Mission To Remarry Chapter 115

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 115 We Will Protect You

Soon enough, the four of them arrived at Universe Park.

Even though Archie and Benny wanted to make their mother feel better, they had also been wanting to have some fun since before they arrived and had already come up with a plan.

Right after they entered, both of them tugged at Roxanne’s hands, saying that they wanted to go to Jura*s*sic Park to see the dinosaurs. She agreed to it and brought them to the park. Both children were so engrossed in their surroundings.

Once they left Jura*s*sic Park, they headed straight to the ET Adventure Ride for a trip to space on bicycles with the alien, ET.

Roxanne was already feeling a little tired after the two rides. However, Archie and Benny were still in high spirits, and they went on many other rides after that.

Each time they went on a new ride, they would insist on getting their pictures taken, and their mother would do as they wished every time.

All the negative emotions from the past few days were forgotten having been distracted by their antics.

After the discussion with James, Lucian still felt that it would be best if they called Roxanne over as soon as possible. Hence, he quickly gave her a call. However, she never picked up the call.

His expression dimmed at that.

After spending some time with her, he had almost forgotten how ruthless the woman could be.

Not only would she not listen to his explanation, but she had also blocked his number on her phone too. It was as though she was trying to show him how resolute she was. “How is it?” James’ heart sank when he noticed the man’s expression.

Time wasn’t on Estella’s side. The longer they waited, the worse her condition would get.

Lucian followed his gaze and glanced at the little girl’s room, his voice low as he said, “Please stay here and look after Essie. I’m going to go look for her now.”

Once he was done speaking, he headed straight for Roxanne’s house with Cayden tagging along.

The one who opened the door for them was the housekeeper from before. Seeing that it was them, she greeted with a smile, “Are you here for Ms. Jarvis? She’s not here right now. Do you want to head in and wait for her?”

Lucian’s face darkened at her words. “Where did she go?”

“I think she went to Universe Park. Is something the matter? Should I inform her of your visit?” Lysa said.

However, the man had already turned and left by the time she finished her sentence. Cayden then said with a smile, “No need. We’ll head there to look for her.” Then, he quickly followed closely behind Lucian.

“Mr. Farwell, where…” He had only made something up earlier as he did not know what the latter was thinking.

“We’re going to Universe Park,” Lucian said, his brows furrowed.

Hearing that, Cayden hurriedly drove to the theme park.

After getting the tickets and entering the place, both of them realized that they did not know where Roxanne was.

“Let’s split up. Call me the moment you find her,” Lucian ordered coldly.

Cayden nodded in response, and the both of them headed in different directions to look for the woman.

Soon, the a*s*sistant called, “Mr. Farwell, I think I see Ms. Jarvis.” Lucian asked for his whereabouts and instantly headed that way.

Since it was a weekday, there weren’t a lot of people visiting Universe Park. Both of them instantly saw the four figures standing outside the haunted house.

It seemed as if the four of them were in a stalemate. Though, to be exact, Roxanne was at a standstill with Archie and Benny.

The children were holding on to each of her arms, and she was standing rooted to the ground.

“Mommy! Come on in with us. We’ll protect you,” Benny whined while tugging at her arm.

Apprehension was written all over Roxanne’s face.

Right then, Archie chimed in, “How are you going to be our role model if you’re so timid, Mommy?”

After a moment, she finally relented. “All right. I’ll follow you guys in.”

After saying that, she was dragged into the haunted house. At the same time, Lucian was following closely behind.

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