I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 107

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 107 

Selena POV: 

The last bones snap into place and I can finally take a deep breath again, feeling how my gift heals my body like an explosion and I get high on the feeling. 

It’s like I have been drugged and everything is coated in a purple light when I open my eyes, it feels so good! 

I’m strong and powerful this way, it’s like I’m untouchable and no one can do anything against me! 

I take a deep breath and move my arms and legs before tossing the quilt off me and getting down from the bed. 

Feeling my head spin from the fast movement I try to focus but it’s like I’m in a delirium for a moment. 

“Hey! How do you feel? You look high!” I hear Emma’s voice and turn my head to look at her when her head is bouncing around in front of me. Blinking repeatedly to get it straight when I hear Jessie say something I can’t understand. 

“Maybe you should wait a moment before you try and walk out of here?” Emma says and grabs my arm. Leaning over the bed I place my head on the mattress and try to focus to get this high feeling of me. 

“She is tripping on the herb! And to be frank that was the sickest sound I have ever heard when her bone snapped into place. Maybe let her rest a moment before she does something else!” I hear Jessie say from a distance. I don’t have a moment to stay in here and rest when my mate is dying from me somewhere! 

Pushing off the bed I try to take a step but my legs won’t corporate and I’m about to fall forward when I feel several arms catch me. 

“Yep, she is high! Now what” I hear Jessie say and try to stand up properly. Turning my head to look at her she is moving in front of me like the rest of the room. 

“Either you help me get to my mate or you get the hell out of my way! I’m going to claim him and no one is going to stop me from doing so!” I say and take a step forward when I accidentally take several steps to the side and almost fall if I didn’t hit the wall with my shoulder. This is going to be harder to get to him than I thought, pushing off the wall I feel a pair of arms around my waist. 

“Alright fighter! Let’s claim your man!” I hear Jessies voice when she starts to walk with me over to the door, every step I take the room is moving in front of my eyes. 

“I guess there is no stopping her now, let’s get her to him!” Emma’s voice comes next to me when she grabs my other arm and holds me straight, placing a foot in front of the other we make it over to the door when Jessie stops and opens the door before we continue out of the room. 

Everything is moving in front of my eyes even if I try to focus on my steps, besides the purple vision in front of me everything is moving. That had to be a strong herb and maybe we took a bit too much of it! 

“We have to get someone down here and help her get up to him, we can’t do this by ourselves!” I hear Emma’s voice when I try to focus on the stairs in front of me. Taking a step up I almost fall forward because there wasn’t a step, to begin with! 

“Yeah, I think you are right! I will mind link Declan!” I hear Emma’s voice when I try one more time to get a foot up the step but once again there isn’t anything in front of me. 

“f*uc*k these steps! I can’t get up!” I whine when I hear Jessie chuckle beside me. 

“If this wasn’t that serious it would have been hysterically funny. Maybe, we get to laugh about it later!” she says when I see a black blob coming down the stairs before my eyes adjust to the person. It’s Declan and he is moving fast down the steps. 

“How did you get her to heal up that fast?” I hear him say when I find myself lifted in his arms. 

“The herb from the swamp, and she is tripping on it! We might have given her a bit too much!” I hear Emma say when we move up the stairs to the floor I know he has his chambers. 

“You think this is a good idea!” I hear Declan ask when he walks with me down the hallway. 

“Try and stop her if you want and I can guarantee this castle will soon be in small pieces. Look at her eyes!” Jessie says and she would be right, no one is stopping me from getting to him! 

“Alright, but does she knows what this means if she goes through with it!” I hear him say when we come to stop in front of his chambers, he pushes the door open and once his intoxic scent hits my nose I almost burst! My mate! 

No one is going to stop me, I will claim what’s mine! 

Declan walks closer with me to the bed before he places me down on my feet, I take a step closer, but I can’t get close to him fast enough. 

“You think this is a good idea?” I hear Cannon’s voice when I reach the bed and an arm comes and stops me before I can get over to him. Turning my head I see Emma’s face in front of me. 

“I need for you to listen to me and try to take this in before you make a decision!” she says when Jessie comes over and grabs my waist hard, she is holding me close in her arms, and don’t get what’s the problem. Turning my head to look at Emma her head is more focused right now and I guess the high feeling is about to calm down. Giving her a nod as an @ssurance to continue I see her have a worried look on her face. 

“You are his second mate and all of this you know, but since you have been marked twice I’m not sure you would survive claiming him and he won’t make it!” she says and I just look at her, I hear her speak and saw her lips moving in front of me but did I hear it right? 

“Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?” she says and I try to go through it in my head. Since I was marked by them both and the bond was destroyed I’m weaker than before, she doesn’t have to tell me I already know this, I feel it in my body! 

“I think so?” I say and have to support myself to Jessie where we stand when Emma takes my hand in hers and hold it tight to her chest. 

“I’m not sure you would make it if you mark him and he doesn’t survive!” she says and I see tears run down her cheeks. Did I hear her right? 

“You could d*ie, Selena!”

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