I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 24

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 24

Kian POV:

When I walk down the stairs to the kitchen I meet Cannon. “Didn’t you sleep at all?” He asks me.

“No there was so much I needed to go through in the library”

“Did you find anything ?” he asks

“Nothing useful, instead I got more questions.”

“I have thought about it two and it doesn’t add up at all, we would have found something when we searched the river. But no trace at all it’s weird” he just states what has on my mind

“I am hoping her parents have some answers, they will be here in a little while.”

We walk into the kitchen and the chef has already made some breakfast. I am not hungry but take a coffee and a sandwich.

Sitting down at the table with cannon when Declan walks in.

“Her parents will be here shortly, what are you going to tell them?” He says.

“I just need to know if they have any idea how come she is a white wolf and where she can be! Is it true that she has been keeping away from her family during all these years”

We eat up and I pour another coffee and walk over to my office, Cannon is with me and Declan walks out to meet her parents and show them into my office.

We sit down and soon Declan and her family walk into my office. I greet her parents and her brother and when all is sitting down I ask them

“You know we have caught your daughter with some rogues and had her here in the prison for a few days before she escaped. I have some questions. Did you know she is a white wolf?” I don’t tell them anything more than that.

“She disappeared before her shift we have never seen her wolf” her dad answered and I hear the pain of losing his daughter in his voice. I feel sorry for what I have done to them.

“Do you have any idea where the white wolf comes from, have any of your relatives been white?”

“No none of us have any idea, when Jaden came home and told us what happened we were shocked. We haven’t seen or heard anything from her in the years since she disappeared! I am sorry my King but we have no answers” Her dad says

“How did you know it was your sister?” I ask Jaden.

“My wolf recognized she was family and I knew it was her. Have you found any trace of her?”

Everyone in her family looks at me with hope in her eyes. I can’t break their hearts again, I did this to them.

“We believe she is alive somewhere”

Her mother brakes down and cries right in front of me. I can only hate myself for costing them their heartbreak. I took their child and sister away from them.

“Why would she do this? Disappeared and never tell us. Something must have happened! Our daughter would never do this,” her mother says between sobs.

I know why and can’t tell them.

“If we find out more we will let you know,” I say to them and end the meeting. They stand up and her father reaches out his hand for me, I take it.

“Thank you, my King! Let me know if there is anything I can do. We want to find her and bring her home no matter what!” He says and I nod to him.

They walk out of the office with Cannon and I am alone with Declan.

“That gave us nothing besides a headache, knowing all this is because of you,” he says and I have nothing to say to that. He is right.

Getting up from my chair and headed over to my bar and pour myself a whiskey.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too early for that?” he says.

“No! and I need one.”

“Then give me one too,” he says and I pour another glassand hand him that.

Sitting down I think of what to do next. Cannon walks in and take a seat.

“Since when did we start drinking before lunch?” He says.

“Since today” Declan answer and Cannon gets up and fix his drink.

” Have the search in the other packs started?” I ask. “Yes! No one knows it’s a white wolf we are looking for. But right now no one has seen anything out of the ordinary and no one has any new members in that age and girl.” I sigh.

“Well I better go and keep searching in the library.”

“I can come with you,” Cannon says and we walk out and head over to the library.

We look everywhere and practically turn the library upside down. After a couple of hours, the mindlink opens and Declan shouts from the other side.

“Kian and Cannon get to the office right now! Drop everything and get here” His voice tells me this isn’ t a joke.

We drop everything we have in our hands and rush over to my office. When we walk in I see he is shocked. Declan is staring at the computer. There is something he has found out.

“Come here,” he says and we walk over to look at what he is staring at.

When I see what he is looking at my mouth falls open. It’s her! The picture isn’t the best but there is no doubt it’s her.

“I was looking in the finance paper on the internet and came across this article and my eyes were drawn to the girl behind. Though she was beautiful so I zoomed in and saw it was her.” He zooms out and I see her in the arms of another man, it looks like they are dancing. She has a beautiful blue dress on her. I let out a snarl at the sight of her in another man’s arm.

“Calm down you big bad wolf,” Declan says

“Look at the date” he points at the date of the article and it was from yesterday.

“Where is it take?” I ask.

“Look there, an event but it is held in that city.” He says and I recognize the city as a human place. We have two packs not far away from the city and I know them well. Could one of them have her in their pack without telling me?

“It doesn’t make any sense,” I say.

Cannon starts to walk to the door. ”Where are you going?” I ask him

“To find my Queen, if she is in that city I will find her and I will be bringing some trackers with me. I will never take a no for an answer,” he states and walks out of the door.

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