I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 31

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 31

Selena POV:

Emma takes a sip of her coffee before she answers my question.

“I don’t blame my love for finding his mate and the bond pulling him away from me. I just wished he could have been in our daughter’s life. Things would have been different if he was still in our life somehow. But then I wouldn’t have met you and had this amazing life we have now. When it comes to the r@pes I blocked my mind out from what was happening to my body. They could take my body but not me, no one could touch me. My body carries the scars of what happened both the r@pes and the fights. When I see the big scars on my face I am reminded of where I came from and what I have endured it makes me stronger. I remember all the love I have felt before in the arms of men and I know not all of them are bad. There is only one thing I am scared of.”

“What is it?” I have a hard time believing there could be anything that she could be scared of after everything she have to endure

“Finding my mate,” she says and takes a bite of her cake. I can’t understand why that would be a problem.

“Why?” I ask and sip on my coffee

“A mate should love you no matter what, we are made to fit each other like two pieces of a puzzle. What will happen when my mate sees me, sees all my scars? Will he get angry, can he handle it or would he be filled with rage because someone hurt me and frighten Ella and me? And me already having a child, would he accept her? A mate often gets possessive of its mate, I can’t have that. My mate needs to be kind and calm. That scares me more than anything, I can’t have anyone ever hurt my daughter again.”

I can see where she comes from and It hurts me what they had to endure. I wish things could be different for her. She deserves to be happy.

“I promise to always protect this pack and with all the life in me, I will make sure you are safe. No one is ever going to hurt you or Ella again!” I say and take her hand in mine. She turns her head and looks at me.

“I know you will Selena but I just hope I never find my mate. It will be easier that way” she says and look sad at me, it hurts hearing her say it.

After that we just sit in silence and drinking coffee, thinking about everything she said. I couldn’t bare it if any one of them got hurt again. They are my family and I care about them more than my own life. “I have to get back to work, I come and find you later,” I tell her and get up from my seat. Heading inside I walk over to the kitchen and place my dishes down before I walk over to my office again. At this point, I can’t fall behind on work.

When I sit down behind my computer there are a few new emails and I open them from the company first.

One is from my boss, we have a new account coming in and he wants me to travel to them and sign the papers. My colleagues have been on these trips before but this would be my first time traveling outside the city in business.

Sitting back in my seat and thinking this over for a moment, the timing couldn’t be more perfect than it is. He has sent me the information on the company and I start to look into it.

It’s a few hours away by flight and I know I will have to take the flight, my boss would question how I got there otherwise. But everything seems to be in order and I could take my time there and have the rest of the week off after.

This would be a good idea since I don’t know if I can get back to work or if they have found out where I work. It would buy me some time to figure out what to do.

Jessie and Jacob can handle the pack and all that needs to be done until I come back.

I decide to take the offer and answer my boss, it doesn’t take long before he sends me a reply. He will book the flight right away and I will be having a car waiting for me when I arrive in the city. My Secretary will send me the contacts in my mail and the rest of the bookings I need.

After a few minutes, I get the flight number and my booking. I will be leaving tomorrow morning at seven. It means I will have to start packing tonight and go through everything here with my pack before I leave. If I will be gone a few days they need to know what to do.

I mindlink Jessie and Jacob to come to my office when they are free.

I start to go through what needed to be done and what to do with the king’s men. The pack will be safe and hidden as long as they stay behind the barrier.

Even if anyone outside our pack would try and go through the barrier they would have painful brain fog and their sight would almost be gone. Not to mention they would feel like they are sinking into a swamp.

It feels safe to leave my pack as long as they are inside and are careful when they step outside the barrier.

I hope Kian’s men will have given up when I come back or I need to find another solution. I will not let my pack be revealed, they will stay hidden and safe whatever happens around me! They are my reason to keep fighting.

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