I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 44

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 44

Selena POV:

The next couple of days went by without anything happening.

When I followed the wolves I found out there are from a pack nearby and I guessed they might be on a search for my pack. We don’t know why they were over her and what they were looking for, I’m just guessing Kian might have something to do with it. I put my warriors on high alert until we find out more.

Sitting at my office and working trying to focus on what I need to do before I leave work tomorrow, two weeks, and working from home is something I’ m looking forward to.

Turning off my computer late on Thursday evening I sit back in my seat and take a deep breath. I have managed to get everything done and right now all I need to come in for tomorrow is the meeting with the new important client. It’s not often our bosses demand us all to be in a meeting with them and I can only guess it’s a wealthy client.

I get out of my office and walk over to the elevator, everyone has gone home for today and there are only some cleaners working. I portal myself home the moment I come outside the building and I am sure no one sees me.

Coming home to the pack house I get right up to my room, just want to take a shower and put on some comfortable clothes before I get something to eat.

Getting out of the shower I feel good and relaxed. Heading down to the kitchen I find Sari inside, we haven’t had time to talk alone for what feels like ages, and just when I am about to ask her how it is her phone start to ring.

Walking over to the fridge I find some leftovers and start heating them up while I wait for her to come back. It doesn’t take too long before she is back and I see she is troubled

“What’s wrong?” I ask her while I start eating my meal

“It was my sister and some men and sons have disappeared from their homes. She’s afraid something is going to happen and I have to go there!” She says and I stop eating and look at her. “I’m coming with you! I just need to be at the office tomorrow and we can go right after” I tell her and sit back in my seat.

“My sister is on her way back from a travel and when she is back we can go,” she says and I see her walk over to the stove and stir in a pot.

“Can you make some extra potions to mask our scent, I want to go for a look at the surroundings when we are there!” I say and start eating again.

“I will get right on it she says and heads over to the garden after she turns the heat on the stove down. I eat my meal by myself and stir in the pot from time to time.

When I’m done and Sari comes inside the kitchen again I wash my plate and head up to my room. I need a good night’s sleep and I will take an early run in the morning and check outside our barrier before going to work tomorrow.

In the early morning, I was up and went for a run before I took a shower and started to get ready for my day.

Walking over to my closet I decided to take a dark blue dress that fits my body perfectly, showing off my curves and making my blue eyes pop. I curl my hair and pull my fingers through it, leaving it to wave down my back, pull back some hair from my face, and fasten them to some hair clips back of my head.

I put some light makeup on and before I leave my room I take on some high heels. Feeling strong and confident I walk out of my room and head down. I hear someone whistling at me and when I look down It’s Emma. Why am I not surprised?

“Good dammit Selena who are you going to seduce today” she wiggles her eyebrows at me and I just roll my eyes at her.

“Absolutely no one! I just woke up today and feel like a new person. Strong and happy”

“Been dreaming of someone special” she laughs at herself, and I don’t want to listen to her dirty mind right now so I walk past her and head for the kitchen to grab something to eat before I’m going over to work. She follows behind me and I grab a cup of coffee and a toast.

Sitting down behind the counter she walks over and grabs a cup of coffee herself before she takes a seat beside me.

I take a sip of my coffee and mindlink Jessie to come to the kitchen right away, it only takes a minute before she walks in with a messy hair and pajamas on.

“No work or training today? ” I have to ask her since it’s unusual she isn’t up already.

“I have taken some time off from work and one of the new girls is heading to work with Zoey instead of me,” she says

“Some of the orders will be delivered today, have some scouts out all the time. And check around the borders before you start to move it” I tell her and rise from my seat.

“Yes we will,” she says and takes a seat by the counter with Emma.

I walk over and rinse my cup, I have this feeling something will happen today. I am not sure if it is something good or bad, just a feeling I can’t get rid of. Whatever it is we need to be prepared.

“Just be careful today!” I say and leave them in the kitchen while I walk out of the kitchen and head over to work.

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