Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 162

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 162

Charlotte decided that they would have breakfast at a cafe downstairs. After telling Mrs. Berry to take good care of the bracelet, she took the three kids and left.

It was really a waste that the vegetable beef soup that Mrs. Berry had made that morning was completely ruined because of Fifi.

The three kids were feeling so upset about it that they made a pact to ignore Fifi for the next three days.

Just as the kids finished their breakfast at the cafe, their school bus arrived. Charlotte got them on the bus, waved goodbye, and hurried to the company.

What a morning.

Though she tried her best, she ended up being ten minutes late.

Luckily, Lucy could not be bothered to tell her off about it because the product launch event for the company’s latest products was to be held that day, and everyone was doing preparation work on the sixty-sixth floor.

On the other hand, Charlotte, who was just an entry-level Administrative a*s*sistant, was asked to stand by at the reception counter on the sixty-eighth floor.

There were no visitors that day, and Charlotte had a lot of free time on her hands. She decided to read some documents at the reception counter and learn so that she could become a proper secretary soon.

All of a sudden, the doors of the lift opened, and a towering figure emerged from it.

Looking up, Charlotte was greeted by none other than Zachary Nacht walking toward her.

His brows were furrowed deeply, and his expression was dark. Everything about his body language at that moment spelled anger, as if he were trying to burn down the floor that he was stepping on.

Feeling a little uneasy, she greeted, “Mr. Nacht… “

Zachary did not even bother to look at her and walked straight past her as he talked via his Bluetooth earpiece.

“What are you trying to do? I thought that we made a pact not to meddle with each other’s operating systems. Why are you hacking into my company’s system all of a sudden?”

“Well, that’s on him!”

“I don’t have the time to argue with you right now. Let me tell you this. Stop whatever you’re trying to do, or face the consequences!”

As he ended the call, he kicked a chair that was blocking his way.

Bang! The chair flew toward the wall and collided with it, leaving a rather visible mark on the wall.

Charlotte shuddered a little, and her heart was pounding fast.

She had never seen Zachary that angry before. Oh my god. If he had been kicking a person and not a chair, the person would have been seriously injured!

As she looked at the mark on the wall in fear, Ben came out of the lift and told her, “Get a bucket of ice and bring it into the president’s office.”

“Okay… “ Charlotte hastily went to the pantry to get the ice.

The door of the president’s office was left ajar.

As Charlotte walked closer, she could hear Ben trying to calm Zachary down. “Mr. Nacht, the product launch event is in half an hour. We have time to… “

“How could they even have the audacity to do that?” Zachary roared. “Ten years ago, our families made the pact before my grandfather to make peace with one another and to never meddle with each other’s businesses! How could she break the vow?”

“Mr. Nacht, Bruce is already working on it. It should be… “

“Of course, it can be resolved!” Zachary growled. “That’s a given. But that madwoman is getting on my nerves… “

“Yes, yes. Ms. Summers is in the wrong this time, but perhaps she is doing this to avenge Chris? You almost K*lled him… “


Ben froze from Zachary’s chilling tone.

By the door, Charlotte trembled and dropped the bucket of ice onto the floor. Looking at the mess that she had made, she quickly bent down and gathered the ice cubes.

“What are you doing here?” Zachary glared at her.

“I… “

“I got her to get some ice,” Ben explained as he came over to help Charlotte. “Go get another bucket. I’ll clean this up.”

“Okay.” Charlotte left hurriedly, still thinking about the conversation that she had overheard.

Though she could not understand much about the business rivalry, she clearly heard them mention the name “Chris”.

Is Chris closely related to Zachary? Does he work for him?

If so, that would explain a lot…

Maybe they look so similar because they are brothers? Or relatives, perhaps?

And maybe Zachary instructed him to act as Gigolo to pick her up that day…

That means that he’s very likely the real “Gigolo In Debt”.

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