I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 63

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 63

Kian POV:

Stepping out of her portal we are in the hallway at the castle, it still blows me away with all her gifts!

Declan and Cannon look at me and I know they are waiting for my orders.

“I will mind link my dad and his old beta and gamma! For this, we need everyone here. I’m going to take a shower and change before they are here” I say to both of them before turning around and making my way up to my chambers.

I need a shower and some new clothes. The ones I have on me are clothes I got from her gamma.

Opening the doors to my chamber I start to undress and place my clothes on the sink before I head over to the shower and turn it on.

Mind linking my dad when I wait for the water to get warm.

“I need you to get your beta and gamma and come to my office right away!” I tell him the moment he opens the mind link.

“Alright! I will get right on it” he says and I cut the link after and step inside the shower. I want to get this meeting over with as fast as possible so I can get back to Selena. I don’t want to leave her when all these rogues running around her borders. I can’t protect her if I’m not there and I know both Cannon and Declan feels the same way.

Washing up I turn off the water and step outside, grabbing a towel I dry my body before walking over to my closet for some clothes.

It doesn’t take long until I am dressed and, on my way, down to the kitchen, just going to grab a coffee before heading over to my office.

Once I’m in my office I place her notes down on my table and take down the big map. Sipping on my coffee I start to place pins on the map and put it on the wall. For this, we need a clear picture.

Walking over to my office desk and get some papers and start to write down all the Important things. There is a knock on my office door when my dad comes walking inside.

“Hi, son! What’s so urgent?” he says the moment he steps into my office. Behind him comes his beta and gamma with mine. When everyone has taken their seats I fill them in on these last days’ events.

Everyone needs to focus on this problem.

“I knew she was gifted when we saw her but hearing she’s an alpha on top of it! I’m stunned” my dad says and drags a hand through his hair. I do the same when I’m thinking hard, it’s a habit I have gotten from him.

“Yes, that makes us two!” I say and turn to the map.

“Her pack is here!” I point at the map where I have placed a pin and one on the cave.

“Over here are the cave. She has gathered information since it started and here are some of her notes” I start to hand them over and let them have a moment to go through them. Taking my time and write down the rest and pin it to the map. “There is a lot of rogue activity around her borders! This is alarming. No one has tried to explore the cave?” my dad asks and I turn to look at him.

“No! And it’s a good thing they haven’t! The cave goes in here, and on the other side is a large forest. The closest pack is all over here!” I point to the map.

“All this forest seems to be a no man’s land and who knows what army they would be facing if they went in” I walk over to the table and take a seat with the others.

“With the number of rogues, she has seen I believe there is a big army on the other side! We have to get prepared for war!” my dad’ s beta says and he is right. We have been attacked a couple of times, only in small numbers. With this number of rogues, we would be facing a big battlefield once they are here to attack.

“I believe you are right! These note from her is from just the last two months. She has several more in her office.” I say and look at one of her maps.

“I want to go through them properly! Can you borrow the rest?” my dad says and the others agree with him.

“I can mind link her and ask, I’m sure there is no problem!” I tell them before trying to get in touch with her. Opening a mind link to her I try to reach her but I can’t find her. A second of worry coursed through my body!

Pushing it away from my thought. She promised to stay inside her borders!

She might be busy right now and I will have to try again later.

“I can’t reach her at the moment! I will try again later. In the meantime, we have to get in touch with the packs I have pinned on the map. We need a meeting with them all!” I say and sit back in my seat.

“She is not in our pack and too far away from here! How can you mind link her?” my dad’s gamma asks.

Turning my head to look at him.

“That’s another of her gifts! She can pick up a mind link wherever she is!” I say and can’t help but smile at my little beautiful mate.

“that’s another great gift! I just came to think of something! How could she keep her pack hidden and not register it with us?” my dad asks and I can’t help but chuckle at the thought. Getting up from my seat I walk over to my office desk and pull out all the letters I have here and get back to the table and place them in front of him.

“Because she deceived us! She did register every new pack member and went all by the book, but she sent a new letter every time a new member was brought into her pack. The registration office received up to ten letters each day and we simply thought it was a crazy alpha who didn’t know what he did!

I told the office to place them in a box without bothering to open them, and when I ever was close to the pack I would stop by!” I hear my father break out in a deep laugh and the others join him. She knew exactly what she was doing with the letters! “she’s something else I have to say! I like her even more for this” my dad says when everyone has stopped laughing.

I couldn’t agree more with him, she has made me speechless more than once since I met her again. “She will make a great Queen and luna to the

kingdom!” Cannon says and the others agree with him. I try to mind link her again but still nothing! “Alright, everyone! We have to get on top of this and get in touch with the other packs. We meet back here in two hours” my dad says and we get up from our seats. Everyone else besides my dad leaves the office, when the door is closed after them, he turns to me.

“How is it going with her?” he asks the question I don’t have a good answer to. Dragging my hand through my hair before answering him.

” I had to mark her to save her life! She’ s not too happy about it” telling him the events that happened over at her pack he sits down by my office desk. He doesn’t interrupt and listens till I’m finished.

“Give her some time son! What you did those years back is hard to forgive even if I understand why you did it! She lost her whole family and was kicked out with nothing.” he says what I already know. I will always live with the fact I did this to her! Caused her this pain in life. 0

“I know!” I say and lean back in my seat. She is all I ever wanted and more, I have to try and make it up to her. Trying to reach her again but once more I come up empty-handed. I have to do something in the meantime while I wait for her to pick the mind link up.

Dragging my hand through my hair there is only one thing I have to do now. Pushing back my chair I get up and start to head over to my door.

“Where are you going!” my dad asks before I reach the door. Placing my hand on the door handle.

“I have to try and fix this!” I say before opening the door and walking out. I’m not sure it’s going to work though!

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