I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 36

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 36

Selena POV:

He walks out of my cell leaving me a panting mess.

Trying to catch my breath and wrap my head around what happened. I can still feel the sparks from his kiss. The bond stirring to life makes my head spin, I can’t let it happen. I don’t want any part of this!

Laying down on my bed the room is completely dark, I don’t care if he turned the light off, I just need to gather as much strength as possible before we try and break out of here.

If I only can step out of the cell I can easily escape this place. But this wolfbane and silver keep my wolf dormant most of the time. She needs to build up resistance against it and I guess it will take some time.

It has been more than a day and I need to contact Jessie, I know it will take a bit of my strength to contact her since we are so far apart. I will probably sleep right after.

I focus on Jessie and the moment we connect I start speaking to her.

“My mate found me! It was a trap. He is keeping me locked up for now! The moment I brake free I will come back” I tell her as much information I can in a short moment.

“We were so worried for you. Keep safe Selena! I will come for you if you need me” ” don’t worry I will be back soon” ending the link I feel so heavy and tired. I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. Feeling sleep taking over me completely.

When I wake up the next morning I have a feeling someone has been visiting me during the night. I have a thicker blanket on me than before and his scent lingers in the room, I guess my mate came down to watch me last night.

The talk with Jessie drained my energy and I feel empty, my wolf isn’t awake either so I just lay on the bed. I hear someone walking down the stairs and putting a tray of food in my cell. I am too tired to get up and eat.

“If you just start talking to him and behave you will be out of here in no time” I hear someone talking to me. Turning my head to the side where the voice is coming from I see his beta behind the cell door. He was nice the last time I saw him.

“If you ever think I will forgive that a*shole of a mate you better think again ” I just say

” I understand your feelings for what he has done. I just want you to try and give him a chance to make it up to you” I just glare at him. How can he even think I will give him a chance after everything.

“I give him to you, he is all yours! Have fun with him” I say and turn around facing the wall again. Not interested in listening to any dum excuse to try and make Kian better.

I hear him sigh and walk up the stairs.

Letting sleep take over again I woke up later in the afternoon, turning my head around I came face to face against my mate. He is sitting in the cellar on a chair looking at me.

“Why don’t I feel your wolf?” He asks.

One of those questions I don’t want to answer. Since he didn’t put the alpha command on me I don’ t have to answer. Turning my head again so I face the wall and he can stare at my back.

I feel the bed dip on the side of my bed and I am f0rcefully turned on my back. My mate straddles me with one hand on each side of my head and his legs on each side of me. I’m trapped underneath him, having no chance to escape him I just glare up at him.

“Answer me,” he says and his alpha command washes over me like a tidal wave. I try to fight his command, it’s painful! I feel sweat starting to form on my forehead. My vision starts to get blurry. I can’ t take it anymore and blurt it out.

“Because I don’t want you to” the command instantly drops when I answer him. I see his eyes flicker and become pitch black and I know it’s the eyes of his beast.

I am not afraid of him, trying to push him away from me but my strength without my wolf is nothing against his strength and I emptied mine last night.

“You are my mate,” he says.

Anger boiling in my veins who the f*uc*k does he think he is! After everything he has done to me, he thinks I will have him as my mate! Never!

“I will never be yours” I spit at him and try to hit him. He growls at me and takes my hands and put them over my head. Pinning me in place. I turn my head to the side and don’t want to talk to him anymore. He takes my hands in one of his and with his free hand, he turns my head back. Making me face him again.

“Say that again!” He roars at me and I feel his anger. ” I will never be yours” I growl at him. His lips come crashing down on mine and he devours my lips in a soul-destroying kiss. Dominant and hungry! The bond stirred to life and a M0@n escape my lips.

I don’t want this stupid bond, fighting my urges I bit down hard on his lip, drawing blood.

He grunts but releases me.

“Get off me” I roar at him.

He let me go and get up from the bed.

“You will come around. You can’t fight the bond forever” he says and walks out of my cell. Closing my door and head up the stairs.

Leaving me alone again!

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