Mission To Remarry Chapter 111

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 111 Guilty But Pitiful

Roxanne sped back home after thinking things through.

The kids had already eaten, and Madilyn was watching a science channel with them. The three of them stood up and rushed toward her when she walked in. Her two sons could tell that their mom wasn’t in the best mood and hugged one leg each, looking at her in concern. “Mommy, did something happen? You look so tired.” Roxanne’s heart warmed up at the sound of their concern, and she did her best to f0rce out a smile. “Nothing’s wrong. Just some stuff at work that is a bit hard to deal with.” Knowing how hard their mother’s job was, the two boys didn’t question it and comforted her, “Mommy, you can definitely do it! You’re the best!”

Roxanne nodded and looked at the time, ushering them to go upstairs and sleep.

The two of them obed*iently went upstairs, leaving only Roxanne and Madilyn in the living room.

Madilyn could already tell that her best friend was feeling down the moment she walked in and asked, “What happened? Don’t even think about lying to me. I could tell you were lying just now.”

Roxanne hesitated for a few seconds before telling Madilyn about everything that had happened today.

When she heard about Lucian being petty enough to take it out on the two kids, Madilyn was extremely pissed off. “What kind of man is he? How can he do that to kids? I won’t let this happen to my godsons! I’m going to tell him off.”

She was about to storm out of the house, but Roxanne quickly pulled her back. They sat down on the couch and Roxanne chuckled. “It’s fine. I’ve already gone to talk to him. On the way back, I thought it through. You know what? This is a good chance to really cut things off with him. I don’t have to worry about him stealing the boys away from me anymore.”

However, Madilyn still couldn’t let it go. “What about Archie and Benny? How are you going to explain to them?”

Roxanne was still stressing out about that. She hesitated before replying, “I’ll come up with something.”

The two of them continued chatting about the matter for a little while until it got late and Madilyn went home.

Early the next day, the two kids woke up right on time and ate breakfast, waiting for their mother to send them to school.

Roxanne hadn’t slept for almost the entire night trying to come up with an excuse, but the moment she saw the two of them sitting there all bright-eyed, she almost cracked. Still, she went along with the excuse she had come up with. “I’ve been thinking about it and I feel like you two don’t have to go to kindergarten anymore since you guys are well past that stage. I’ll send you two to some specialty cla*s*ses instead, okay?”           

The two of them seemed like they didn’t really know what was going on.

Roxanne chuckled and said, “Benny, you’re interested in computing, right? How about I sign you up for computing cla*s*ses? Archie, would you like to go for finance managing cla*s*ses, or would the two of you prefer something else?”

The two kids finally realized what was going on and looked at their mother in confusion. “Why aren’t we going to kindergarten anymore, Mommy? We didn’t even say goodbye to Essie. If she doesn’t see us, she’ll definitely start crying.”

Roxanne felt her heart prickle at the memory.

Lucian had brought Estella over personally, and she had gotten along perfectly with her two sons. They all had a rather good time.

She was even worried that Lucian would sense something was off.

She definitely hadn’t expected something like this to happen just a few days later. With this in mind, Roxanne shook her thoughts away and said, “I’ll talk to Essie for you guys, so why don’t you go get prepared? I need to stop by the school so they can do all the necessary procedures.”

The two boys still didn’t really know what was going on, but since their mother seemed to already have made up her mind, they just nodded.

Once Roxanne walked off, the two of them ran over to the house next door and knocked.

Madilyn opened the door and saw the two of them standing in her doorway. When she thought about what Roxanne had said last night, she couldn’t help but feel both guilty and pitiful at the same time.

She couldn’t withstand the two boys’ interrogation for long and told them everything. When they heard that their father had expelled them from kindergarten, Archie’s and Benny’s expressions immediately darkened, and they began to look disappointed.

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