Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 43

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 43

Aurora’s POV:

One Week Later

I had somehow managed to survive the week. Not only was I baking things on my own, Beth let me create some new desserts myself. I experimented with puff pastry, sugar icing, and fresh fruit. Some things turned out better than others, but Beth had a knack for selling. Jake was supportive as always with his sarcastic commentary, but the moment he had tasted the chocolate croissants I made, he was hooked.

While Beth had known my actual name for an entire week, she never pushed me to give anything more. Jake had taken my abrupt name change with little more than a shrug, flashing his lop-sided grin as he told me he liked the name Aurora more than Amber. While at first, I had listened to the two of them joke and bicker, I was now joining in. Each night I left the store, I smelled like roasted cinnamon and freshly baked puff pastry. I couldn’t imagine a better smell–well, I could name one but I refused to think about my life before this little town.

Countless nights I had dreamed of the twin’s, the two of them searching frantically for me. Each morning I’d wake with a new pain in my chest, and just another thing to spend the day ignoring.

Good on her promise, I hadn’t heard from Thalia since the day I left. Not that I’d ever admit this to her, but I was beginning to miss the annoying voice in my head. She felt like an extension of myself. Some days when I was feeling particularly down, I’d try and reach out to her. I’d let my fingers fumble through the dark recesses of my mind, searching for any trace of Thalia. It felt as though she were just out of reach, avoiding my outstretched hand as I searched for her.

On my last day in the Motel, Beth had managed to find me a little house to rent. She was familiar with the owner, a big burly guy by the name of Bret. The house was practically falling apart, but I couldn’t argue with the price of rent. Three hundred dollars a month for a house on its last legs, fit with withered boards, cobwebs in every corner of the house, and a kitchen big enough for one person. The house had minimal furniture, a bed and a couch older than my Grandma, but it was mine to do with what I pleased. Even with the horrible state of the house, I loved that I could come and go as I pleased without fear. I didn’t have to worry about drunk step-dad’s or insane ex-girlfriends.

The bakery was open Monday through Friday, as Beth and Jake were both in college. Beth had just turned nineteen, while Jake had turned twenty-one a couple months ago. Their parents owned many stores in town and got Beth her own bakery as a birthday present. While their parents were often busy, they treated Jake and Beth kindly. I hadn’t met them, but Beth had told me enough.

“Crap, Aurora I need a huge favor.” Beth sighed, tossing down the bag of cannoli filling onto the prep table. Her phone was pressed against her ear, her white apron covered in a healthy spattering of cinnamon and nutmeg.

“What’s wrong?” I called out, pulling a tray of miniature cherry pies from the oven and placing them on a table to cool.

“I just got a last-minute order from Sherry at the nursing home.” Beth gr0@ned, pulling her apron off and tossing it on an empty prep table. “I’m not going to make it back for close. If you need any help Jake can walk you through what to do.”

Sherry managed the small but fancy nursing home in town, and I had learned of her three days into working at the bakery. She’d often place large orders for the employee’s and elderly in the nursing home. She was often forgetful and placed last minute orders, ones Beth and I had to scramble to complete.

“I don’t mind.” I shrugged, giving her a genuine smile. “I’ve helped you close enough times to remember.”

“Just don’t turn the freezer off.” Beth sighed, patting the flour off her dark jeans. “The last time Jake closed, we had to come in at two in the morning to replace all of the melted cakes.”

“It was one time, Beth!” Jake yelled from the register, “One time!”

“Yeah, and I learned my lesson.” Beth snapped, then mumbled to herself. “Can’t trust him with anything important.”

“Don’t worry.” I chuckled, grabbing the piping back from the table to continue filling the cannoli shells. “Everything will be just fine.”

“Alright.” Beth sighed, giving me a rea*s*suring smile. I continued where Beth had left of as she piled a*s*sorted pastries into a large cake box. When she finally finished, she called out to Jake before leaving the shop with a wave.

“Take Aurora home tonight, Jake!” Beth called out, the door jingling as it closed.

Jake and I spent the next hour dealing with the dwindling crowd. As soon as the sun began to set, the crowd walking the streets would thin out. After placing many trays of tarts, cookies, and little cakes into the refrigerator, I tossed my apron onto an empty prep table. While Jake counted the till, I wiped down the tables and booths.

Just ten minutes before Jake and I prepared to leave, a girl walked through the door. Jake had long ago flipped the open sign to closed, but he seemed to recognize the girl. Long chocolate hair and deep honey highlights, the girl looked around his and Beth’s age. The smile on her face was light and contagious, her hazel eyes ringed with a deep green.

“Jake!” The girl grinned wildly as she caught Jake’s eye. “Already forget about me?”

“Actually, I did.” Jake chuckled, “Let me finish counting the till really quick. Taylor meet Aurora, Beth’s new pastry minion.”

I rolled my eyes at Jake and gave Taylor a small smile. Once Jake finished counting the till, he slipped his jacket over his shoulders and walked over to Taylor and I.

“You forgot about our date, didn’t you?” Taylor raised her eyebrow at Jake, but seemed unsurprised at his forgetfulness.

“I did.” Jake grinned sheepishly, making Taylor chuckle. “I just got to take Aurora home first.”

“Our movie starts in ten minutes.” Taylor frowned.

“Don’t worry about it.” I shook my head and gave the two of them a rea*s*suring smile, “It’s a ten-minute walk at best, nothing I haven’t done before.”

“Are you sure, Rory?” Jake frowned, using the stupid nickname he called me by.

“I’m sure.” I chuckled, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

“Don’t tell Beth.” Jake called out, a pleading grin on his face. “She’ll K*ll me if she finds out I let you walk.”

“Your secret is safe with me.” I smirked, “Don’t forget to lock the door.”

“You’re just as bad as she is!”

I left the bakery with a smile on my face, wondering how Beth managed to be younger yet more mature than Jake. I had always found Jake attractive, with his sun-kissed hair and dimples that appeared whenever he smiled. There had been plenty of customers that caught my eye, but none seemed to evoke a response within me. My hands would no longer sweat and my stomach would no longer erupt in b*tterflies.

The street was nearly deserted as I walked past the darkened shops. A few stragglers lingered on the streets, most likely walking back to one of the Motel’s down the block. This town seemed quite the tourist attraction during the day, but lacked any kind of nightlife. The air was crisp and thick with humidity, making little beads of sweat form at the back of my neck.

I walked past the darkened shops; the bright colors washed out from the darkness. I hadn’t noticed the heavy footsteps behind me until I turned the corner and walked a couple more feet. Not wanting to fully turn around, I tilted my head and glanced out the corner of my eye.

Two figures- much too large to be women, were walking behind me. I told myself not to be worried, that there were still a few stragglers walking down the road and that they could be headed anywhere. There were a couple Motel’s and gas stations by the little shack I lived in, they could be heading there.

My stomach dropped as another dark figure turned the corner farther ahead of me, walking in my direction. Normally this wouldn’t have phased me, but all three were dressed exactly the same. Each wore dark colored jeans and thick boots. A dark sweatshirt covered their torso’s, the hood pulled up around their heads. Each of them walked with purpose, unlike the tourists that meandered from shop to shop. Not only were they dressed the same, their scents were nearly identical.

Male musk combined with something…different.

‘sh*t, Aurora run!’ Thalia’s voice echoed in my head for the first time since I had left.

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