time to spare. Pack your bags quickly while I get a car.”

“What… What’s going on?” Mrs. Berry was stuttering in fear. “Is someone trying to harm us? Who is it?”

“I don’t know but they know our house address. Therefore, we are in danger and you have to leave with the kids immediately.”

Charlotte gave Zak, a security guard who works at their apartment block, a call, “Zak, are you still moonlighting as a driver? I’ll pay you double to send Mrs. Berry and the kids back to the village.”

“Double? Sure. I’ll be right up to help with your bags.”

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