I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 119

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 119 

Selena POV: 

I feel he is close when I open the mind link. 

“This place is crowded with rogues and we need a way over!” he says through the mind link, feeling where they are I open a portal in front of them to the outside of the pack house before closing the link. 

“We have company!” I say when I feel them all walking out of my portal and close it behind them. Looking over at Emma she has a knowing expression on her face. 

“I called Cannon before and Kian where beside him, he asked for you and I had to tell him you needed to go here before I was done !” she says and now I know why he probably is angry, I promised to go back to him before going here because he wanted be coming with me! 

Sighing to myself I pinch the bridge of my nose in frustration, I completely forgot it with all the information they told me and I guess I will have to handle an angry Kian. I didn’t do this on purpose but I guess it doesn’t matter to him because I have broken promises before and I know he doesn’t take it lightly. 

Hearing the door to the pack house open with a bang I get up from my chair and stand behind my office desk instead, rather take his anger and stand up than sit in my chair. 

“Someone doesn’t sound too happy!” I hear Jessies voice when paws are climbing the stairs at a fast pace. 

“Yeah, I think we might want to leave them alone for a bit!” she says and chuckles when Kian’s wolf is fast inside before he quickly shifts and stands b*tt n@ked in front of me I feel how angry he is through the bond. 

“Didn’t I tell you to come by me first before we were going here together?” he says and I take a step back when he starts to walk over to where I stand when I see Cannon walk inside my office. Jessie gets up on her feet and starts to head towards the door. 

“I will be downstairs and help with dinner once you two are done arguing there will be food ready!” she says and walks out of the door. 

Turning my head Kian comes to stand right in front of me and I know he will not drop this easily. 

“I’m sorry there was a bit too much this morning and I completely forgot!” I say and try to keep my heart steady. 

“What was too much!” he says and I have a hard time knowing what to say about it all. 

she needs to train her new gift or she will be in trouble once she meets the gifted rogue!” Emma says and I know she is trying to help me out here. 

Seeing Kian look at me closely I have a hard time keeping a straight face but have to, I’m not ready to tell him anything else. 

“Is that all!” he says and tilts his head to look at me. 

“Pretty much it yes!” I say and don’t take my eyes off him. He doesn’t say anything for a long moment when Declan comes walking inside with some clothes for them. 

“Here Kian!” he says and stands with them behind him while Cannon is taking his clothes on. 

“leave them on the desk and let us have a moment to ourselves!” Kian says and don’t take his eyes away from me. Hearing Declan place the clothes on my desk before he walks out of the room with the others and closes the door after him. 

Kian stands in silence and looks at me for the longest time before he starts to speak again. 

“Tell me!” he says with dominance in his voice when his hand comes up to my jaw and he holds it in a firm grip. 

“I know you are hiding something!” he says when I don’t start to speak. Pushing his hand off my jaw I take a few steps to the side and try to get some distance between us. 

“I got to know several things that I’m worried about and if I don’t get my new gift under control it might be a devastating outcome to all this. On top of it, there are rogues everywhere and we have no idea what they are planning and I have to decide what to do with my work! Is that enough information for you?” I say when I have spilled what I can on everything else and hope he will be satisfied with it. 

Anything to get him off my back before he figures out there is something more. Dragging a hand through my hair I stand with my back against him. Hearing him walk over to where I stand and wrap his arm around me from behind. I close my eyes and lean back in his arms, love to feel him close to me and I instantly relax a bit. 

“I’m not here to argue with you, just hate when you don’t keep your promise! Guess I need to remind you to who you belong since you keep forgetting you have a mate” he says next to my ear when he starts to trail his nose down my neck and over my shoulder, he presses his lips to my shoulder and my body instantly answers to his touch when his hand comes up and cups my bre@st. He lets go of my should when he turns my head to the side and capture my lips with his instead. 

M0@ning out into his mouth when he trails his hand under my shirt and up to my bre@st, it feels too good with his hands on my body. He lets go and swirls me around before he picks me up and carries me over to my desk before he put me down on top of it. 

“Kian what are you doing?” I say to him when he pulls me closer to him and gets between my legs. 

“What does it look like I’m doing?” he says and taking his hand behind my head and capturing my lips with his again. 

Pushing his tongue inside my mouth I can’t resist answering it back. 

“Food is ready soon!” I say to his lips when he starts to pull on my shirt. 

“I’m already ready, just need to get you out of these clothes and we can eat after!” he says and I feel his hard one poking in my stomach when he pulls my shirt over my head and captures my lips again with his.

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