Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 22

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 22

Snapping branches tore me from my thoughts and my heart nearly stopped as two wolves walked into the clearing. I had never seen wolves in person before, only in pictures and movies. I was sure wolves weren’t naturally this big. The two were nearly identical, both the color of midnight. Their fur was shiny and glistening. I had expected wolves to look much dirtier, living in the woods and all. While I wasn’t sure the geographical placement of wolves, I was also fairly sure wolves did not live in Georgia. What troubled me even more was that I wasn’t afraid. It was though my mind and body had simply accepted my death as inevitable.

My mind played through the scenario. Aurora eaten by wolves. Grace would probably dance with joy while Tori and the twins wondered what happened to me. Would Melissa even notice when I failed to come home? Did wolves leave any scraps?

I was so lost in my thoughts I hadn’t noticed the two wolves were sitting only twenty feet away, simply staring at me as though I were the anomaly. The two wolves locked eyes for just a moment, and resumed staring at me.

“Are you guys going to eat me or not?” I huffed.

Sure, I felt stupid. I was talking to two giant and supposedly violent animals, but they simply just stared at me. In the back of my mind, I had decided that being eaten by wolves wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Painful for sure, but I’d d*ie feeding two beautiful wolves. That had to count for something, right? My fearlessness freaked me out, and some small part of me wondered if I had truly lost my mind.

The way the two wolves stared at me was starting to get on my nerves. Their eyes were much too intelligent for two animals, staring at me with shock and almost concern. Wolves couldn’t feel those emotions. I was supposed to be prey to them, and yet they looked at me like a lost cub.

“What are you two looking at?” I grumbled, dropping my book on the earthen floor. “Go on, get out of here!”

I shouted at the two wolves, and they continued staring.

One of the wolves opened their mouth, letting their tongue roll out the side. If a wolf could grin, I’d imagine that’s what it would look like. The other wolf looked at it’s companion and huffed, rolling it’s eyes. Could wolves even roll their eyes?

“Fine.” I snapped, “Sit there and stare at me.”

I picked my book up with a grumble and continued reading, determined to ignore the freakish wolves. My mind couldn’t focus on the book in my hands, it was busy coming up with insane senarios. What would make two wolves act this way? Maybe they were experimented on at a lab and had human-like intelligence? Maybe evolution had simply taken it’s toll and produced much smarter creatures. All kinds of theories were running through my head, all of which were bouts of fiction and partial insanity. It was clear I was off my rocker.

I looked up from my book and noticed the wolves were much closer now, sitting only ten feet away.

“Quit inching up on me.” I snapped, glaring at the two wolves.

I looked on incredulously as one of the wolves stood and slowly took a step forward. It was almost humorous how slow the wolf moved, as though it were tip-toeing over to me.

“I said stop.” I glared, and the wolf took another step.

The second wolf simply looked at it’s tip-toeing friend and shook it’s head.

“Get your friend.” I snapped at the other wolf, and it gave me a pointed look.

How could wolves convey this much emotion in a single look? The damn wolf looked exasperated with it’s companion, tired of it’s antics. Did wolves even have antics?

The first wolf continued tip-toeing over to me, and I tensed when it was only three feet away. The wolf didn’t look angry. Surely it would growl or snarl if it wanted to K*ll me, right? I never had a dog before, but I’m pretty sure they growl and snap when angry.

“Bad dog.” I snapped, pointing my finger at the towering wolf.

I wasn’t sure what made me say that particular phrase, but it seemed to work. The wolf stopped in it’s tracks and looked at me with an almost.. offended look. It’s large ears flattened back and a low whine left it’s mouth. I could feel the small hairs on my arms stand, and yet I wasn’t afraid. Could I truly be that numb from what happened with Grace to not even fear two giant wolves?

“So, I guess this mean’s you’re going to eat me now.” I nodded with far too much acceptance.

The wolf that had been inching closer to me, sat on the ground with a loud thud. It shook it’s head at me, it’s tongue rolling out the side of it’s mouth. I a*s*sumed the head shake meant ‘no, I am not going to eat you’.

“Thanks.” I pursed my lips, “I think.”

The wolf sitting in front of me whined, bringing it’s face closer to my legs. It rubbed the top of it’s head against my leg, a low rumble coming from it’s mouth. While I never had a dog before, I met other people’s dogs. One dog I had met rubbed it’s head against my hand in an effort to get me to pet it.

Hoping the wolf wouldn’t freak out and rip my hand off, I ran my fingers through it’s soft fur. It’s fur was the color of obsidian, but it was much softer than it looked. Like long strands of silk, it slid through my fingers effortlessly.

“Does your friend not like me?” I glanced at the other wolf, the one sitting farther away.

The wolf I had been petting raised it’s head and glanced at it’s friend. A mix between a whine and a growl left it’s lips, as though they were talking to each other. The conversation must’ve been interesting, as the other wolf began to approach me. It’s eyes were guarded and it’s steps were slow and calculated. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the wolf was trying not to scare me. My comfort with the strange situation was laughable and made absolutely no sense. I was sitting in the middle of the woods petting two giant wolves like Snow White or something.

‘Aurora the Animal Whisperer’ popped into my head.

“Uh, hello.” I spoke to the other wolf as it flopped down next to it’s friend.

The wolf that had just flopped down rubbed it’s head against my leg so I began petting it. The other wolf seemed jealous, shooting a low growl at it’s companion.

And here I was. In the middle of the woods, each hand on a very large wolve’s head. The two wolves were letting out a low rumbling sound, almost like purring as I petted them.

For just a moment, I lost myself in the silent ‘whoosh’ sound my hand made against their fur. The storm blazing in my mind was forgotten for those small moments. I felt safe and at home, but I knew that wouldn’t last.

“As fun as this is, I need to get home.” I frowned, looking at the two wolves.

They seemed reluctant, giving each other wary glances as they stood. I picked myself up from the ground and retrieved my forgotten book and water bottle.

I wasn’t quite sure what to say. See you next time? Ask for their phone numbers?

“See ya.” I nodded awkwardly at the giant wolves, walking back to the house.

I walked back into the house, and grabbed one of my boxes of leftovers. As I plopped down on my bed to eat, I thought about the two wolves I had met. It wouldn’t be so bad to be a wolf. Living in the forest, hunting for your own food. No worrying about who would hurt you or how to escape your fractured family or small town. You could simply live on your own, fending for yourself.

I fell asleep quickly that night, dreaming about the midnight wolves with their intelligent eyes.

I knew it was well into the morning when I woke up. Shooting from my bed at the sound of a frantic knock on my door. In my years of living with Melissa, not once had she ever knocked or asked for me. I pulled myself from bed and unlocked my door, cracking it open to look into her faded blue eyes.

“Aurora, I need you downstairs.” Melissa pursed her lips, she looked almost petrified.

“For what?” I huffed. The idea of slamming the door in her face popped into mind, but her next words made my blood run cold.

“Your father is here.” Melissa rushed the words from her mouth, her voice sounding as frightened as I felt.

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