Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 46

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 46

Only when Kade and Alec stepped into the room, did I realize the horrible mistake I had made.

I had kept an image of them in my mind, committing it to memory so that I might never forget them. They looked different from that image, their eyes dark and haunted. I could see the toll my leaving had taken on them, and felt horrifically guilty. Part of me wanted to run into their arms, the other part of me wanted to cower and beg for their forgiveness.

Kade’s hair remained the same, short on the sides and long on the top. Alec’s hair had grown, almost grazing his shoulders. Apart from the pain in their eyes, they had remained the same. Their scent filtered into the house, relaxing some of my nerves as it registered with my senses.

Sage stood behind them, nodding at me encouragingly, but I couldn’t f0rce myself to move. I felt absolutely ridiculous standing here, a floor length nightgown dr@ped over my body. If the twin’s noticed my attire, it didn’t show. Neither one of us moved, simply taking in the fact that they–we were here, together.

“Oh, go on!” Sage chuckled, and the light sound helped pull me from my stupor.

Thalia propelled me forward, making me stumble horribly as I practically leaped at Alec and Kade. Neither one seemed to be expecting it, as they remained stiff and unmoving when I barreled into them. I slammed into the two of them roughly, my hands grasping at their shirts as I held them close.

Happiness so strong I wanted to sob coursed through me as I clung to the twin’s–to my mate’s. A surge of relief barreled through me, and I knew the emotion hadn’t come from myself. I could taste the twin’s fear on my tongue. I could taste Alec’s gut-wrenching relief coupled with Kade’s suppressed fear. Their emotions were a storm within me, and I savored each one as it crossed my senses.

‘I can feel their emotions.’ I murmured to Thalia, unsure what was happening.

‘You accepted them.’ Thalia sang, ‘You accepted our mates.’

A sob escaped my lips as Alec and Kade wrapped their arms around me, tightening as they heard the sound leave my lips. The coil that had been wound within me the day I moved in with Melissa had finally come undone. Even as we said nothing, their touch was the only thing I needed. The warmth radiated from their body, and I hadn’t realized I had been so, so cold. Their heavy breaths felt like music to my ears, and for the moment, I had forgotten why I ever left.

“I hate to intrude dear, but we have some things to talk about.” Sage’s gentle voice filled the room, reminding me we were in someone else’s house. For the moment, I had forgotten everything other than Alec and Kade.

I could feel Kade’s irritation at having to pull away from me, as well as Alec’s reluctance to let go. Giving the two of them a watery smile, I pulled away and faced Sage. Her eyes were soft, but proud. I was sure she knew I had accepted them, had finally accepted what I was. Running was no longer an option, as I wouldn’t be able to pull myself away from Alec or Kade a second time.

“Sit with me?” I asked, leading the two of them over to the couch Miles had once placed me on. The two of them let me lead them, tugging at their hands so they’d follow.

The urge to be near them was overwhelming, and I knew the feeling was mutual. I wondered how long it would take them until they let me out of their sight, if they ever would. I sat smushed between Alec and Kade’s huge builds, but I hadn’t felt this happy and relaxed in–well, nearly my entire life.

While I was still horribly inexperienced with guys, and incredibly nervous around the twins, the close proximity between us felt right. I slipped my left hand into Alec’s and my right into Kade’s, enjoying the feel of their calloused skin against my own.

Their surprised ran through me, reminding me of little iridescent bubbles. They hadn’t expected me to truly miss them, to be happy that they came for me. They also hadn’t expected me to accept them, to allow them to touch me so freely. I knew without prying, that they blamed themselves for my leaving, and would for quite some time. That fact made guilt spiral within me and pain pierce my insides.

I could feel my face heat as both of them had their eyes glued on me, but I refused to balk under the pressure. I knew if I met their eyes, I would crumble so instead, I let my head fall against Kade’s shoulder and smiled as his chest rumbled in approval.

Sage watched the three of us with clouded eyes as she took a seat in the arm chair. Miles emerged from the darkened hallway and stood beside his Mom, looming over her as though Alec and Kade were threats. Neither Alec nor Kade noticed Miles presence, as they were both focused on me.

“Let’s start with what brought you to my house, child.” Sage smiled softly, catching my eye. “Your mate’s need to know.”

I ignored the stiffening postures of Alec and Kade, but returned Sages smile with one of my own. Even though I had just met the woman, I knew I could trust her. She had kept her own existence a secret for years, and I knew she’d extend the same curtesy to me.

“A couple men tried to kidnap me. They were werewolves. When I shifted, I managed to get away. They injected me with wolfsbane, but I managed to make it here before I passed out.” I frowned, remembering the disabling pain of the wolfsbane as it coursed through my body. I glanced at the worried faces of Alec and Kade. As their anger flowed through me, I could taste it on the tip of my tongue. Cinnamon and clove, yet it singed my flesh as the emotion swirled within me. “When I shifted, they saw what color I was–they saw that my wolf was white.”

As I finished, Alec and Kade’s bod*ies stiffened, becoming hard as stone. Their emotions battered me senseless, giving me the start of a headache. Surprise, shock, anger, hate, acceptance. Each one had a unique taste, though it was hard to focus on one.

“You’re a white wolf?” Alec was the first to break the silence, his dark eyes burned into my own with fierce possessiveness. His voice echoed in my mind, deep and alluring. It had only been a week since I heard their voices, but it had felt like years.

“As am I.” Sage countered, meeting the twin’s eyes with a certain kind of authority. “I sensed something coming, so I stayed up late. If only I had known it was another white wolf, I might have been more prepared to counteract the wolfsbane.”

“You were the little girl from the Bright Moon Pack.” Kade pointed out, surprise laced in his tone. His voice was a little deeper than his brothers, but just as alluring and addictive.

This time the surprise rushing through me was my own. There was no way Alec and Kade knew Sage personally, as she was double their age, and yet Sage smiled softly, her eyes misting over as she remembered a time before hiding.

“Yes, I was the little girl from the Bright Moon Pack.” Sage murmured. Miles placed his hand on her shoulder, squeezing lightly. His face was hard as his eyes flitted between the three of us.

“You saved our Dad’s life.” Alec scoffed, his eyes widening as he looked at Sage. “Alpha Dixon from the Dark Moon Pack.”

“That’s a name I haven’t heard in quite some time.” Sage chuckled, a gentle smile on her face. Her eyes moved over the twins before settling on me, “Would you like to hear the story, child? It is not a happy one, though my action ensured the birth of your mate’s.”

“I would like to hear it.” I nodded; my voice soft.

I remembered how Sage told me of the death of her family, and the death of her mate. I knew Alpha Dixon’s story tied in with that of her family and mate. For a moment, I nearly refused. I could see the lingering pain in Sage’s eyes, but I could also see the blazing strength.

“I was sixteen years old. My family had lived in the Bright Moon Pack for many generations. It was a small pack, but we were fiercely loyal to one another. The Bright Moon Pack was one of the oldest packs known to our kind. When I first shifted, I told my parents, who in turn told the Alpha. The entire pack kept my secret until their final breaths.” Sage began, the fire beside her crackling and spewing embers. “Alpha Raymond’s territory was vast, but he craved more. As you have seen, my abilities stem from the earth itself. Our land was thriving, and Alpha Raymond grew jealous. He sent spies onto our land whilst gathering his army. I was young back then. I hadn’t known how coveted white wolves were. One of his spies saw me, watched me as I shifted with my mate. Little did he know, I too had seen the spy. I told our Alpha just in time, and he called on every ally he could manage. One of those allies were Alpha Dixon.”

“He told us the story, but never quite like this.” Alec murmured, entranced by the tale Sage was telling. “He had always said it was his duty to help your pack.”

“Even back then, Alpha Dixon was a good man. He was a young, untested Alpha. He raged onto the battle feild with his army, tearing down enemy after enemy. Our pack worked in sync with his, we saved each other that day. My Mother and Father told me to stay in the house, but my mate was on the battle feild as well. I left the house, but I hadn’t come in time.” Sage’s voice turned low, and my heart ached as I felt the pain within her words. “My Mother and Father had already been K*lled, my mate too. Alpha Dixon was fighting against another wolf, but Alpha Raymond wasn’t one to fight fair. He crept up behind Alpha Dixon, ready to land a K*lling blow. I felt something break within me that day. The earth opened, hearing the pain in my voice as I screamed and wept for my family. I directed that anger at Alpha Raymond, and watched as the earth swallowed him whole.”

I hadn’t realized tears leaked from my eyes until Alec turned and wiped them from my face. His eyes were soft, as were his hands as they grazed my skin. Those gentle sparks caressed my face, reminding me that my fate would be different from Sage’s.

“It was a beautiful tragedy.” Sage murmured, “Many lives were lost and gained that day. Alpha Dixon was spared, able to find his mate and produce children. Unbeknownst to my parents and mate, I found out I was pregnant shortly after the battle. Miles is the last piece I have of Anton, and I cherish every day with him.”

As I looked into Miles eyes, I tried to imagine a boy around the age of sixteen. His eyes were soft as he looked down at his Mom, at the woman who had given and lost so much, and yet somehow managed to remain kind.

“We’ll keep your secret, Sage.” I smiled softly, meeting the eyes of the woman who spared my mate’s father. Without her, Alec and Kade wouldn’t exist. “No one will know about you, or this place. You have our word.”

I spoke for Alec and Kade, but I knew I had their agreement. Sage had suffered more than most, and deserved whatever slice of heaven she could manage. If she wished to remain in hiding, then we would do everything possible to help. Should the time come where she wanted to step from the shadows, she’d always have a home in their–our pack.

“Thank you, Aurora. You are nicer than most. It seems us white wolves have painful lives; I do hope yours turns out differently.” Sage murmured; her eyes soft as she looked at the three of us. “You’re welcome to stay here for the night. I’ll have dinner ready within a few hours, and there’s a spare bedroom upstairs.”

“Thank you for your hospitality, Sage,” Kade murmured, giving her a nod. “We will leave in the morning.”

“Go on and get yourselves settled in. I’ll start dinner.” Sage smiled, some of the light and joy returning to her eyes. Miles seemed to relax a little bit. I wasn’t sure if he was beginning to trust us, but it felt better than having him glower all the time.

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