Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 33

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 33

My l!ps hit Kade’s with a hunger I didn’t know I had. For just a second, the tight control I kept on myself slipped. I could truly see how much my body had been craving their touch.

They were right—I belonged to them, but I didn’t know if that was enough. I needed normalcy, a normal life with normal people. Not a delusional dad, a murderous ex, abusive parents, and a backstabbing girl who pretended to be my friend. The only bright spots in this were Tori, Kade and Alec. But would they be enough?

When Kade’s tongue ran across my l!ps, I didn’t fight. My tongue ran against his own, savoring the taste of him and committing it to memory. Alec’s l!ps ran the length of my neck, leaving his marks on my skin.

The hard sp0t in Kade’s pants pressed against me, my p-anties our only barrier. He ground himself into me with a low growl, hitting against my covered cl!t.

A m0an slipped from my parted l!ps, never once leaving Kade’s. Kade’s large hands gripped my waist tightly, rubbing himself against c*ore. His grip on my waist was tight, almost painful but it added to the delicious sen-sations I was feeling.

Alec’s hands traveled under my dress, grazing the soft skin just beneath my b-ra.

It was far too easy to give into their touches. The two of them kept their attention on me, their hands grazing over every inch of skin they could manage.

Kade rocked my h!ps against his, grinding himself against my c*ore at an agonizing pace. I had never thought a simple action would send the pressure in my pu*ssy building. I had seen people rub against each other while dancing, but I had never thought of this.

Kade and Alec were both experienced, taking their time exploring my body.

Kade gripped my wa!st tighter, making me pick up pace. Alec’s hand lifted my b-ra, his fingers trailing lightly over my nipples. Alec’s hand cupped my br-east, molding it gently as he growled into my neck.

“So perfect.” I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly, my attention on the building pressure in my p*uss*y. The strange sparks a*s*saulted my body but only added to the ple@sure. Kade’s l!ps were tangled with my own as he rubbed himself against me. My dress had fully risen now, showing my thighs and my purple underwear.

“That’s it, sweetheart.” Alec murmured against my neck, “Come for us.”

I felt myself become undone as Alec squeezed my n!pple in his fingers. Kade let my l!ps go as my head fell back, the ple@sure rolling in waves. His hands still gripped my wa!st, prolonging the bliss.

Giving in to their touch didn’t ease the embarra*s*sment I felt when it was over, or the blush that formed on my face. I wasn’t embarra*s*sed about what we had done, but how I had wanted them to do more. I was far too willing to go all the way, giving up the last piece of me I had.

Each of them gave me a lingering k!ss, one sweeter than I had ever anticipated. Their l!ps were soft against my own, moving slowly and with purpose.

I had to physically tear myself from their side to leave the room. I was sure Tori would already suspect what happened, but she was also out there waiting for me.

I walked quickly down the hallway, heading towards her locker. The halls were practically empty now, only a student or two lingering. I frowned when I turned the corner and spotted Tori’s locker. She was nowhere in sight.

A knot formed in my stomach. The closer I got to Tori’s locker, the bigger the knot in my stomach grew.

Just when I was five feet away, a hand clamped over my mouth. They were dragging me into an empty cla*s*sroom. Their body felt small, and yet they were freakishly strong.

My back met the wall, banging against a rack of whiteboard markers. Grace glared at me menacingly.

‘The girls losing it.’ Thalia shook her head. ‘She’s got crazy in her eyes.’

‘That’s not helpful.’ I shook my head, ‘Know how to fight?’

‘I thought I was just some voice in your head.’ Thalia rolled her eyes.

‘You are, but you talk constantly.’ I pointed out, ‘So talk now and help me.’

“Didn’t we already have a conversation?” Grace narrowed her light eyes. They scanned my bare neck, igniting in anger as she noticed the deep purple marks from Alec’s l!ps. “And yet I see you f*uc*king around with them in one of the cla*s*srooms.”

My mouth opened a bit, apparently unable to form words. embarra*s*sment washed through me. Had she seen everything that happened? What was I going to say? I couldn’t deny it.

Grace seemed a lot more unhinged than normal. She glared daggers at me while murmuring to herself.

“Kade wouldn’t even touch me after I slept with Dean. I don’t see how he can stand to be near you after Carson had you.” She mumbled, keeping me locked against the blackboard.

Some part of me hoped Tori would show up after realizing I hadn’t met her after school. I wondered how long it would take until she did come if she did.

‘You’re not ready for me to come out yet.’ Thalia grunted, ‘But I’ll help you with what I can’

I resisted the u*ge to make a comment, appreciating the support right now. Even if it did come from a voice in my head.

“And yet the two of them seem obsessed with you.” Grace grimaced, “Overprotective and definitely overbearing.”

Something seemed to click in Grace’s head. I could practically hear it as the link formed in her head.

“Of all people.” Grace scoffed, “It had to be you. And both of them? How could someone like you get a break like that?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I snapped, not feeling as scared as I did last time.

“You really don’t, do you?” Grace snickered but didn’t stalk forward.

“It doesn’t matter.” I shook my head, “I’m leaving, you can have them.”

Thalia growled in my mind. Telling Grace could’ve ruined my plans, but I doubted that. She’s been wanting me to leave this entire time.

“Leaving?” Grace grinned, and for just a split second she was looking at me like her best-friend. She looked like a good person when she smiled, you could never tell what was hidden underneath it all. “When?”

“Tonight.” I nodded, fear churning in my gut.

“You’ve been planning this for some time haven’t you.” Grace giggled, “You should have just said so, silly. I would’ve never had to sick Carson on you.”

Bile churned in my gut, making me feel nauseous. Grace had completely changed from her murderous self. She acted as though it had never happened, talking about what she did as though it were some game.

“It wasn’t on my mind at the time.” I ch*oked out. How could I think about anything when I was being s*e*xually a*s*saulted?

“It happens.” Grace waved it away, as though it happened every day. “This is great!”

“You can’t tell anyone.” I shook my head, “My—Garrett would try and stop me.”

“I’d never do that.” Grace shook her head, that crazy glint was gone from her eyes. “Need some money?”

‘She’s insane.’ Thalia shook her head.

‘Now do you see why I want to leave?” I frowned.

‘No.’ Thalia shook her head, ‘Unless you want to take Alec and Kade with you.’

‘Not happening.’ I promised.

There wasn’t a chance in hell I planned on taking money from Grace. The thought of taking money from her put a sour taste in my mouth. I wanted no part of her when I left.

“No.” I shook my head, “I’ve been saving for a while.”

“Good, good.” Grace grinned, “Go somewhere far.”

Grace took a few steps closer, her face inches from my own.

“Oh, and Aurora.” Grace’s voice was like honey and silk, hiding the wasps beneath. “Don’t come back, ever. I will take my anger out on Tori, and then I will move onto you. And I always keep my word.”

Threatening me was one thing, but threatening Tori was uncalled for. Tori hadn’t posed any sort of threat to Grace. She was simply using her to get back at me.

I knew Tori could handle herself, but what if Grace had backup like she did with me? Could Tori fight against three people? I didn’t think she could. Alec and Kade were just wealthy teenagers, but they couldn’t stop Grace. It seemed she was just as wealthy as they were.

“I won’t.” I promised, my stomach sinking at my own words.

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