I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 96

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 96 

“What’s wrong?” I ask him when I meet him in the hallway. He is only grunting in response when I stop to stand in front of him. 

“I can see that she clearly told you some bad news!” I say to him when he doesn’t speak up. 

“You will know when I can tell you! Can we get on the road!” he barks and pushes by me and heads for the door. 

“I’m getting the cars ready!” he says before pushing the door open and meeting the others who just arrived at the castle. 

“We will be ready in a moment!” Declan says to him when I turn and quickly make my way up to my chambers. Putting on some clothes quickly before I head down the stairs to meet the others when my father comes out from my office with his beta behind him and stops in the hallway. 

“I have contacted the vampire council and found out it’s probably one of the new vampires who won’t submit to their laws, they have some problems with them as we have with the rogues! They are prepared to come down here and help us if you find out more about where they are located!” my father says and I stop to take in what he said. 

“at least two vampires were at her office! They K*lled her secretary and somehow, they have knowledge of how to mask their scent!” I tell them what we have learned so far. 

“Do you know why he is doing this!” my father’s beta ask me. 

“He wants to break the mate bond!” I tell him when I see Declan open the front door and motion to me they are ready. 

“Selena’s pack members are trying to get some information on how they could have known how to use a rare herb. It appears very few know about it, and how to properly use it, we are heading over to the place Cannon knows it’s growing. We’re trying to find any trace!” I tell them before I turn around to walk over to Declan 

“Where are you going?” my father asks and I look at him over my shoulder. 

“It’s located between the two packs behind the cave, closer to the borders in the north!” I tell them and walk away. 

“I will call the council again with the new information, be careful!” my father says when I have reached over to the door, I take one last glance at him before going 

out of the door. 

Outside I find four cars packed with people inside and Cannon is holding the door open to the back seat of one of the cars. I see both of his favorite warriors inside the car, one is driving the car and I know with him there the drive will go fast. 

I don’t mind and quickly get inside when Cannon comes to sit beside me in the back, turning my head I see Declan in one other car with both Jessie and Zoey and two others. Every seat is occupied in the other cars with our men and we come prepared to face trouble. 

I get this feeling Cannon knows more than he is saying! 

“Are you satisfied with the number of men we have with us?” I ask Cannon when he only curses under his breath and looks out the window, I get all the answers I need to know, he has more information about what we are going to face that he isn’t telling me. 

“I have called the Alpha in the pack and they will go with us to scout the area! We can take a few hours of sleep once we get there before we start!” he says and I have no plans on staying anywhere, turning my head and looking out the window when the car starts to roll away from the castle. I know it will take several hours until we have arrived and it will probably be dark once we reach the pack with the detour we have to take to get there! 

“I’m not going to wait once we get there I’m heading out!” I tell him. 

“NO!” he barks out and I snap my head to look at him, he has a strange look on his face and I wonder whatever can have made him that way!

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