Mission To Remarry Chapter 210

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 210

Roxanne was worried about leaving Archie and Benny at home, but Madilyn a*s*sured her that she had informed Lysa beforehand.

Soon, both lad*ies were standing outside the entrance of a bar, and Roxanne followed Madilyn impetuously

Madilyn was clearly a regular at the bar. As soon as they stepped in, an employee immediately greeted them and led them to a booth near the dance floor.

Pulsating music blared as well-dressed men and women gyrated on the dance floor. Roxanne found herself slowly letting loose in the electric atmosphere.

“Drinks are on me tonight. Let’s drink our fill!” Madilyn yelled in her ear.

Then, she ordered a bottle of alcohol worth ten thousand and poured a glassfor Roxanne. “There are plenty more fishes in the sea. Let’s not get hung up on one!”            

Roxanne accepted the glassand clinked it with Madilyn‘s, tossing back her drink in one gulp.

Madilyn cracked a satisfied smile at Roxanne’s bold att*itude.

She had drunk with Roxanne a few times when they were in university. Though Roxanne may look well -behaved, she could surely hold her liquor very well.

Madilyn had mentally prepared herself to throw in her lot with Roxanne tonight just to lift her spirits.

Roxanne downed a few more glasses, and she started to loosen up, putting the day’s problems on the back burner.

Madilyn wasn’t contented with only drinking, so she slammed her glassdown on the table and seized Roxanne’s hand. “Let’s dance!”

Then, she dragged her to the dance floor without waiting for a response.

Their decision to come to a bar was a hasty one, so their outfits weren’t exactly appropriate while the w omen around them were dressed scantily.

However, their beautiful faces still attracted the gaze of other patrons.

Roxanne was wearing a long dress that reached her knees, baring her pale calves as she moved rhythmically to the music under the strobing lights. A hint of a smile pulled at her lips, and her eyes were downcast. Her body movements were erratic yet oddly mesmerizing.

Madilyn, on the other hand, was surveying the crowd as she danced, hoping to find a man better than Lucian for her best friend. Nonetheless, she was pushed to the middle of the dance floor in her engrossment and lost sight of Roxanne when she looked back.

Her expression froze, and she stopped dancing and checking out on men, frantically searching for Roxanne in the press of bod*ies on the dance floor.

“Are you looking for someone, beautiful?” a man asked flirtatiously.

“Get out of my way! I’m in the middle of a crisis.” She didn’t even spare him a glance.

Meanwhile, Roxanne immediately realized Madilyn was getting swallowed up by the crowd and called o ut her name twice, but her voice was drowned out by the deafening music, and she could only watch as her best friend disappeared before her eyes.

She wanted to go after Madilyn, but her gaze was riveted upon a couple kissing passionately, and she halted in her tracks.

She turned and went to their booth after a pause, figuring Madilyn would make her way back here once she realized they had been separated.

She wasn’t keen on clubbing, to begin with, so it was a welcome respite for her.

A cheery voice spoke beside her a few minutes later. “Hello, can I buy you a drink, if you don’t mind?”

The male voice was muffled by the cacophony of the bar, and Roxanne thought she had misheard him when she raised her gaze. Surprised crossed her face when she saw a polished man dressed in a casual shirt standing in front of her.

He was also taken aback when their eyes connected. Knowing she didn’t quite catch what he said, he leaned in closer to repeat himself a little louder, “Can I buy you a drink? You’re very beautiful and elegant. I wish to befriend you if that’s possible.”

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