Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 119

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 119

“You obviously didn’t then!” Charlotte was mad. “You’re disgusting! Playing around with rich lad*ies everyday and sleeping with me in their car…”

Zachary’s forehead creased and clenched his fist.

God knows Charlotte was the only woman he ever slept with, but she was slandering him, even disgusted by him.

Zachary was ready to just snap her neck then and there, but he figured he was the one that started the game with that alter ego. Now’s not the time to reveal myself. Just bear with it!

“What’s done is done. What do you want me to do?” He put down the bottle of water and started the engine.

“Who knows what diseases you might have?” Charlotte stared at him angrily. “Don’t you use c*ond*oms when you’re with your customers? Why is it always me that’s…”

“B*tch, you better stop nagging, else I throw you out right now!”

Zachary gritted his teeth in anger. If it were anyone else, he would have exploded.

This ungrateful wretch!

It took everything he had to control his rage.

Charlotte had tears in her eyes and pouted in fear, her pet*ite figure trembling profusely.

She knew the man beside her did not back down on his words.

Being left in the wild with no clothes on like that would definitely spell her demise, so she kept quiet.

Zachary gave her a glance and saw how miserable she was. Once again, he got soft and passed her the bottle of water.

Charlotte took the water from him and drank slowly. Her throat was burning, her head was aching and even her body was in pain. She was aching everywhere.

As she thought about it some more, she started crying.

I made a mistake four years ago, and four years later, the same mistake once again. With the same guy! Why am I like this?

“What are you crying for?” Zachary got annoyed. “You make it seem like I s*e*xually a*s*saulted you!”

“If you knew I was drugged, why didn’t you take me to the hospital?” Charlotte was in shambles. “Why did you have to take advantage of the situation?”

“How’s the hospital going to help you in that situation?” Zachary rebut. “Besides, do you want to get on headline news once again?”

Charlotte was left speechless. It was true that if what happened last night was publicized, she would become a laughing stock again.

“It’s not like we’ve never slept together before, what’s there to cry about?”

Zachary had a ball of rage stuffed in his stomach at the moment. Is sleeping with me that much of a humiliation to you?

“You’re right!” Charlotte took a deep breath. “I’ll just treat it as being possessed by a ghost!”

Zachary kept quiet as he flung his fist on the car window out of rage.

Bang! glassshards flew everywhere.

Charlotte closed her eyes and curled up in terror.

Zachary showed no emotion whatsoever as he kept his piercing gaze on the road, silent ever since.

With the speed that the car was going, they reached a pharmacy in the city center soon after.

Zachary got out and headed in.

Charlotte did not know what was going on. She desperately wanted to leave, but her condition right now would not let her.

Some passerby took notice of her so she immediately covered her face with the coat.

Zachary did not take too long and came back with a white pill. “Swallow it!”

“What’s is?” Charlotte was confused.

“Contraceptive,” he replied in cold manner. “Unless you want to go through pregnancy and miscarriage once again.”

Charlotte instantly took the pill and swallowed it with the aid of water.

Zachary then made a phone call before driving to the back entrance of Storm Hotel.

The manager was already awaiting his arrival when he got there. When the manager saw Zachary, he wanted to bow to greet him.

However, Zachary stopped him and asked him to lead the way.

“Understood!” The manager immediately guided in front of them.

Zachary used his long coat, covering Charlotte as tightly as possible and carried her into the elevator. They went straight up to the thirty-ninth floor where the presidential suite was.

The exact same room they slept in four years ago.

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