His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 94

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His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 15 Her Secret


I am fighting my tears as I run out the gates of the castle, trying not to let his lies and deception shatter me entirely.

A part of me is telling me to calm down and go back to him and make it clear he’s mine alone, but another part is telling me I had given him chances and it isn’t outside the norm for alphas to have mistresses.

Just the way his brothers and his father do…

I bite back a whimpering sob as Luna curls up within my mind. Weren’t mates supposed to be one for one?

‘He won’t betray us.’ Luna whispers. I can feel her pain but she’s still trying to comfort me.

‘Won’t he?’ Evelyn murmurs, unhelpfully.

Nothing I do can remove the image of him hugging her from my mind and even when I was trying to make sense of it, he was hell-bent on protecting her.

I keep running, speeding up when I sense others hot on my heels. It’s not hard to outrun them, although I know I can simply command them to stop and they would have to, but I don’t want to abuse my powers.

Soon, I find myself at the river bank, yet even the soothing sound of the gushing water does nothing to help the discord that has settled within me.

I approach the river and stare down at my reflection. My white fur seems to almost glow and my brilliant blue eyes are full of sadness.

No one explains how painful love can be…

I whimper softly as I walk along the riverbank until I spot a place down by the rocks and leap down, curling up pitifully. Anyone passing wouldn’t be able to see me unless they specifically look for me and step to the edge of the rocky cliff.

‘We need to go back to him.’ Luna urges, but I don’t want to hear it. Not right now… I just need to collect my thoughts.

‘I know… but for now, I just want to be left alone.’ I reply, trying to hide my tears.

I can hide from Evelyn but there is no way to hide from Luna. She is my counterpart, a part of me. Closing my eyes, I try to hide the pain that is crushing my heart.

The way he told me to stay quiet… his protective growl… but one that was not in my defense but hers.

I whimper, curling up tighter when I suddenly smell her. The last person I want to see right now… I hear the sound of bones snapping and don’t bother looking up.

‘‘Evangeline, can we talk?” Isabella’s voice comes softly.

‘No.’ I reply.

‘‘Please, just give me one chance to explain myself, then I promise I will not be any more of a problem to you both.” She pleads.

I had wanted to like her. Recently I was even coming around to her, pushing away the doubts I had, only for them to be proven correct.

How foolish of me.

‘‘There has never been a relationship between Zedkiel and me, on my eighteenth birthday one of my friends had added a strong dose of herbs to the drinks to get us all drunk… and in that state, we did make out, but that was it, we didn’t go further, and he ended up walking away.” She sighs and I feel my chest squeeze. So, something had happened….

That hurt… Why didn’t he just tell me? Yet, he pretended nothing had.

“I was the one who had come on to him, but it was just a one-off thing… Yes, there was a time I had a crush on him, but I promise you on my child’s life that there is nothing and I mean nothing between us.”

I can hear her approaching slowly, treading carefully over the rocks, but I know it’s more because she doesn’t want me to bolt.

Well, I am the goddess. Why would I run from her? I don’t move as she continues.

“I found my mate on a trip and we got intimate… but when I woke up… n*ake*d and alone in that bed, with the potent smell of blood filled my nose. I panicked, thinking something had happened to him. But… what I saw was far worse. We were no longer alone in the room; he didn’t even care to protect me from his men’s gaze.” She shudders and her voice trembles, before she carries on.

“He was sitting there, wiping a blade clean, and before him were two chopped-up bodies… There was blood everywhere. It was a nightmare… I wish I noticed that inhuman dead look in his eyes the night before… but I hadn’t.”

I can sense the fear in her voice, and the thumping of her heart as her words sink in. The baby is her mate’s.

I lift my head to look at her, she’s n*ake*d as she sits there a few feet away from me, her arms, wrapped around her knees as she stares at the rippling water, unseeing, the haunted look in her eyes tells me she’s reliving those moments.

“Then?’ I ask.

She shakes her head. “I didn’t know what to do. I clutched the bedding to me and asked him what was going on? Do you know what my mate said?” She’s lost in her thoughts now.

And for the first time, I see that she has been hiding so much more than I could have ever imagined. She’s not the sparky Isa, just a woman masking a dark trauma.

“He said, get rid of the b*tch, or…” Her voice breaks and she takes a shuddering breath.

‘Or… if anyone wants a taste, go right ahead. My own fated mate said that to his men.’ She finishes through the link.

Just the thought makes me sick. I know I have overreacted, but more than her, I’m angry at Zedkiel.

‘I’m sorry for that…’ I reply as I shift back, taking a similar position to her, and pulling my knees up against my chest as I look over at her.

“He’s the father of my child, but because he is a monster… I know if he finds out that I had his child, he’ll want my son.’ She says through the link.

He sounds like a monster. No, he is a monster.

“Zedkiel should have told me. I am his Luna and mate, I had every right to know and perhaps I would have been ok with him pretending the child is his, but to hide things from me…” I say quietly.

“I know, and it’s my fault. I promise you, I never wanted to cause a rift between the two of you … I swear on the moon goddess herself, I am happy for him and you.”

On the moon goddess…. I almost smile.

“Seeing the love you two have for one another, is so beautiful… fated mates are so rare… and it’s said for those who find their mate, that it is a true blessing. I wouldn’t want to take that away from anyone.” She says, and I know she’s telling the truth. I don’t know how, but I do.

She’s looking at the river, her eyes void of emotions, and I ask her the question that I’m not sure she’ll answer. “Who is he?”

She turns towards me and tilts her head. “My so-called mate?”

I nod and her eyes shadow before she answers through the mind link.

‘Godric Astorath, the beast of the North…’

My stomach twists and my heart thuds as the ominous feeling of foreboding envelops me.

I know of him.

He does not have an ounce of humanity in him… Some even say that he doesn’t exist because he is never seen… yet the whispers of the horrors of his crimes cross the land…

‘‘I only wanted to protect my son from him, because if he knows of his existence… he will come for him.” I stare at her, trying to make sense of it when I nod.

“I understand… I’m sorry for risking tha-”

‘‘Don’t, this is my fault, and I should never have involved him.” She says.

‘‘No, you shouldn’t have, especially when I’m still alive.” Kash’s quiet voice came, making us both tense.

I had been so consumed by her words that I hadn’t even noticed them approach. We turn to see both men standing there, and simultaneously, they pull their tops off.

Zedkiel is two steps ahead, his blazing gold eyes set on me, and I can’t help but look away. Even when he pulls the shirt over my head, I refuse to look at him as I slip my arms through, grateful for the shirt at least.

‘‘We need to talk, Isa.” Kash says quietly. I look over at them and Kash is frowning, whilst Isa stands up, now wearing her brother’s shirt.

‘‘What is that on your shoulder?” She asks him, worry filling her voice.

‘‘Like I said, we need to talk.” Kash repeats, firmly. She frowns but nods before turning to me.

‘I’m truly sorry Evangeline, I didn’t mean for this to happen.’ She says through the link.

She gives me a final small smile, but for some reason, I only feel uneasy at those words.

‘It’s fine… it’s going to be ok.’ I say to her, now that I know the story I understand, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to forgive Zedkiel…

‘It is going to be ok.’ She replies with confidence, before allowing her brother to lead her away. I’m left alone with Zedkiel.

‘‘I told you I wanted time.” I say quietly.

“Well, I can’t give you that because I’m losing my mind, knowing that you’re angry at me.” He says, stepping closer. I step back on reflex, my heart thundering when I see the flash of hurt in his eyes at my reaction.

“You should have thought of that before you denied everything,” I whisper, turning my back on him.

I can’t bear to see the pain in his eyes, he confuses me…

I will forgive Isa because she wasn’t the one who lied to me… but Zedkiel… that’s an entirely different story.

My head is hurting, pounding painfully, as I struggle to focus.

‘Calm down Evangeline… Remember the curse upon us…’ Luna’s voice comes from somewhere in my mind.

But I’m unable to focus on her either. My head is in excruciating pain, the irritation of the situation, his avoiding the conversation and everything combined is creating a hurricane of emotions that overwhelm me.

It’s getting harder to breathe…

He’s calling me… but I don’t want to hear.

“I said give me space!” I find myself shouting as I clutch my head.

“Evangeline.” He touches me, and despite the sparks that ripple through my skin, they are accompanied by a burning rage that I’m unable to satiate.

“Don’t touch me!” I shriek.

I don’t want to feel like this! I-1 don’t!

‘And so, it begins.’ Evelyn’s voice whispers ominously within my mind as I turn, shoving Zedkiel away from me with every ounce of f0rce that I can muster…

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