Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 72

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 72

The stairs wrapped around a couple times before ending at the second floor. There was a wide, brightly lit hallway that led to a mult*itude of rooms. Through the large windows on either side of the wall, I could see multiple fitness rooms with foam flooring.

We made our way to the only unoccupied room—well, it was mostly unoccupied. Standing in the large room was a man I had never seen before. He was up there in age, around sixty or so, but he was in impeccable shape. The t-shirt he wore couldn’t hide the muscles beneath, or the bulkiness of his form. His short-cropped hair was grey, with just a small spattering of white.

“Welcome, girls.” His raspy voice boomed throughout the empty room, nearly making me jump.

He turned to greet the two of us, and my breath halted in my throat. His face was angular in a way that looked familiar, and while both of his eyes were the same color—I had seen that color before. They were so blue that they almost looked white—just like one of mine and Garrett’s eyes.

“Are we—are we related?” I frowned, looking at a somewhat altered copy of Garrett’s face.

“Well, you’re quick on the draw.” He laughed, a booming sound that was nothing like the Garrett I had come to know. “Sure are. I’m your Grand-father’s brother.”

“My Grand-father?” I nodded, temporarily at a loss for words. It seemed surprise took away my filter, and I found myself speaking without thinking. “Julian says he was a pr*ck.”

He paused for a moment, looking me in the eyes before answering.

“Mm, yeah he was a pr*ck.” He nodded, cracking a wide smile. “The humor in our family seems to skip a generation or two.”

“It skipped Garrett, didn’t it?” I asked dryly, unable to keep a straight face when the man erupted in laughter.

“Oh, I wish I would’ve met you sooner. The name’s Rick.” He smiled, his laughter dying down. “So, I hear you need some training. Thought you white wolves were supposed to be all powerful?”

“I wouldn’t say all powerful.” I shrugged, “Besides, learning to fight never hurt anyone.”

“Right you are.” He nodded, walking over to the front of the room. “Alright, get to stretching and we’ll start in ten.”

“I take it back. Learning to fight has hurt people—mostly me.” I gr0@ned, lying flat on the foam floor.

The sports bra and leggings I wore were damp with sweat, and I swore there was a puddle around my shaking body. Tori laid beside me; her head propped up on her hand.

“I didn’t take you for a quitter, Luna.” She cooed, flashing me a grin.

“Oh, I’m not quitting.” I shook my head. “Complain? Very much so.”

“I admit, you’ve got it bad.” She nodded, “Werewolves start training at a super young age. Your human life has made you totally out of shape.”

“Don’t remind me.” I gr0@ned, refusing to move from my comfortable spot on the mat.

The muscles in my legs throbbed and ached, as did the rest of my body. We had trained for nearly three hours, then Rick sent us downstairs to lift some weights. We met back up on the second floor to talk over the plan for tomorrow.

The only consolation of today’s training was that my lack of coordination seemed to be completely remed*ied. I no longer stumbled over my own feet, and could block a punch fairly well after a few failed attempts. I had to give it to Tori, she had a mean punch.

“Oh, hello Alpha.” Tori’s voice was full of suppressed laughter.

“I see training went well.” Alec’s laugh had me jumping to my feet, and smoothing down my messy hair.

Alec wore a plain black t-shirt that clung to every delicious dip and groove that graced his body. The sight made my mouth water, and for that brief moment—I had all sorts of unsavory thoughts.

My tongue ran across my lower l!p as I wondered if he might let me trace the muscles on his body with something other than my fingers. Judging from the sparkle in his eye, he’d be more than happy to let me do as I pleased.

“Well, I’ll see you two lad*ies tomorrow. Bright and early.” Rick chuckled, giving me a pat on the back. “It was nice finally meetin’ you, Aurora.”

“It was nice meeting you too, Rick.” I smiled back at him, feeling that familiar clench in my heart as his emotions registered within me.

Rick was genuinely happy to meet me, and I could already feel the f*ndness he held for me. I continued to find it incredible that the moment I left my human life behind, I had finally found my family. Alec, Kade, Tori, even the twin’s parents—they were my family.

Rick left with a final wave, and I looked towards my mate’s dazzling smile.

“I’ve got to say, I like this look.” Alec purred, pulling me into his arms. He buried his face in the crook of my sweaty neck and inhaled. “Mm, you smell good.”

“I smell like sweat.” I snorted, looking up at him with an eyebrow raised.

“I think you smell delicious.” He smirked, rolling his plush lower l!p in between his teeth. He inched in even closer and my heart sped up in response. “I wonder if you taste as good as you smell.”

A heavy shudder rolled through me as Alec’s t0ngue darted out and flicked against my earlobe. The moment his t0ngue came in contact with my skin, his emotions burst forth; broken free from the dam that had held them at bay.

“Well, I think that’s my cue to leave.” Tori cleared her throat. Somehow, she managed to keep a straight face, but she couldn’t hide the devious glint in her eyes. Just as she opened the door to leave, she called out behind her. “Oh, just in case you were wondering; that door over there leads to a very large and spacious lounge. See ya tomorrow, Aurora!”

“She’s not one for subtlety, is she?” Alec snorted, but the dark and heavy emotions that radiated from him had not ceased in the slightest.

They were tendrils of thick desire that curled around my legs and car*ssed my th*ghs. They threatened to drag me deep into their depths, and I found myself losing the motivation to fight them. The soreness in my limbs was all but forgotten as I stood wrapped in Alec’s arms.

“Maybe—maybe we should go back to the house,” I suggested breathlessly, swallowing thickly when Alec’s l!ps twitched into a smirk.

“I thought you were sore, d0ll?” He cooed, giving me a devious grin that made my insides flutter. “You looked a little worse for wear back there on the floor.”

My legs clenched on their own accord, along with a searing warmth that spread down to my c*ore. I looked up at Alec through hooded eyes, keeping my voice low and alluring.

“I can handle whatever you throw at me, Alec.” I purred, letting my fingers toy with the edges of his shirt.

My words and touches had their intended effect, as my back thudded against the mirrored wall. His hot breath fanned across my face, and my head fell back as his l!ps trailed along my jawline. Dazzling sparks danced along my skin, making my c*ore clench painfully.

Alec’s intense desire mixed with my own until I couldn’t separate our emotions. All I knew was that I wanted him, every glorious inch of him until not only were our emotions merged, but we were as well. The ache I felt started in my c*ore, but only grew as his l!ps trailed lower and his k!sses grew more heated.

“By the time I’m done with you, I’ll have to carry you from the building, d0ll.” He chuckled low in my ear, his fingers dancing along my exposed stomach. “I’ve got to say, this outfit makes me think all sorts of things.”

“Does it?” I gasped as his fingers grazed against my g*roi*n, adding the slightest amount of pressure.

“Mm, f*uc*k the house. I don’t have the patience to wait that long, I’d end up taking you in the car. I say we check out that lounge.” He growled deeply, undoubtedly smelling the w*tness that began to pool between my legs.

His large hands wrapped around my wa!st and lifted me into the air. I wrapped my legs around his broad waist and toyed with the short edges of his hair.

“The lounge?” I squeaked; my eyes wide with surprise.

We were going to do it here? In this gym full of people? Would they be able to hear what was going on; or worse, smell it?

“You worry too much, d0ll.” He chuckled against my neck. “Kade and I are their Alpha. Even if they did know what was going on, none would dare stop us.”

“Won’t they—won’t they hear it?” I swallowed, unable to mention the other option. There was no way I wanted to think about a gym full of people scenting my ar*usal, no matter what they called Alec and Kade.

“Depends, how loud do you plan to be?” Alec smirked, his eyes flickering dangerously.

Tori had been right, there was a door in the training room that lead to a lounge. It was a decent sized room with a couple of couches and a small kitchen. There were a couple tall coolers that held an abundance of drinks, smoothies and protein shakes.

Alec kicked the door shut behind him and flicked the lock on the door. He brought us both over to the couch and sat down. As I straddled his lap, I could feel the rough outline of the h*rdness in his p*nts and whimpered at the feel of it against me.

Not even a moment later, Alec tore the sports br* from my body and tossed it at the other end of the couch. A low m*an left my l!ps as he buried his face in my chest, and took one of my h*rdened ni**les into his mouth. Each flick of his t0ngue and scr@pe of his teeth had my breathing grow heavier.

I grabbed at the hem of his shirt, watching with heated interest as he pulled it from his body. Hard ab’s and smooth skin met my eyes, only working to ar*use me further.

“f*uc*k, Aurora.” He gr0aned against my soft skin, his fingers digging into my h*ps. “You taste so good.”

I wasn’t sure what spurred on this desperate need, but I knew what I wanted next. I placed my hands against his shoulders and shoved him back against the couch.

“I want to taste you,” I told him, running my t0ngue along the hollow of his neck.

His skin tasted of male musk, mixed with his rich scent. Both taste and smell flooded my senses, more addicting than anything I had ever experienced before.

Lower and lower I trailed, savoring every raspy sound that emerged from Alec’s parted l!ps. I ran my tongue over the hard muscles of his stomach, stopping at the wa!stband of his p*nts.

My mouth watered when his rigid c**k sprung free. Alec kicked his p*nts to the side and fixed me with a dark, consuming look. His hands clenched the couch tightly, as though it took all of his willpower to let me have this moment; to not simply devour me entirely.

I eyed his swollen head and thick veins with ar*usal and awe, wanting desperately to taste the glistening bead of pre-c*m that had sprouted. My tongue darted out to taste the liquid, and my gr0an accompanied Alec’s.

“You’re K*lling me, Aurora.” He gr0aned, his eyes never leaving my own. “You look so f*uc*king—”

His words were cut off as I took his length into my mouth. A hiss of ple@sure left his l!ps as I struggled to take his entire length. I wasn’t sure how long I had been on my knees, but mourned the manly taste of his length when he pulled me to my feet.

My leggings hit the floor in a heap of dark cloth. Alec pulled me back onto his lap and lined his c**k up with my entrance. I could feel the restraint in his touch, and how he wanted nothing more than to plunge himself inside of me. Instead, he let me take control. I slid myself down his length slowly, whimpering as I stretched to accommodate him.

There was nothing like this feeling—nothing that compared. Even the delicious sparks themselves couldn’t compare to the feeling of being utterly full, consumed by my mate’s and their blistering emotions.

“That’s it. Ride my c**k, make it yours.” He grunted, giving my h*ps a h*rd squeeze.

Though I felt my movements were still somewhat awkward, Alec didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. If anything, he spurred me on with his roaming fingers and heated k!sses. His l!ps devoured every inch of skin within his reach. With each rotation of my h!ps, my own org*sm began to build. I could feel Alec growing even harder inside of me, and gasped when he hooked his arms beneath my legs. I placed my hands on the couch for support, and nearly let loose a blissful scream when he slammed himself inside of me.

“f*uc*k me, Alec.” I whimpered, my voice growing higher with each rough thrust.

“You f*uc*king love it h*rd, don’t you, little d0ll?” Alec grunted, thrusting his h!ps up and down in rapid succession.

His eyes darted between my reddened face, to my bouncing bre**ts and glistening c*ore, as though he couldn’t decide what he wanted to see more. The sound of flesh against flesh filled the room, and I no longer cared who heard. I couldn’t think of anything else, nothing besides the man that stretched me to my absolute limit—the man that brought both ple@sure and pain, making my org*sm ratchet even higher.

“Yes!” I m*aned, my head falling back. “It feels so good, Alec!”

“Look at me.” He snarled, capturing my gaze as he repeatedly slammed inside my tight flesh. “I want to watch your face when your tight little p*uss*y sp*sms around me.”

His words alone had a scream tearing through my throat, and earth-shattering ple@sure coursing down my legs and through my body. Even my vision blurred as my org*sm barreled through me in tall waves. I could feel my own ju*ces running down his c**k, and watched as his dark eyes traveled down to my c*ore.

“Oh, f*uc*k,” He snarled, watching the effects of my org*sm leak down his c**k.

In one fast movement, he pulled himself from my p*uss*y. Thick streams of come spurted from his c**k and onto my stomach. I whimpered against the heat of it and watched as his eyes rolled back and limbs stiffened. Both Alec and Kade were so incredibly beautiful, but there was something different about watching them org*sm. To see their guard down as absolute ple@sure rolled through them, it was not only something I’d never grow tired of, but something I craved without relief.

“f*uc*k,” He hissed, taking my head in his hands. His chest moved up and down rapidly, and his breath came out in heavy p*nts. “I love you, d0ll. I love you so much.”

If I had thought the powerful org*sm I just experienced was incredible, I had experienced nothing yet. Hearing those words come from Alec’s mouth, knowing he had been the one to say them first—it confirmed everything for me. I could feel it now, that emotion I had no name for—the emotion I had never once experienced for myself.

It was love.

Love was warm, but not blisteringly hot like desire or lust. It was warmth and comfort wrapped into one, coupled with protectiveness and rolled in absolute awe. Love was an emotion that had no beginning or ending, no limits to how much a person could feel. It was an endless chasm that brought nothing but peace and happiness to those lucky enough to fall into it. Now that I had finally felt that emotion for myself, I couldn’t comprehend how I had gone so long without its warm embrace. I had been denying myself, unable to admit how I truly felt about Alec and Kade, but that was long over.

“I love you too, Alec. More than anything in this world.”

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