I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 102

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 102 

Selena POV: 

Hearing them talk in the room I lay completely still to not give away that I’m awake, feeling my new ability sizzling under my skin like a barrier to shield me and I get this feeling none of them will notice anything. 

They won’t sense I’m awake or that my gift has brought my strength back! 

I could portal away from here and get back to my pack but that’s not my goal anymore, I’m here for my revenge and my revenge I will get! 

“The sun is almost up and you only have a few hours to complete the bond!” I hear a man say in the room before I hear them walk closer to where I lay on the bed, pretending to still be out. 

I hear them sniff in the air and stop right beside me on the bed. 

“She’s about to go into heat! I bet she was close to getting into heat with Kian before you took the mate bond away, this will make it easier for you!” the man says and I hear them both laugh. 

I have to admit I’m smiling on the inside because none of them have any idea what’s about to happen and once they realize it will be all too late! 

I will send them all to their death and even if this will take me too, I’m satisfied that I managed to erase them all and get my revenge. 

“I’m getting ready to take her in a bit, only need a snack first then I will be back and complete it even if she is unconscious!” I hear Elijah say 

“I bet you would enjoy it if she were unconscious instead!” the man says and I have to keep it together and bide my time! It’s almost done. 

“Yeh! I will do it to her later once we are mated, there is so much stuff I will try on her!” I hear Elijah say and feel disgusted by them all. 

“I hope you keep your word and let me f*uc*k her once you have completed it!” the other man says and I can’t believe how sick can they be? 

“You will! I’m just going to give her a small dose of the potion then It will soon be done!” I hear Elijah say and I welcome another shot of the potion, with all the checked where they went after” the man says when Elijah places the quilt over me again. The potion swirls around in my veins and I get stronger by the second! I bet if I opened my eyes right now there would be a purple glow in my vision, I’m so close now! 

I’m still cut off from my wolf and something in the potion is keeping her dormant, well it doesn’t seem like I need her strength now with this new gift. 

“Go and check it out and come back to report what it is before approaching them!” Elijah says when I hear him walk around in the room. They all leave the room and I take my chance to open my eyes and turn my head to the window, seeing the sun is almost up I wonder if Kian still is alive! I haven’t felt anything from him since he broke the bond. Tears start to run down my cheeks, hate that I wasn’t strong enough to fight Elijah! I lost him, my mate! all I can do now is get my revenge. 

He broke my heart when he took my bond away, all that’s left of me is a black hole! Wiping away my tears I don’t get any more time to think about it when footsteps are heard in the hallway and they are heading over to where I am. 

Turning back my head I lay still on the bed when they come inside the room, there are more steps than just one when they close the door. Is he planning on having the other one to watch, then go ahead! They won’t be seeing anything! 

“She’s still out!” I hear Elijah say when he stops beside the bed. I hear him starting to take off his clothes before the quilt is lifted off me and the bed dip when he gets on it, he pushes my legs apart before I feel him climb between. 

Laying completely still when I hear some footsteps outside the door. 

“There are some people outside the swamp! Do you want us to go outside and take care of it or wait until you are done!” I hear a man say when I feel Elijah’s hand being placed on my thigh and he settles himself between my legs before his other hand is placed beside my head. 

“Wait right outside the house and keep an eye on them. If they get too close take them out!” Elijah says before he leans closer to my shoulder and takes a large sniff. 

Now is my time! 

Wrapping my arms around his neck I pull him closer to me and hold a hard grip. when I wrap my legs around his waist. 

“Oh, you are awake and eager to let me take you!” he says in surprise and takes his hand to my thigh and tries to get me to loosen my grip on him. But that will never happen! 

“Release your hold and I will make you mine!” he says and try to get out of my grip. My energy is ready to burst and I only need to let the barrier down before I will blast this place to pieces. 

Taking a large breath for what’s about to come! 

Last time Kian helped me to get my energy back from bursting, this time I will release it all with a smile on my lips! 

Holding harder around Elijah when I take my lips near his ear. 

“I will never be yours!” I say and open my eyes when I let my barrier down and let go! my energy burst out and this is it when all I see around me is a purple wall!

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