I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 104

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 104 

Selena POV: 

I register when something heavy falls on my body and his mark is burning painfully, I know he is dead and that brings me some relief through the pain. I can’t move a muscle and it doesn’t take long before I feel how my body starts to shut down bit by bit! 

My only goal was to get my revenge and I was prepaid for this, I’m cut off from my wolf and can’t heal properly. Every breath I take hurts tremendously and I have no sight in front of me, debris from the house is laying on top of me and right now I have air to breathe but not for long. 

I fall in and out of consciousness when I thought I heard his voice from far away, but that can’t be! I’m only imagining things that can’t possibly happen! 

Tears run down my cheek when it’s getting harder to breathe, I’m ready to give up and let go. What’s there to hold on to when I’ve lost my true mate, the pain it brings me is more than I can live with! 

I feel something being lifted off me when his hand comes to my cheek and I know it’s only in my imagination when I feel tingles under his touch, it can’t be true. 

“Fight Selena!” I hear his voice from a far distance and a sob leaves my lips. Is he here? No, it can’t be but then I feel his blood run down my throat and I know he is here! 

He found me somehow out here, trying to hold on to the thought the bond still is there deep down somewhere and not gone for good, my mate! 

I have some glimpses of me being carried in someone’s arms, there are no tingles and I can’t smell Kian’s scent at all, where is he if he found me but doesn’t carry me? 

I try to lift my head but don’t manage to move a muscle. 

The next time I wake up I’m certain we are in a car and I’m laying in the back seat, hearing some low voices from the front but doesn’t manage to hear what anyone of them say. 

The next time I wake up I feel a hand petting my head I try to take in my surroundings and feel my body, I’m still in pain and cut off from my wolf. Trying to lift my hand it get caught in someone else hand when the person holds it tight in their hand. 

“Take it easy Selena! You are badly hurt and your healing goes extremely slow!” I hear Emma’s voice and can’t help but sob from my friend’s voice, I never thought I would hear her voice again and I had made peace with it. 

Squeezing her hand as hard I can as a response her hand comes behind my head. 

“I’m going to give you a potion and try to help you!” she says and holds my head up when I feel her place a bottle to my lips, feeling the liquid run down my throat I know what it is when I get the taste on my tongue. It tastes awful but I know it will help me! 

Swallowing the liquid she places my head down on the pillow again and I try to open my eyes but it feels like my face is three times bigger and I can’t move my eyelids, trying to speak but all I manage to do is grunt. 

“Stay calm Selena! You have more broken bones in your body than whole ones as it is now and your face is smushed, the swelling prevents you from being able to open your eyes or speak. Try to stay calm and give the potions some time to work, if it doesn’t help enough I will get my daughter here to help you heal!” she says and I try to speak in protest and shake my head no at her. There is no way I will ever let her daughter try and heal me, she is only a little girl and too young! It’s one thing to heal a bruise or a cut but this is way too big for her little soul to try and fix. 

I will let it heal slowly by itself! 

“Alright I won’t bring her here if you stay calm and let it take some time!” she says when I hear her walk around in the room before she comes back and place something cold on my face, it feels somewhat better whit it. 

“I will try and clean your body again and see if you have made any progress. I will probably hurt but try to endure it!” she says when I feel what’s on me being lifted from my body. The moment she starts to clean my body I would rather be unconscious instead of feeling the pain when she wash me! 

“Your leg is the worse I have ever seen and if it doesn’t turn soon for the better we have to do something! I have tried to flush what he gave you out of your system so you can get your wolf back, but I don’t see any improvement yet.” I hear how worried she is and maybe it’s a good thing I can’t see how it looks, I just hope will be able to reach my wolf soon, I know the healing will go faster than! 

I feel her place something cold on my leg and on several places on my body before she slowly places what feels like a quilt over my body. I’m starting to feel exhausted again when there is a knock and I guess there is someone by the door. 

“How is it with her?” I hear Jessie’s voice and I’m glad to hear her again even if I can’t tell her that. 

“She has been awake for a moment and I just gave her a potion but there is no other improvement on her!” I hear Emma’s voice. 

“How is it with him?” I hear Jessie say and it has me wondering who she is talking about. Emma just starts to answer her when there are some footsteps that sound like outside in a corridor. 

“Emma, we need you upstairs!” I hear Cannon’s voice and he sounds stressed. 

“Is he worse?” I hear Emma say and it has me puzzled, who is hurt? And where am 1? 

I could be in my pack or at Kian’s castle but where is he then, why isn’t he in here beside me?

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