Mission To Remarry Chapter 73

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 73

Lucian waited until the evening. Yet, he did not receive any calls from Roxanne. He suppressed his displeasure and rushed to the kindergarten to pick Estella up. I should be able to find out what’s going on once I’m at the kindergarten.

By the time he arrived, most of the children had left.

Lucian spotted his daughter standing in the corner at a glance. She was hanging her head low and holding her schoolbag with both hands, looking utterly dispirited.

Lucian frowned slightly and went forward to pat her head. “Why are you upset? Is it because I’m late? I’m so-”

Before he could finish, Estella pursed her lips and snorted, walking straight past him.

Lucian’s hand hung in the air, and his voice stopped abruptly as he turned around helplessly to watch his daughter reach the car.

He watched her climb into the car before retracting his gaze and scanning the remaining children.

Even so, there were no signs of the twins. “Mr. Farwell…” One teacher noticed he seemed to be looking for someone. Her heart skipped a beat, and she hurried over cautiously.

Lucian shifted his gaze and stared at the person in front of him expressionlessly. “Where are the twins? Have they been expelled?”

The teacher lowered her head guiltily. “Not yet. I wanted to tell them about the news when they came to school. But Ms. Jarvis called me this morning, saying the boys were feeling unwell, so I didn’t get to tell—”

“Okay,” Lucian said curtly and strode to the car without waiting for the teacher to react. In the car, Estella hugged her schoolbag and rested her head on it, her eyes downcast. She looked as if she was pondering something.

Seeing Lucian entering the car, she scooted to the side without lifting her head, putting a distance between them.

Lucian sat beside her and instructed the driver to drive. After that, he gave her a concerned look, asking, “Can you tell me why you are angry today?”

Estella turned her head to one side upon hearing his voice, looking completely reluctant to communicate with him.

Lucian understood the signs right away. I’m the culprit for making her angry again. As for the reason, he had a rough guess, but he had no intentions of solving it at that moment unless Roxanne contacted him personally.

Despite that, Estella clearly wanted him to bring up the topic. She made some gestures during the journey home, wanting to attract his attention.

However, Lucian feigned ignorance.

Upon reaching home, a red-eyed Estella shot him a glare before storming back to her room and slamming the door shut. She ever flocked the door from the inside.

Catalina, who was watching the pair’s cold war from downstairs, cast Lucian a concerned gaze. “Mr. Farwell, what’s wrong with”

“Let her be.” Lucian knitted his brows. “She’ll be fine after a while.”

Catalina had no choice but to ignore the matter.

However, when it was time for dinner, Estella still did not go downstairs.

Catalina looked at Lucian, who sat at the dining table without digging in. She sighed inwardly and rushed upstairs to bring Estella down.

Unfortunately, no one came to open the door after she knocked on it for some time. “Ms. Estella, please come down to have—”Before she could finish her words, a muffled sound could suddenly be heard. It sounded as if something had collapsed to the floor. Catalina’s heart sank. Just as she was about to go downstairs to get Lucian, she spun around and found him already standing behind her..

“Mr. Farwell, you know what Ms. Estella’s character is like. She’s always been unsociable, and she doesn’t know how to speak. Please be more patient with her. How will things work out if you don’t communicate with her properly? Ms. Estella is different from other children. Aren’t you worried that her condition might worsen?” Catalina asked.

The sound of something crashing onto the ground in the room made Catalina extremely – anxious. She was so worried that her eyes reddened when she uttered the last sentence.

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