Mission To Remarry Chapter 98

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 98

The living room was enveloped in silence for some time. Lucian lifted his head to see Roxanne sleeping with Estella in her arms. As she was holding Estella, her posture was awkward, so she couldn’t really sleep peacefully. Every time she woke up to shift slightly, she would tighten her arms. That very sight pulled at Lucian’s heartstrings.

Catalina showed up again to check on Estella. She had just arrived at the couch when her employer gestured for her to lower her voice.

Tiptoeing over, Catalina glanced at the sleeping mother and daughter on the couch. A smile nudged her lips.

Indeed, the bond between mother and daughter can never be broken. They haven’t met for years, but Ms. Estella is still instinctively attached to her mother, and Ms. Jarvis adores her daughter.

She frowned at the sight of the little blanket barely covering their bod*ies and tiptoed away. Soon, she came back with a bigger blanket and offered it to Lucian.

Lucian’s brows snapped together. He hesitated briefly before accepting the blanket from Catalina. Bending his body, he dr@ped the blanket over them carefully and tucked Roxanne in.

After that, he was about to get up when his gaze landed on Roxanne’s sleeping face. Lucian froze, and he couldn’t keep his gaze off her.

This was the first time he had ever seen her up close. It was obvious that she wasn’t sleeping well. Her lashes would flutter occasionally as though she would wake up any minute.

Lucian wondered when she would wake up.

Suddenly, she frowned in her sleep as her head slipped off the couch. Before she could fall off the couch, Lucian reached out instinctively to protect her head. She fell into his embrace instead.

Suddenly, he registered the sensation of her soft cheek brushing against his palm. Lucian’s gaze turned dark. Afraid of waking her up, he didn’t move an inch. Roxanne was in his embrace, and Estella was in Roxanne’s embrace.

Seeing that, a thought occurred to Catalina. Ms. larvis left six years ago, but it might not be impossible for her to come back.

She beamed at them and suggested, “Mr. Farwell, you should bring them upstairs to get some

rest. If Ms. Jarvis sleeps here tonight, her body will ache tomorrow. She still has to go to work, right?”

A deep line appeared in the middle of Lucian’s brows as he pondered over her suggestion. Shortly after, he gave a curt nod.

Catalina took Estella in her arms. Fortunately, Estella was sound asleep and didn’t wake up despite being moved.

Holding Estella in her arms, Catalina grinned and said, “You’ll have to bring Ms. Jarvis upstairs.”

Then, she stood aside and waited for Lucian to take action. Lucian paused upon hearing those words.

It took him a long while before he made up his mind and picked Roxanne up carefully. In his arms, Roxanne’s head lolled aside weakly before he rested her head on his shoulder. Even after he got to his feet, she didn’t rouse.

Lucian stared at her and frowned unhappily.

She’s as light as a feather. Has she not been taking care of herself over the years? Catalina flashed a gratified smile at the sight of Lucian carrying Roxanne.

No matter what, Mr. Farwell and Ms. Jarvis are the perfect couple!

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