I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 20

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 20

Selena POV:

Looking at him I have a hard time knowing what to say.

“Thank you!” I say and he pulls his hand back while I bend down and pick up my bag.

“You are welcome and can I pick you up at six on Friday?” He asks and there is no way I could have him come to the pack. I have a post box registered in the city. No one really knows where I live.

“I have a few things to do on Friday before the banquet, it’s better if I meet you outside at seven!” “Alright” he says and we start walking to the elevator. Before we reach we say goodbye. He has some more things to wrap up and I have to hurry back home.

It doesn’t take long before I’m back home and I see the delivery have arrived and several men are busy getting everything over to the new hospital building. The building is almost done just some small things left and then all the furniture needs to be set up. 0

We can’t wait to have the hospital done.

I walk over to check it out and Jacob walks over to me.

”Is everything in order?” I ask him

” Yes! Everything has arrived and we will be busy getting it ready. I think we will be done by the end of the week”

” I can’t wait to see it up and running it will help a lot! Keep it up and let me know if there is any problem!” I tell him and walk over to the packhouse. We have been without a hospital. We have a doctor here and two nurses but they have been in a house and without the right equipment. When we have it all in place, we can help more of our pack members. We have both witches and werewolves in this pack and some of them are old and without being able to shift and heal properly. Having a hospital even a small one will help us a lot.

Meeting Emma when I walk inside the pack house. “What’s in your bag?” She asks and snatches it away from me. Opening the bag she pulls out the dress.

“It’s gorgeous, it must have been expensive,” she says and holds it up in front of me.

“I guess so,” I say and shrug my shoulders

“You guess? Didn’t you see the price tag when you brought it” she stops and looks at me.

” I got it as a gift ”

“Ah your loverboy got it for you,” she says and wiggles her eyebrows at me.

“He is not my lover boy!” I say and pinch the bridge on my nose

“Well, I bet he would want to be if you let him!” She says and chuckles.

“No Emma! I already have enough problems with my supposed fated mate. There is never going to be anyone else!” I take the dress from her and head up to my room. I hear her come after me and close the door when she enters my room.

“You know Selena. I only tease you out of love, you are my family! But to be honest, I feel sad for you if you never get to experience the first kiss and be truly loved. You deserve to be happy as much as everyone else.” She says and I know she only means well, sometimes I’m just not up to all her teasing.

“I know Emma! I’m just tired and mad that he gets to dictate my life from a distance. He didn’t want me all those years back and he f0rced me out of the pack and my safety! I had to leave everyone behind. I just want to find a solution. The best thing is if I can be free from him” I say and sit down on my bed. I hear her walk over to me and take a seat beside me. 

“Are you sure it’s the best thing for you two? The moon goddess pared you for a reason and I think you two have a bigger purpose. Look at all the rogues showing up lately. You two together would be unstoppable” she says and I sigh.

“The moon goddess has made a mistake this time!” I state and get up from the bed. I’m done sulking about what I got in my life. I have a new family here and my pack who relies on me. Changing my clothes I walk out of the room.

“Where are you going?” Emma says when I leave my room.

“I have to talk to Zoey and check the woods!” I say and walk down the stairs. After today It feels nice to go for a run and clear my mind.

Coming out of the pack house I start to search for Zoey and head south first. I know at this time she use to be at the southern borders and looking at the surroundings.

When I reach it she is easy to find.

“Any news from the patrol?” I ask her knowing some of our patrols followed behind the rogues.

“They are on their way back. They followed the rogues in the same way as before and disappeared into the cave” I am not surprised by hearing this. We have been following them to the same spot every time and we haven’t followed them in there. I know the cave leads to somewhere but I am not prepared to risk any of my men or myself to keep following them. Whatever waits on the other side is not a good thing with the amount of rogues we have seen running in there.

“Alright it’s all good”

“I think you should alert the king! Whatever they are planning it’s big and if they continue to grow in the number of rogues no one might be able to stop them.

I think she is right but I have to think of a way to leave the message anonymous.

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