I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 43

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 43

Selena POV:

Giving him a quick hug before I break free and take a step back.

“I have a lot to do today and catch up on. Maybe we can talk later?” I say and hope he gets my point.

“Yes of course. Just wanted to let you know there is a meeting at eleven today. Everyone needs to attend!” He says

“Alright! Thank you” I say and wait for him to walk out of my office.

Sitting in my office at work trying to focus on what I need to do and catch up when there is a knock on my door and my secretary walks in and tells me the owners want to have a meeting right now. It sounds urgent so I get up from my chair and meet Elijah on the way over to the meeting room. Walking inside we take seats next to each other.

When everyone is seated they start the meeting.

“An important customer is coming in on Friday, we need you all to be available that day. And someone needs to head over to have a meeting at our biggest account, Does anyone volunteer? The trip would take a couple of days”

Everyone is silent, not really looking forward to going on a business trip.

“No one wants to then we suggest you go, Elijah, you have met them before “ That would be good if he was away for a couple of days. Right now I don’t know how to handle him.

When the meeting ends I walk back to my office and try to concentrate on work when I feel someone trying to mind-link me. Pulling on the link I open up and find it’s Zoey who wants me something.

“Any problem?” I ask right away. Knowing it’s her on patrol right now with some of our warriors.

” There is some activity again by the cave!” She says.

“Coming or going?” I mindlink back.

“Five wolves rushed in there about five minutes ago. They came from the North side this time!” She says and that feels strange. The Northside isn’t anything else but the king’s borders and between our borders is just a lot of empty land with nothing else but forest. I need to go for a run and check the forest out when I got the time.

“Keep checking around the cave and when I got some time at the weekend we have to take a patrol and search the forest all the way to the king’s borders. Keep a patrol around our borders until I come back!” I tell her and she agrees. Ending the link I sigh and take a moment to think about what she told me.

Deciding to pull up a map on my computer on the area and look at alternative routes for the rogues. After some time and checking the map I don’t see where they could be coming from. There are no other packs close by in that direction. I will have to take some time and take a closer look.

Eating another chocolate while I try to make up my mind about what I want to do. Rising from my chair and walk out of my office to find my boss. I need to take some time away from my office and work from home instead. It will give me some time to handle the pack and look for the rogues.

Finding my boss in a telephone meeting I wait outside until he is done. It doesn’t take long and when I see he is free I walk inside and ask if I can work from home for the next two weeks. He had no objections to it as long as I waited until after the meeting on Friday. We have a chat for a moment before I walk back to the office and continue with my work.

I will have the time to check the forest at this weekend and decide what to do after with letting Kian know what’s going on. Somehow I have to figure out a way.

The rest of the day goes by in a blur with all the work I had to get on top off. Gather my last papers before I leave work for today. I didn’t run into Elijah more today and I guess he had to go back early and start to pack his bags for his travel.

Coming down to the front desk I see Jessie standing and waiting for me.

“I thought I could wait for you today!” She says and we head out of the company entrance and walk behind the garage. Out here there isn’t anyone seeing us and I open a portal and we walk right out in front of the pack house. I fill her in on what happened with the rogues today and what I plan to do.

We walk inside and discuss how it’s best to handle it when the link opens up and Jacobs’s voice comes through.

“Something is going on outside the borders,” he says

“Where are you?” I mind linking back

“At the south borders”

I cut the mindlink and quickly get out of my dress and we shift. Running for the borders I see Jacob standing with five of my warriors. Zoey is one of them. When I reach them I shift back and they hand me a shirt and shorts.

“What’s the problem?” I ask

’’There have been several wolves running around outside the borders” Jacob answers

I look in the direction he is pointing and soon I see four wolves coming out in the clearing. I walk closer to them inside the barrier where they can’t see me. Sniffing in the air I can soon rule out that they are not rogues.

They run around our borders not wanting to get too close to what they think is a swamp. After a little while, they have had enough and start to run back. “What do you think they were looking for,” Jacob asks

“I don’t know, it looked like they were done looking for whatever it was.”

Thought to myself it could have been the king asking a nearby pack looking at the address I gave them to this pack. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the case. He knows where I work but nothing else. “ Just make sure to double the watch until we know more, and check the surroundings before anyone leaves or comes in” I don’t want the pack or the place to be exposed yet if we can avoid it.

“Yes we will,” he says and I walk away and take off my clothes folding them before I shift. I need to check where they went, I don’t like to leave it not knowing.

Jacob mindlink me and asks if he should come and I tell him I better do this alone. It’s easier for me to do something if I am alone and quickly get away I can easily portal back. He understands and I cut the mindlink and start to run after them.

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